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The details of stuff we’ve bought and stuff we are hankering after. There are direct links to everything to make it easier for you.

Just so you know some , not all, of the links maybe affiliated.

Affiliated items will be marked with an *

This makes no difference to you and what you pay whatsoever, it just means that we might get a penny or two for recommending them.

So know that’s all clear all there is left to say is …

Happy Shopping

Green Belted Bandeau DressSosandar – £59.00

1970 Tee – Disko Kids £22.00

Navy & Pink Floral Dress – Sosandar £69.00

Floral Turquoise Dress – Kettlewell Colours £69.90

Turquoise Earrings – £10.00

JDWilliams Yellow Fluted Sleeve Jacket £50.00


Skirt – £114.00 *

leopard skirt 2

MBYM Bitten Maxi Skirt  – £40.50 *

I’m hankering after a leopard print midi / maxi skirt. These could be worn in both summer or winter and would look amazing with a polo and knee high boots during the colder months

TFNC tall black pleated and lace tie dress from ASOS£68.00 – I wore this to the Northern Blog Awards and I love it ❤️SOLD OUT

Marks & Spencer Red Jumper – £35.00 in store. Can’t see on the website.

River Island Denim cropped pearl detail shirt – £35.00 SOLD OUT

 Lucy Quartamine Waterfall Climber  Earrings -£114.00 

Urban Decay Smoky Palette– £38.50


I received the most gorgeous makeup set from Charlotte Tilbury for my birthday. The Vintage Vamp Collection by Charlotte Tilbury is just beautiful. The eyeshadow especially is gorgeous

Vintage Vamp Collection – Charlotte Tilbury


or just the eyeshadow by itself…I can highly recommend these. I have Dolce Vita and Vintage Vamp

Eyeshadow – Charlotte Tilbury



Virgos Lounge Julisa Dress  – was £95.00 now £58.00 SOLD OUT

 img_5611 Grey & Gold Heels with rope detail – Ted & Muffy SOLD OUT