October Favourites …

Hey up lovelies,

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend?

Mines been fairly quiet but enjoyable non the less. No brief encounters with rats this weekend thank god!

If your not sure what I’m talking about Frankie our cat brought a rat into the house last weekend. (still not quite sure how she managed it as it was bigger than her!) She then tootled off out leaving it sat in the room, with its ugly tail, chewing on computer cables and pooping everywhere!

We ( I say we lightly I escaped upstairs with Mollie) eventually got it out of the house but still felt violated  *shudders*

So Autumn is well and truly in full swing and is still wowing me on a daily basis.

It’s been bright, cool and crisp and I’ve been enjoying my walks with Mollie more than usual as I’ve been taking the (*big) camera out with me. *Olympus Pen E-PL7

Mollies not been too impressed mind , she likes all my attention on our walks and when’s she’s not getting it she gets all moody.

Seriously Labradors have the most expressive eyes and are little actresses. I’m sure all you Labrador owners will vouch for this!

So today I thought I’d do my October favourites (a little early) but first lets just appreciate the month so far. Continue reading


Pure Evil ‘Hollywood Vampires’ at 99 Mary Street

Last night Jo and I made our way into the heart of Sheffield to 99 Mary Street.

Jo had been invited to the Private Preview of ‘Hollywood Vampires’ by the street artist Pure Evil. After I’d mentioned I’d like to go and see it she kindly asked me if I’d like to tag along with her.

Date sorted.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever told you but I’m actually quite ‘arty farty’ having studied Art & Design at college (Sheffield & Lincoln)  Continue reading


The Beauty Box from Sheer Luxe …

I love a good beauty box; a little treat to yourself for being good, bad , indifferent…

For walking the dog in all weathers !!

Whatever your reasoning sometimes we just need that little something to lift our spirits and what better way than a box full of goodies delivered right to your door-step. Pamper-tastic!

I saw this particular box on the Sheer Luxe news letter.

What originally drew my attention was this beautiful Mercer Gold watch from Rosefield.

It’s a beauty and something you would not usually expect to find in a beauty box.

It’s fairly plain, not too girly and it reminds me of the watch my late grandma used to wear. Apparently its paying tribute to an exciting street in one of NYC’s signature shopping destinations.

I like the sound of that. Continue reading


It’s all in the eyes …#transformulas

As Autumn gets well and truly underway , everything moves forward a notch.

Mollie gets her last walk before dark descends which is alot earlier than in the summer months.

I tend to take her across the road to the ( very handy) woods.

A wasted childhood spent watching way too many horror films ( I like to get my adrenaline running fast) combined with an overly vivid imagination means I daren’t venture into them there woods unless it’s in bright daylight, there are birds tweaking around my head and there are plenty of other  people mooching around…

Even then I’ve been known to freak out ! The trees watch me I swear … Continue reading


Autumn Mornings …

Autumn morning ; sunshine and crisp air, birds and calmness, years end and day’s beginnings – Terri Guillemets

I Love Autumn … its my absolute favourite time of year.

Dark cold nights loom in early  followed by fresh, nippy mornings.

The leaves on the trees turn from green to burnt orange, golden brown  and vibrant reds. Everything looks beautifully colourful. Continue reading


Cheeky Cherry Tunic …say that with your mouth full #LoveJoeBrowns

I love a quirky top …  you know something a little different to the norm. Who wants to look like everybody else?

When Joe Browns approached me to choose something from their Autumn Winter Range to feature in their ‘Make the Journey’ campaign it was just the ticket.

Cherries a go-go so to say …

I love tunics, they are great for layering in this weird cold/warm/cold/ warm weather and are very versatile.

I’m wearing it in the photos below  with dark skinny jeans , tan boots and a faux suede mac; all last year. Its a fairly casual, comfy outfit, ideal for travelling.

It’s sleeveless with pockets, cute button detailing,  a flattering cowl neck and it’s true to size. I’m wearing a size 12.

I figure it will also look great with a fitted polo neck , my pleather leggings and chunky ankle boots. Its got a little bit of a 60’s feel to it don’t you think?

