Plan . Dream . Discover

It’s cold , damp and dark outside . We’ve been told to expect Thundersnow. I’m not exactly sure what that is but it sounds fun and very dramatic!

I’m sat drinking copious amounts of coffee while dreaming of far off shores. Imaging the sun beating down on my back (of course I’d be wearing spf 50) of lounging around pools and exploring new playgrounds.

I’ve been really lucky that within my 46 years I have visited some beautiful places. Its well documented that at 17 years old I spent 6 glorious weeks island hopping around Greece with my best friend. If you don’t know… where have you been?!

Just Karen and I with a back pack each . Not a hair dryer in sight. We sailed, worked, partied, slept rough and even met Judith Chalmers who was filming ‘Wish you were here’ It was maybe the most fun 6 weeks of my life.

Greece aside I thought I’d share with you my 3 favourite places that  I have had the pleasure to visit to date followed by my  dream destinations. We should all have a dream, something to aspire too …and what better way to while away a moody grim January afternoon ?

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Fishnet Fever!

It’s been done before and it will no doubt be done again … but excuse me while I have a fishnet with stilettos and jeans moment.

It’s such (in my humble opinion) a great look.


Above is some inspiration  taken from Pinterest and below here I am giving the large hole fishnets with leather and leopard / banana yellow shoes a twirl. Continue reading


Turkeys are just for Christmas …

My late nan used to sit me down and tell me that one of the reasons why older ladies wore neck scarves was because the neck was one of the first areas to give your age away. Scarves hid the ‘evidence’ so to speak.

To always remember to look after my neck.

(She also told me if I didn’t clean my ears out properly I’d start to grow potatoes in them! Please tell me it wasn’t just my nan.) Continue reading


2017 …

Good Morning!

I wasn’t going to post today. Firstly I have a raging hangover and I’m finding it hard to string a sentence together never mind write to my adoring masses ( hello all 3 of you) *chuckles to herself *

Secondly I was going to have a lazy day. I suppose I am having a lazy one of sorts … I’m in bed making my way through a mountain of Christmas cake, drinking copious amounts of coffee and catching up on Corrie.

Mum called to wish me and the Mr a Happy New Year…and “oh did I know Graham from the village had died suddenly yesterday afternoon – heart-attack ?” Not a celebrity but one of my brothers best friends, a well-known and much-loved  character. Continue reading


Party, Party into the New Year …

I’m not sure what the Mr and I are doing New Years Eve just. It’s been the same for the past few years. The majority of our friends have young children so they tend to stay in and welcome the new year in with them.

We’ll do something but it’ll be very last minute. We like to fly by the seat of our pants.

My friend Lisa has also mentioned meeting for casual afternoon drinks tomorrow to celebrate her birthday .Like me she’s a December baby. All our fun happens in one month!

Yesterday I had an hour to kill and thought I’d have a mess …(like you do) just in-case any of the afore-mentioned plans came into fruition. There was cleaning to be done but why clean when you can procrastinate hey?!



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The Yes’s and No’s of Christmas …

Somethings bugging me and I need to get it off my chest …while I adore Christmas I don’t like the way its heading. Each year it feels less and less like Christmas and this worries and saddens me.

Lets think about it for a  minute…

Christmas trees, baubles and the like start popping up in shops as early as chuffing October; a whole 2 months before Christmas ( and far too early) The festive adverts aren’t far behind. Christmas is basically thrust in our faces and there is no escaping.

All that build up for the big day . The big day being Christmas day which quite honestly comes and goes in a beautiful  yet very quick flash. Continue reading


Samaya Ayurvedic Skincare …

It’s getting closer …can you feel it , can you , can you? Christmas is only a few weeks away . I am getting rather excited. Today’s post is all about a skincare range that would make a great pressie for yourself or one of your extra special friends.

Have you heard of Samaya Skincare? I hadn’t until a couple of months ago but after trailing 2 of their products for the last couple of weeks I can report back .

Walk this way… (or skip if like me your a giddy kipper!)

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