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Christmas …

that magical blanket that wraps itself about us, that something that so intangible it is like a fragrance. It may weave a spell of nostalgia. Christmas maybe a day of feasting, or of prayer, but it will always be a day of remembrance … a day in which we think of everything we have loved…” Augusta E Randal

that and Christmas jumpers.

*pics below courtesy of Pinterest





Today I thought I’d share with you just a couple  of my favourite Christmas Jumpers that I’ve spotted while browsing for myself.

I have a little selection already which I’ve been collecting over the years. I’m a sucker for a festive jumper with a spangly motif! They are such fun and I want a new one.

Below Liz and I a few years ago when we still worked together. I do miss those days. My jumper was a Primark Special and I’m sure Liz’s puddings were from Asda?

me and Liz

So first up is this beauty from Topshop Is it too late to be good…?

I suppose you could get away with wearing this after Christmas at a push .. you know asking Santa early for next year.


If money wasn’t an issue I’d definitely be getting my hands on the next offering. However it is and at £49.95 a pop its quite extravagant for a jumper you may only wear a couple of times. But it deserves a mention because just look at it …

Joules Christmas Knit Jumper

joules jumper.png

More in my price range and a steal at only £8.00 is this jumper by Fashion World.

I think £8 is enough to pay for a ‘one hit wonder’, though there is no real reason why you couldn’t wear this all throughout the winter, as its not overtly Christmassy.

Poodle Fairisle Jumper


This could be my motto in life … it was obviously designed by somebody whose on the same wave-length  as me. I never could resist a mince pie.

Mince Pies before Guys Jumper – Marisota

mince pies.jpg

Keeping it simple and understated …

Christmas Santa Jumper – Simply Be



And finally one for all the Instagram lovers out there …( I’m partial to a selfie myself )

Elfie Selfie Christmas Jumper – Boohoo


And of course you can’t forget the pooch in your life.

I’m seriously considering buying this for our dog, Mollie. She loves her coats and would look adorable in this.

Father Christmas Suit Dog Jumper – Boo Hoo

mollie dress.jpg

We’ve been threatening to get her a ‘sharknado’ outfit ever since we watched the film a while ago. Have you seen it? I’m sure its supposed to be a bit of a thriller but it has me in absolute stitches every time. The story line is so bizarre.

mollie sh.jpg

You are no doubt puzzled as to why? …

Well let me explain … the thought of Mollie walking around dressed up as a shark just makes me giggle, so much so it sets off my cataplexy!

We were also contemplating getting ourselves a couple of shark outfits and having ourselves a Sharknado film fest (welcome to my world and how my head works)

So that’s it I hope I’ve inspired you a little and you’ve got that Christmas feeling… I know I have. I’m currently on my third Christmas movie (what would I do without you Channel 5) and I’m about to tuck into my second Baileys coffee of the afternoon.

If your passing please bring mince pies.

Last night we ventured to our first party of the festive season and met Barnsley Elvis. He was in the process of throwing a group of Ladies out of the toilets while he sorted out his hair.

He was great and got the party started but rather than sorting out his hair he really needed to be concentrating on them there brows.

I do love this time of year…

Until next time , Tracey x

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