Etsy Made Local …

One of the main reasons Liz and I  started the blog was to showcase that woman over 40 didn’t become frumpy over night.

The way some people carried on (mainly my male work colleagues) it was as though you were 39 one minute and the next you were 40. It was a case of “oh you poor thing, life as you know it was all over”. You swap your handbag for a knitting bag…take a sudden liking to twin-sets and gardening. Not that there’s anything wrong with any of those of course. I’m quite partial to a twin set… and some gardening when it takes my fancy.

We made it our mission (yes a mission) to prove them all wrong.

We were certainly not over the hill, or mutton dressed at lamb. Well on occasion I may have been – oh hello quilted tiger face mini skirt.

We could still look good and have lots of fun . Age was just a number.

To stick that 40 were the sun don’t shine.

Can I have a “Hell yes” ladies!

I’ve personally always been keen to also support local business and were possible used the blog as a platform to show-case some great places and people. To ensure that Sheffield was well and truly kept on the map. I love this city but I think its often over-looked by its neighbours Manchester , Leeds and Birmingham who do at times seemingly shine brighter.

We have our regular Ladies that Lunch spot which tends to happen every few weeks on  a Friday. My friend Sue always manages to surprise me and usually whisks me to somewhere I’ve never heard of before!

We’ve featured some fabulous ‘hidden gems’ … Tea with Percy, and Riley’s to name just a few. I’m always open to try new places so please, please, please hola if there’s somewhere I must try. I love it when we stumble on something fabulous.

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