Whats pink and red all over ?… me hopefully

I wear a lot of pink [ one of my favs, I like to make boys wink ] but not so much red.

I have recently been catching glimpses of lots of stylish ladies wearing red and pink outfits over on Instagram , Pinterest and in various newsletters I sign up to.

I’m not scared of wearing colour in fact if your familiar with my Instagram [@the_naughtyfortydiaries ] you’ll see I positively embrace it.

I love the look but it’s not colours I would normally think of wearing together. But it works and looks striking.

Sometimes an outfit catches your eye and you just NEED it. Basically life won’t be worth living without it. This is the outfit above, very Audrey Hepburn met Carrie Bradshaw.

How blumming gorgeous !

With this in mind I’ve been having a look at some high street options and here’s what I’ve found…because like I said I want to recreate this look.

I’m ideally looking for plain, bold coloured separates.

The brightest pink and the reddest red.


Hobbs Sonya Top


Hobbs Audrey Sweater

Love this neckline.


Lilly Pulitzer Elsa Top

A non jumper option [ above ] which would be ideal in the warmer months and would also look great with jeans.


Cedric Charlier Elongated Pink Jumper 

Very much out of my price range but its the very colour I am after and it is a wool / cashmere blend…so when you put it like that!


Closet London Full Prom Skirt [limited sizes left]

red skirt Closet.jpg

Closet Red Midi Scuba Skirt [ Limited sizes]


Ophelia Midi A-Line skirt

I have this in black and its a lovely skirt. I featured it in this post // HERE

ChicWish Falling Flowers Full Red Skirt


ASOS Vesper pleated midi skirt – I love this!


ASOS Full circle scuba skirt 

This is nice but its not got the ‘upphm’ of the fuller skirts.

Footwear wise . I have some red sandals [below]. They are gorgeous ribbon tie ones from good old Top Shop  … circa 2002. I keep everything what can I say. They aren’t as orange in real life.


Here are some options to hopefully inspire you…


Schutz Red Block Heels


Vince Camuto Shaytel High Heel Sandals 


Nine West Meredith Red Sandals

And while I’m on it … here are some other interesting bits of pink and red I spotted while i was having a ganzy around the inter-web! Starting with this lovely cold shouder tie top from Coast…


Coast Perle Cold Shouder Top

This has holidays written all over it


HM Cold Shoulder Crepe top 


Almari Fluro Square Pocket Skirt 

Bit of a 60’s feel to it and anything 60’s make me happy.


Chinti and Parker Cashmere Smile Jumper 

Totally out of my price-range [again!] but I NEED this jumper. I could see this taking over where the Bella Freud 1970 beauty left off… [I didn’t get that one either]

HM Neon Pink Trousers with Creases 


ASOS Tall pleated midi dress with lace inserts

I really love this dress [which has been reduced from £60.00 to £42.00]

I am tempted to stick it in my basket. Firstly at 5ft 10 I know this will be long enough. I’d just add a thin belt [ gold or pink ] as I hate ugly waist bands. It’ll be perfect now layered with a contrasting jacket and in the summer as it is. What do you think ?

So there you have it …I hope your feeling suitably inspired.

Is pink and red a colour combination you would / will or are currently wearing? As always please let me know in the comments below.

Comments make an old lady happy!

Below …Yesterday wearing pink and red to work . I’m weaning myself in gently. I love that the colours clash.

The Boyfriend thought it was hilarious to keep asking when we landed. Hes so funny.

Until next time, Tracey x

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9 thoughts on “Whats pink and red all over ?… me hopefully

  1. carterfamily4 says:

    I’m loving this colour combo after seeing Trinny showing a few different outfit combos on Tuesdays This Morning xxx I love the red skit from Asos. I’ll let you know if I dare brave the colour combo xx thanks for sharing …..

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