I’ll have to experiment.

travv1.jpg Continue reading


The Botanist,Sheffield

Picture the scene if you will from the film ‘The Secret  Garden’ the one where the little girl makes her way through the bramble,  through the rusty old gate and finally steps into the secret garden for the first time…

You got it yes…

Last night as Liz and I made our way up the stairs to the third floor of The Botanist (situated in Leopold Square) and entered into the restaurant our faces where more or less the same.

One’s of pure awe and admiration (or as we say around these parts ‘gob-smacked’) as we beheld the sight in front of us.

If you look the right way, you can see the whole world is a garden” Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden





Continue reading


Celebrating real people #keepingitreal – meets Karen 

I’ve been friends with Karen, like forever…

We met at nursery school when we were both 3 years old and we’ve been best of friends ever since. 

That’s 42 fun-filled years!


On the French Exchange with school. (basically we lived with a French family for a week then they came over here and lived with us for a week ) I think we are about 14/15 years old  … and below on the same holiday but this time on the beach.

Karen is on the right of the picture. I’m the one on the left that you could mistake for Kevin bloody Keegan. Look at my hair … 

But look at those bikini bottoms, my love for leopard print started young.  Continue reading


September Favourites…

I know, I know it’s not the end of September yet …but I didn’t do an August favourites. There was quite a lot going off and I never got around to it.

This you may say is an August / mid September favourites! (hey I like to be different)

First up is a lipstick I’ve been wearing morning, noon and night.

NYX matte lipstick in ‘MLS19 – Euro Trash’ – a perfect highly pigmented pink / deep beige.

I’m loving matte lipsticks at the moment, which doesn’t mean I’ve abandoned my gloss. The matte is just having it’s moment.

I put it on and it stays there – no running up my face in the little lines I have above my lip.   Many a time I’ve gone to the ladies and despaired as I looked in the mirror. Lip-gloss every where seemingly apart from my lips!

It’s creates a bold lip without being too much in your face. My only negative would be that it doesn’t have great staying power but nothing a quick re-apply wouldn’t  fix.

I’ve tried a few products from NYX , I’m also a big fan of the lip butters.

Purse friendly this Matte lipstick set me back just £6.50 and I purchased it from Boots. There’s a great range of shades with something to suit everybody.



Crucifix Love …#desertdiamonds

When I was younger I was fascinated by Vampires. I would sit and watch ‘tame’ black and white Dracula movies , get the ‘willies’ but also secretly wish I could be a (lady) creature of the night.

They were always portrayed so beautifully. They were alluring, flawless , had killer cleavage and they didn’t bloody age!


While most youngsters had their sights on becoming a nurse or something along those lines. Not me I had my sights on  becoming a vampire bride.

Hey don’t panic … I’m not a nutter, I  knew they didn’t really exist, I’ve always had my head in the clouds . I was, I still am,  a day dreamer.

Things all  changed after a particularly scary encounter with the film  ‘Salem’s Lot’. It scared  mum and I to bloody death (and then some) We daren’t even go upstairs afterwards.

Dad came in from the pub to find us both hiding behind cushions. Slightly bemused he told us both to grow up and to not watch things along these lines again if we couldn’t handle it.

I was convinced for weeks I was being watched while I slept. I daren’t open curtains incase a pair of eyes came staring back at me. These weren’t pretty vampires, they were evil, ugly rip you to pieces vampires.

That’s the power of a good film and an over active imagination.

I bought myself a cross as a safety prevention not long afterwards ( well I bugged mum to buy me one and basically did her head in until she did )… you know to keep the evil spirits away.

Daft as all the above may sound ( and I know it really does) I’ve worn one ever since.

Just a plain cross.

Simple but pretty.

It makes me feel safe and old habits die-hard.

I go big on arm candy and earrings but it’s always just a cross around my neck. I sometimes add a plain black choker when the occasion takes me.

You can therefore imagine my delight when Victoria from Desert Diamonds got in touch to ask whether I would like to review one of their crucifix pendants or crosses as I refer to them. She had noted that I wore one after seeing some of my pics over on Instagram. (@the_naughtyfortydiaries)

I said a big fat yes without hesitation.

It arrived over the weekend and here I am wearing it Saturday night.

The first thing I noticed was how sparkly it was (never mind keeping those evil spirits at bay, by golly  this one would dazzle them to death) Continue reading