8 0 ‘s M A K E U P | inspired by Stranger Things

Last Thursday evening I was invited to see ‘Stranger Things’ at the Secret Cinema in London with M.A.C Cosmetics [ part of a paid partnership ] and to attend a couple of Fashion Shows the following day as part of London Fashion Week.

I packed my bags, happy at the prospect of leaving Sheffield for a couple of days and heading down to the ‘big smoke’

London is always fun and I’ve become quite fond of the 2 hour train journey down where all I do is sit, drink coffee, munch on chocolate bars , contemplate life … and read.

Yes folks you heard correctly I am back reading ‘ Feel the Fear and do it anyway‘ … because I was doing all those things !

S E C R E T C I N E M A |stranger things

It’s immersive cinema and in all honesty I wasn’t sure what to expect? We weren’t told were it was. We were Just informed that a taxi would pick us up at the hotel and drop us off . A guide would meet us at the other end and take us across to the secret location. I was intrigued already!

As soon as I entered the ‘cinema’ it felt as though I had been transported back to Hawkins. To be exact 4th July , 1985. If you are not familiar with Stranger Things Hawkins is the town in which the series is set.

Your mobile phone and camera are confiscated as you enter the cinema so there are no photos or instagram moments from the night. It felt very bizarre but I guess it’s so it keeps it intriguing and doesn’t spoil it for anyone else.

It’s actually a grand idea; it makes you feel ‘in the moment‘ . As you are not stopping every few minutes to record something on your phone you can just enjoy the experience.

It really was like being back in 1985 when mobiles didn’t even exist !

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L E T S T A L K | because you are worth it

If you weren’t aware I was invited by M.A.C as part of my Regional Brand Ambassador role [which ends this month] to London this weekend to attend London Fashion Week ; backstage access and to witness a few shows. 

It is a BIG thing for me. I might not post hauls of clothes every day or be the most fashion savvy amongst us but I adore the creative side of the industry and the make-up … what can I say I’m in bloody heaven.
This isn’t a pity party post but maybe my following words will resonate and if you are feeling ‘similar’ they will hopefully make you feel less alone. 
So firstly . . . I’m not in London every weekend and I don’t get invited to many events  [ I used too but after turning down a boat lot of invitations – the invitations stopped because that’s how it rolls I guess. In for a penny, in for a pound ]
Its more or less always just me,myself and I. I have no ‘clique’ around me. I’m forever walking into a room full of strangers … anxious ; feeling more like 14 than 49.
To the few people who acknowledged and wished me luck , thankyou . I find people often spout on about women supporting women but a lot of it is hot air said to make certain people look or feel like they are saying the right thing . Or it’s exclusive support and they only ‘big up’ the same people week after week. 
I have learnt a lot over the past few months , mostly positive but some negatives. I’ve realised a lot about myself too. The biggest thing I’ve found is that maybe I do need / miss the reassuring words of my mum. I am that adult whose still very childlike ; who needs to hear that she’s doing ok.  That’s something I personally need to work on and believe me I am trying. Nobody likes needy BUT I guess we are only human.
I also found out that not everybody will be happy for you, a lot of people only ‘mention’ or get in touch with you if they want something. Some can’t even bring themselves to say a few nice words. 
So with this in mind I have to create my own happy, give myself a pat on the back or a bloody good talking too when it’s needed.
My biggest cheerleader [ mum ] is no longer around and my dad cant get his head around what I do. “Always messing around on that bloody phone

My BF is amazing but my lack Of confidence drives him to the realm of bonkers and we often end up arguing . I need to spend more time ‘off line’ with my non-Instagram friends. Friends who joke and tell me “nobody really gives a shit ” Who bring me back to reality  with a big bang.

I guess what I’m saying is talk … don’t bottle stuff up even if it feels very trivial.

You are not trivial.

It’s very easy to feel like you are invisible … and even the most seemingly  confident amongst us sometimes feel  like they are not being heard or are not in the ‘popular’ girls club  [ hey , I wasn’t popular at school so nothing changed there! ]
Remember you are everything … and you are a lot more
Tracey x
I wrote this earlier today before I heard the very sad news about Caroline Flacks suicide . Although it’s non- related  I guess it is relevant.

It is so very important that we keep talking to each other … AND equally importantly that we keep listening. 

S T Y L E | Jean Milburn made me do it

Hi I’m Tracey.

I’m not a stylist, scrolling through my Instagram you’ve probably realised this already ! Truth be known just like the contents of my head … I’m a little bit all over .

To be honest my style was probably ‘more me‘ before I joined Instagram . I have got a lot better over time but in the past I’d find myself scrolling , bombarded with and drawn to ALOT of looks … I’d like ALOT of those looks but not all of them liked me back. I got carried away, confused what suited me – tried to be something Im not. I’ve bought things in the past I’d never dream of wearing , things I’ve worn maybe once. Some items scream … what the hell where you thinking?

Instagram made me do it!

There I said it …

Saying all that I have recently been inspired by somebody else’s wardrobe. They are not on Instagram, this time they are over on Netflix . . .

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L I F E | regrets I’ve had a few | 2 minute read

At the summer disco during the last term of senior school , probably around 1986 , the school hottie Richard Bennett asked me if I’d like a ‘smooch’ with him

I can only presume I went bright red [I blushed terribly back then] made my excuses and said no. It was the first and only time we spoke.

I can still remember 30-odd years on that he was donning a pair of red suede shoes [ very cool, I liked a guy who wasn’t scared of expressing himself  ] a grey suit and white shirt with no tie. He was my first crush. A crush that lasted a good number of years.

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L I F E | my 2019 highlights

One of the most important lessons  I’ll take from 2019 .

Why not me?

I have always struggled with the assumption that I wasn’t good enough… pretty enough… cool enough… ‘whatever it is’ enough. Or that if I was I would inevitably fall at the last hurdle and feck up whatever it was I was working on.

My lack of self-confidence drove my parents to the brink of despair and I guess over the years I’ve turned down various opportunities because it was easier than trying and failing. I mean come on I could potentially have been a weather girl on bloody Calender News had I followed up the invitation to audition many years ago.

In 2019 I guess something shifted … combined with the loss of my mum a few years before … I gained a new frame of mind.

So back to my revelation.

Back in early autumn I announced excitedly to a few people [including a few influencers] that I had been asked to be a Regional Ambassador for M.A.C.

The look on a couple of their faces was priceless. Maybe it was my age, maybe they thought my following wasn’t large enough … whatever it was it screamed “you? why you??” some people really need to work on their poker faces.

I admit to thinking that myself initially but I always question EVERYTHING. I joked about how they had obviously emailed the wrong person, but it did make me think …

why me?

or rather why NOT me?

A Little Catch Up & Stocking Fillers Under £10…

I feel like I’ve not spoken in absolutely ages; that I’m neglecting the blog somewhat.

It doesn’t help that I’ve spent the last week, laid horizontal anywhere I can, not feeling too great myself. I was even poorly on my birthday . Great timing eh? I appear to have the dreaded lurgy that is sweeping the nation . They are dropping like flies at work. Even Mollie dog is under the weather!

Well I am here to rectify that today, a little snotty with a tickley cough [ that’s driving me bonkers ]  but here.

So how the devil are you … and are we all ready for Christmas ?

Are you fed up of being asked that question yet? I am … and no I’m not [ ready ].

I’ve not even put my tree up ! I have ordered Harry Styles new album but no tree. [Priorities] Yes you heard correctly – my Christmas tree is not up

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