S T Y L E | Jean Milburn made me do it

Hi I’m Tracey.

I’m not a stylist…scrolling through my Instagram this is probably very evident! Truth be known just like the contents of my head … I’m a little bit all over .

To be honest my style was probably ‘more me‘ before I joined Instagram . I have got better over time but in the past I’d find myself scrolling , bombarded with and drawn to ALOT of looks .I would like ALOT of those looks but not all of them liked me back. I got carried away, confused what suited me – tried to be something I am not. I’ve bought things in the past I’d never dream of wearing , things I’ve worn maybe once. Some items scream … what the hell where you thinking? Anybody else ?

Instagram made me do it!

There I said it …

Saying all that I have recently been inspired by somebody else’s wardrobe. They are not on Instagram, this time they are over on Netflix . . .

The last time this happened was with the film ‘Atomic Blonde‘. I walked out of the cinema adamant that I was going to dye my hair blonde and purchase lots of vinyl trench coats just like Charlize Therons kick-ass character. The look was sexy spy , very James Bond-esq

I got the trenches but didn’t go as far as the hair . As for sexy… nahhh I can’t do that !

Fast forward a few years and I’ve been inspired again. This time by the wardrobe of Jean Milburn [ Gillian Anderson’s character ] in Sex Education 2 . She plays Eric’s mum who happens to be a sex therapist.

It’s effortless , grown-up sexy. How I’d imagine affluent house wife’s dressed in the 1970’s . Described by the Telegraph [ I do my research ] as ‘ soft power dressing

Shall we have a little look … [photos courtesy of Google]

Scarves are my thing .

I already have boxes full of them … I shall be revisiting that box very soon

I also have a very similar dress to the one above from Hotsquash . I shall ‘Jeanify’ it soon. By that I mean will add a tan belt, subtle jewellery and a sex therapist attitude 🙂

It is great when you feel all inspired and realise you have something existing in your wardrobe that fits the bill. Bonus !

Maybe I like JM’s wardrobe so much because in theory it’s very similar to mine ??

It’s nothing rocket science and it’s very do-able . Beautiful shades of muted orange, greens and teal – oversize jumpers and scarfs, silk maxi dresses clinched at the waist with chunky belts. Patterned dress coats and low cut [ but not too low cut] jump suits with just the right amount of jewellery – all very tastefully put together but not too put together

With the above in mind I’ve been having a look at what’s available on the high street … not that I’ll be buying anything … we’ve just booked the ladies weekend away to Lisbon in June !! [ eeekkk ] It needs paying for in the next few weeks …but hey ho it doesn’t hurt to look

The exact jumpsuit as worn above is from Lux-Fix.com . It isn’t cheap at £151.00 but it’s one of those pieces you could wear forever… and it is rather delicious // Sable Emerald Moss Crepe Jump-suit by Nancy Mac

And an alternative with long sleeves and even more ££££ [for those conscious of arm wobble and who have more spending money than me ] // Ghost Poppy Jumpsuit £195.00

Next a couple of dresses that I feel are very Jean Milburn… although Ideally I’d prefer the first dress from Ghost [below] was a maxi rather than a midi dress // Estelle Dress £99.00

And of course she would add a tan belt… the chunkier the better

Silk Fred Dress -£ 52.50 reduced from £110.00

Birgitta Maxi Dress via Far Fetch – £391.00 only available in petite *aff link*

Boo Hoo dress £8.00 limited sizes * aff link *

NA-KD Anna Skura X chiffon button through dress £32.95 * aff link*

M & Co Vero Moda button up dress – £16.00

Amanda Key Hole Jumper by Soler // £425.00

I can’t afford this [ it’s on par with my monthly mortgage payment ] but I have featured it mainly to show you the styling which I love . This could be replicated with items I already have in my wardrobe . Watch this space . . .

& Other Stories Over-sized pale blue V Neck Jumper – £65.00

For skinny silk scarves check out eBay as there are always loads to choose from

M & Co Utility Front Tie Shirt – £26.99

And lastly as I mentioned previously you don’t always have to buy new , you could always ‘shop’ your own wardrobe. For example one of your dads/ boyfriends/ husbands white shirts would work perfectly for the over-sized knotted at the front look.

So there you have it my little hour [or so] of escapism into somebody else’s wardrobe. Something to wet mine and maybe your appetites

When was the last time you were inspired and who was it by ? I’d love to hear as always in the comments below .

Tracey x

10 thoughts on “S T Y L E | Jean Milburn made me do it

    • traceydiaries says:

      I wrote the blog years ago, I can’t believe people still read it , so thankyou for popping across . Sorry I don’t x

  1. Claire Bone says:

    Hi – I utterly love her style too 🙂 I’m desperate to find the rust coloured silkfred dress you posted above but the link no longer works – do you happen to know what it was called? (Long shot!) Thanks x

  2. Janis Hillier says:

    I was also inspired by Gillian Andersons wardrobe in The Fall and in Hannibal, she is seriously rocking it. Longtime fan and was even style banditing her from the X files days when I was a young IT consultant suiting it up.

    • lizandtracey says:

      Thankyou Tracey ,

      I sat lusting over her wardrobe the whole way through the series [and her arms … GA has such beautifully toned arms]

      The blue jumper is rather nice isn’t it. She wears all the outfits so effortlessly but makes it look put together. If that makes any sense

      Tracey x

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