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One of the main reasons Liz and I  started the blog was to showcase that woman over 40 didn’t become frumpy over night.

The way some people carried on (mainly my male work colleagues) it was as though you were 39 one minute and the next you were 40. It was a case of “oh you poor thing, life as you know it was all over”. You swap your handbag for a knitting bag…take a sudden liking to twin-sets and gardening. Not that there’s anything wrong with any of those of course. I’m quite partial to a twin set… and some gardening when it takes my fancy.

We made it our mission (yes a mission) to prove them all wrong.

We were certainly not over the hill, or mutton dressed at lamb. Well on occasion I may have been – oh hello quilted tiger face mini skirt.

We could still look good and have lots of fun . Age was just a number.

To stick that 40 were the sun don’t shine.

Can I have a “Hell yes” ladies!

I’ve personally always been keen to also support local business and were possible used the blog as a platform to show-case some great places and people. To ensure that Sheffield was well and truly kept on the map. I love this city but I think its often over-looked by its neighbours Manchester , Leeds and Birmingham who do at times seemingly shine brighter.

We have our regular Ladies that Lunch spot which tends to happen every few weeks on  a Friday. My friend Sue always manages to surprise me and usually whisks me to somewhere I’ve never heard of before!

We’ve featured some fabulous ‘hidden gems’ … Tea with Percy, and Riley’s to name just a few. I’m always open to try new places so please, please, please hola if there’s somewhere I must try. I love it when we stumble on something fabulous.

Small independents with big dreams.

I was therefore delighted to get an invite from the guys at Sheffield Etsy sellers  to attend the preview of the Etsy Made Local Christmas Market last Friday night. The Market was held at Sheffield Town Hall over the  weekend of December 3rd & 4th.

Etsy Sheffield are a group of local designers, makers and vintage sellers who sell their products on Etsy. Based in and around Sheffield the team aims to support one another in selling on Etsy and in person.

The market consisted of over 50 high quality stalls from local makers and sellers.






Firstly can we just take a minute to appreciate how beautiful The Town Hall is.

If you can believe it , it was my first visit inside! It’s stunning and I felt quite regal climbing the stairs to the first floor were the market was held.

Here’s a taste of what was on offer:

town hall 3.jpg


town hall 4.jpg


Prints and Colouring Books from Josephine Dellow and the lady herself.


Everythings coming over Sheffield – Sheffield Mug Co.


Pin Cushion Loveeeeeee… I adore this print.

town hall 11.jpg

town hall 6.jpg

town hall 7.jpg

town hall 9.jpg

town hall 8.jpg

town hall 10.jpg


The art installation (above) which was on show is made up of lots of tiles which were  designed to represent Sheffield in a 10 x 10 cm square. Everyone and anyone had the chance to design and get theirs featured. Did you have one exhibited?

There was something for everybody and we purchased a couple of items for ourselves and a few Christmas stocking fillers.

We also came away with a fabulous goodie bag.

My bag contained amongst other  fabulous items a pair of earrings from Maxwell Harrison Jewellery (photo above) which I had been admiring and was considering purchasing after spying them over on Instagram a few weeks ago. How cool is that?

There were some wonderful stalls . For the full list of the sellers and a brief  profile please click // HERE

It would be great if you popped over and had a ganzy, give Sheffield’s local talent some support.

I’d also love to know if you purchase anything, so please let me know in the comments below.

I have my eyes on a beautiful beret with a big bow on from Imogen’s Imagination . I’m very partial  to a fancy hat.

I do hope Santa’s reading!

Until next time, Tracey x

  • I’d just like to say a big thank you to the guys at Etsy Sheffield for the invite. The mince pie and wine went down a treat.

8 thoughts on “Etsy Made Local …

  1. Sophie says:

    Thank you so much for joining us! We are so pleased you had a great evening and enjoyed your goody bag :o) I hope Santa is listening too! Happy Christmas

  2. Holly says:

    Lovely post! We went to the Etsy event at the weekend too- however, I was a little disappointed when I got home to find that the item I’d purchased was designed in Sheffield but made in India! Struck me as a little off for a etsy local !

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