Spring is in the air … oh I could crush a grape!

I was born in December.

December 1970.

It was a good year or that’s what I tell anybody that will listen. I’m most definitely an “ice, ice baby” . I love the cosy winter months, snuggled up close to the fire.

December born and bred.

However while I adore donning big chunky – lived in jumpers 24/7 , sipping hot chocolate on repeat and ‘doing’ everything by candlelight… by the end of January I am seriously hankering after a little sunshine on my [ SPF’d 50] face, to feel the sand between my toes.

To get outside.

Breathe the warm air.

Walk up a mountain.


Eat fish & chips out of newspaper…

I start to get slightly peeved off getting soaking wet and muddy with wild fuzzy uncontrollable hair every morning while walking Mollie dog.

I find I spend hours flicking through holiday brochures ; planning trips I could never ever afford. The Maldives mainly … it looks like paradise.

I.N  M.Y  D.R.E.A.M.S

Take this morning for example .

I’ve spent most of it head deep in the computer looking at places for us to stay in Malaga in June.

I can afford Malaga!

It’s got me a little excited around the edges; eagerly expectant for a long weekend away with the girls.

Girls weekends away are officially the best!

Giggles, chat, lots of drinking, hopefully some dancing and not much sleep.


Which got me thinking

it happens …

what else am I looking forward to during the next couple of months; the lead up to summer !

  • Gin & Tonic

Simple pleasures ….

Baileys with ice, Baileys in coffee , Baileys any-which-way signals Winter and Christmas.

It was mums favourite tipple … I’m a recent convert. But Gin and Tonic [ preferably Brockmans ] with lots of ice or a large glass of Sangria drank with a straw = summer!

  • Alfresco Living

I love pottering around in the garden looking like I’m doing something. But basically I’m just pottering…

I potter because I hate gardening.

I have unfortunately not inherited my mum’s green fingers. She had the ability to make everything and anything positively bloom.

I have the ability to kill everything just by looking at it! I killed a succulent last week. The lady at the garden centre told me that it’s virtually impossible to do that .

Erm … just leave it with me.

I love alfresco eating and drinking.

There’s something romantic about sitting outside with a ‘glass of something’ nibbling on nibbles … welcoming the evening and the darkness in.

At one with nature , getting slowly merry with the fresh air as company.

Popping a cardie over your shoulders as it turns chillier and maybe lighting a fire. Fire pits are THE best invention ever … I don’t own one … but like the Maldives I envisage I do.

Philosophizing with the stars.

Talking to the moon.

  • Defuzzing and Tanning

During the winter months my legs start to resemble those of a woolly bloody mammoth … one that’s been deprived of ANY sun.

Hairy and pale .

I just can’t be arsed to tackle them half of the time. Its one phaff too many . I don’t see the point, they’re either covered by tights or trousers [ sometimes – depending how cold it is – both]

As the nights start to get lighter, before the hair gets long enough to plait and the fact I might have to get them out in public shortly… I reluctantly shave my legs.

It always leaves me feeling amazing. [Why didn’t I do it sooner?]. I feel cleaner. I feel Smooth. I slather myself in body moisturizer and tell myself I’ll not be so lazy next year … I’ve been spouting this basic line for the past 5 years!

I’ll then follow up with fake tan. Despite being smooth as a babies bum I tend to look positively anaemic with skin like a plucked chicken!

Tan makes everything better.

If I’m feeling a bit ‘fancy’ I might even paint my toe nails bright red.

Because sandals . . .

A few of my favourite body treats:

  • Daughter of the Soil – Shea White Mulberry Body Butter // here
  • Temple Spa – ‘All In All’// here
  • B Perfect – ’10 Second Tan’ Self Tanning Spray  //here
  • Merumaya – ‘Everything Everywhere’ Beauty Oil // here
  • La Roche-Posay Effaclar [50+] – Anthelios XL – available from most Boots stories

  • Day Tripping

You wake up , think “oh it’s a nice day to go to the seaside’ You grab a flask of coffee , jump in the car and head towards the coast.

