Appreciation …

I F • there’s one message I ever want to give – it’s to appreciate the things & people around you. You can’t buy yourself happy. Well I guess you can … but you know what I’m saying. Basically I went out yesterday in the same clothes I wore the day before ( clean pants though ! ) Nothing fancy, not a sequin in sight . Just jeans , shirt and snow boots. I called in our local for one drink at lunch and ended up staying until 10pm. Last seen gyrating a snooker que and telling everyone I loved them.  Did the fact I wasn’t in some new outfit spoil my night. No. Did I have a lovely day. Hell yes.

Things don’t make you have a good time, you do that …with your stories, your laugh. Time spent listening to people. Good friends, good company and good whisky ( if anyone gives me another whisky within the next 24 hours however I may throw up !)

Today I’ve walked off my hangover and felt all Christmassy at Chatsworth House with my beautiful friend Rachael. You don’t need the new dress – you need a Rach. You need sunshine, and if you can’t see it . Be it or befriend it ❤️

I’m rambling, I’m emotional, I really need my bed and a plate of chips would be nice. I just need to tell you I have had THE best birthday … made special because of the people I spent it with. Chatsworth House will always be my special place ; mum and I used to visit quite a alot.  Before she died we would go for Afternoon Tea  every year for my birthday. Today I took her in my heart and guess what …Rach spotted a Robin. That’s a sure fire sign she was there with us too.

Love you mum ❤️

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