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Hello, hello, hello little people in my cyber space.

I’ve decided that this year along with the usual regulars like  ‘Ladies that Lunch’ I’m going to do a series called ‘First Impressions‘ which basically like the title suggests will be my first impressions of a product, person or a place.

Today’s, and my very first products are from Trinny London who I have been watching with interest from afar.

Firstly if you don’t follow Trinny on Instagram you are really missing a trick. Her quick fashion and beauty videos combined with her BIG personality are both informative and fun.

So a few months ago Trinny launched her capsule makeup collection. It’s basically all about ‘the stack’. A collection of products in 4g pots that snap together making it easy to carry around , especially when you are travelling.

You go online, undertake a colour match #Match2Me [ eye colour, skin tone etc] and then you are redirected to all the products in the shades that compliment you.

The full range includes:

BFF Cream, foundation , highlighter , contour, bronzer , mattifying balm, lip2cheek, blusher, lip gloss , lip colour and eyeshadow.

There is no face powder , eyebrow / eye pencils or mascara within the collection, so you would still need to purchase and carry these around with you.

I ordered the :

  • The Right Light – Starlight [Illuminator] – £25.00 4g pot
  • Lip Glow in Maddie – £16.00 4g pot

Delivery was super quick. I placed my order Monday lunch-time and they were on my doorstep Tuesday morning . The presentation is excellent.

My products were delivered in a padded yellow pouch. This will come in very handy for my toiletries when I go away on my holidays. If you have ever received an order from Glossier before they use a similar pouch.

It must be all the rage #pouchgate

Unlike skincare which I like to use for around 6 weeks before I comment, I can let you in on my initial thoughts straight away because with cosmetics results are instant.

So here goes … my first thoughts:

Lip Glow in Maddie is a very subtle, natural pink. It’s easy to use and like the rest of the range it is easily applied with just your finger tip.

It’s moisturising and smells like water melon which is a big plus as it reminds me of summer and balmy hot days spent in exotic locations.

I think I should maybe have ordered a slightly darker shade because I’m mindful that at my age [if your a new reader , hello,  I’m 47] I need some colour around my face; I don’t want to look dug-up, something my mum would often tell me I looked ! BUT never-less it will be great for no makeup , makeup days and ideal for the beach.

Trinny London recommend that you layer Lip Glow over Lip2cheek to add depth or to diffuse the colour slightly. I can’t comment on this as I don’t have the later . It is on my to-try list.

While Lip Glow is a nice product I’m not 100% sure I would repurchase it. I have used better gloss’s that are also slightly cheaper.

The Right Light – Starlight is a fabulous product. It blends easily and highlights perfectly.

I like to illuminate my face where the light would naturally hit it. The top of my cheek bones, the tip and bridge of my nose and my Cupid’s bow.

I currently use a highlighter ‘Gleam’ by Illamasqua and while they are extremely similar I prefer this formula. It’s a more suitable shade for my skin tone and it’s also more pliable. I sound like I’m applying poly-filler!

As with the Lip Glow it is very easy to use and also applied with your finger tip.

Unlike the Lip Glow I would definitely repurchase this …despite £25 being a little on the steep side.

So there you have it … my first impressions.

I think that in-order to give Trinny London a fair crack at the whip I would need to try more of the products to see how they work together . I feel that’s how they are supposed to be used – as a set – as they compliment each other. I’ll start saving!

Overall Verdict : I’m impressed … but I’m not blown away.

Above : swatches of the colours in daylight and how they look on . Wearing Lip Glow in Maddie [alone] and highligher in Starlight. No filter.

Have you tried any products by Trinny London and what were your thoughts? What , if anything , should I plump for next?

Until next time,

Tracey x

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9 thoughts on “Beauty | First Impressions – Trinny London

  1. Nes says:

    I received my first 5 Trinny London products yesterday after DHL messed up for one week with the delivery (I live in Geneva, Switzerland). Like you, I find the illuminator the Right Light FANTASTIC and will definitely repurchase it. I also like the light bronzer Jensta effect on my skin but find the texture quite dry. I was intrigued by the contour product Kate so I bought it as well : the cream has a funny color and melts very well on skin once applied. I am just not sure if I need any contouring actually…if I decide I don’t I will give it to my sister : the packaging, the texture, the trick might seduce her…The only slight disappointment comes from the Cha Cha Lipt2cheek which is very very dry…I will try a gloss on it later but for the price, I expected a more appealing texture and effect. The only product I did not try on my face yet it the BFF cream : I find the packaging very clever but dislike the smell of the cream… Thank you for sharing your first impression.

  2. Gail Winstanley says:

    I bought one of the eye shadow pots in ‘wisdom’ and I love it, it’s quite nudist on my eye which is exactly what I wanted. Even though it’s a cream it doesn’t sit in lines (i’m 49) and stays all day which is impressive. There’s a lip2cheek I want to try and I believe the BFF is very good.

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