You indeed go to the seaside!

Just the 3 of us usually – me, him and Mollie dog.

We usually head towards North Yorkshire; we love it there, especially Whitby. We find its not as brash as some UK coastal resorts.

It boasts lots of charm. Its great for photos

AND you might bump into Dracula!

  • Updating your skincare

As the seasons change so does my beauty regime. Spring always seems like a good time to upgrade / amend your skincare.

A ‘spring clean‘ so to speak.

Ditch heavy , go lighter.

I’ve received a little 7ml sample of ‘Advanced Night Repair‘ by Estée Lauder in the post today.

I’m looking forward to trying this out later tonight. I’ve done my research and the general consensus is that it’s really good. I did a little shout out on Instagram earlier today and there’s not one bad report amongst them!

I will let you know my verdict … cause if anybodies going to have an ‘elephant-man esq’ reaction. Yep it’ll be me that has it!

I’d also like to incorporate some Vitamin C into my routine this spring – I’ve heard great things. Brighter, clearer skin for one. I’ll take that !

It also illegally aids the promotion of collagen, protects against UV damage and photo ageing, and is used as a solution to inflammatory skin conditions like Psoriasis and acne.

One product I’m keen to sample is Insitut Esthederm Intensive Vitamin C … but at £64.00 a pot I’ll have to save up first. I’ve used a couple of their products in the past and I really enjoyed them.

I understand Clinique have recently launched a Vitamin C product too -‘Fresh Pressed’ which is slightly cheaper at £25.00 but this is for a 7 day supply only.

[ photo below taken from Clinique Instagram ]

I think I’ll cover Vitamin C creams in a separate post when I’ve investigated them more . When I’m not rambling on like a jibbering fool.

No matter what time of year it is I’m always looking for products to lessen and soften my scarring and that also tackle my bloody spots. AND I’m never ever without a good sunscreen.

I’ll carry on derma-rolling which I find therapeutic and [ money willing it’s not cheap] I’ll consider booking a professional course of 6 sessions again later this year.

  • Compiling a Wish list of Beach Wear & Bikinis

Seriouslyto say I spend about 5 minutes on the beach every year I waste an awful lot of time looking at bikinis, cover-ups and cute little dresses.

I like to envisage myself as some sort of beach goddess, the type you see mooching around Ibiza. Effortlessly cool .

The reality is that I’m more sweaty faced English tourist with sun burnt shoulders.

Just stick a knotted hanky on my head and you get the picture!

I’ve got a few holidays in the pipeline … so this year I’m going to up the-ante. I’m going to try and release my inner beach babe !

What I have learnt as I’ve grown older [and wiser] is that it’s essential to invest in a good costume / bikini. One that fits, supports, sucks in and flatters your figure. One that emphasises your good points and distracts from your not so good.

Fantasie Lingerie do a fabulous range of swimwear alongside their lingerie. I have recently been gifted one of their swimsuits; it’s very flattering.

This isn’t it and unfortunately that’s not me ! I can’t quite face having my photo taken in it just yet … #hairyandwhite!

While procrastinating and getting inspiration for my ‘Beach Babe’ wardrobe I’ve stumbled across a few brands that have intrigued me, made me look twice. Venture onto their website.

They are at the luxurious end of the scale [ typical .. I have expensive taste] and are totally out of my price range … but beautiful non the less.

Want to see ..?

Like I stated earlier it’s all purely escapism for me…

Margot by Loren

Mint Showroom

Tallulah & Hope

So there you have it …

Ohhhhh I could crush a grape – the things that excite me or will be doing so in the not too distant future .

What are you looking forward to doing as the nights get longer and summer draws closer?

Image below : Pinterest

Until next time, Tracey x

  • all photos are taken by myself unless otherwise stated.
  • this post is not sponsored in any way, shape or form. I hope it makes you smile 🙂

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