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One of the main reasons Liz and I  started the blog was to showcase that woman over 40 didn’t become frumpy over night.

The way some people carried on (mainly my male work colleagues) it was as though you were 39 one minute and the next you were 40. It was a case of “oh you poor thing, life as you know it was all over”. You swap your handbag for a knitting bag…take a sudden liking to twin-sets and gardening. Not that there’s anything wrong with any of those of course. I’m quite partial to a twin set… and some gardening when it takes my fancy.

We made it our mission (yes a mission) to prove them all wrong.

We were certainly not over the hill, or mutton dressed at lamb. Well on occasion I may have been – oh hello quilted tiger face mini skirt.

We could still look good and have lots of fun . Age was just a number.

To stick that 40 were the sun don’t shine.

Can I have a “Hell yes” ladies!

I’ve personally always been keen to also support local business and were possible used the blog as a platform to show-case some great places and people. To ensure that Sheffield was well and truly kept on the map. I love this city but I think its often over-looked by its neighbours Manchester , Leeds and Birmingham who do at times seemingly shine brighter.

We have our regular Ladies that Lunch spot which tends to happen every few weeks on  a Friday. My friend Sue always manages to surprise me and usually whisks me to somewhere I’ve never heard of before!

We’ve featured some fabulous ‘hidden gems’ … Tea with Percy, and Riley’s to name just a few. I’m always open to try new places so please, please, please hola if there’s somewhere I must try. I love it when we stumble on something fabulous.

Small independents with big dreams. Continue reading

Doing that 70’s thang …Archive by Alexa 

I love fashion . Let’s be honest I think most of us do! The thrill of finding the perfect outfit…

That doesn’t mean I know what I’m talking about. Hell no … I’m no fashionista. Far, far from it. I just like what I like be it in ‘trend’ or not.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. 

When I heard about the second collection Alexa Chung was designing for Marks & Spencer’s  I must admit I got a tad excited. I didn’t however think I’d be-able to get my hands on any of it, expecting it to sell out more or less straight away.

So imagine my delight when I called into Marks last week and there it was sat smiling at me as I walked in. There was still a lot of stock available. Yay!

I tried on a few items but the one that stood out for me was the plain silk, oyster ‘Elland’ shirt . It can be yours for £35.00 and currently all sizes are available on-line. Perhaps there’s only me that likes it then!

Simple, pretty with a definite 70’s feel thanks to the slightly larger than usual pointy collar. It’s darling. Continue reading

Rileys & Co…Oh Hello #ladieswholunch

I arrived at Sues earlier today, feeling a little sorry for myself  and out of sorts.

Just one of those day, you know,  we all have them. I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to rip some bodies head off, sit and cry, or do both!

I  plonked myself down on her settee and asked her to take me somewhere nice, feed me and cheer me up. Could I leave it up-to her were we ate as I didn’t have a decision in me. #dramaqueen

And so it was I was introduced to Rileys & Co, Farrar Road, Sheffield. (behind Okeh Café on Abbeydale Road) Continue reading

#Ladies that Lunch – Vintage Tea Rooms

A couple of weeks ago I stated that ‘Ladies that lunch’ would be a weekly feature…Every Friday or thereabouts.

The words me and my big mouth spring to mind… Fail!

A funeral put pay to last weeks venture and my partner in crime unfortunately wasn’t available.

The previous week I had to cancel and dash across town on a mercy mission to help my friend sort out some flights.

You know I mentioned that we are going to Marbella in June?

Well we almost weren’t…

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Oil Can Cafe @ The Carding Shed

IMG_5131On Saturday, on the recommendation of a mutual friend, we headed to The Carding Shed at Hepworth. Situated in an old mill it’s fairly easy to find. Saying that we got lost a few times, ending up sat in a few ‘dead end courtyards’ and scaring a man half to death in the process. He was having a cheeky wee behind a car, not expecting to see anybody I dare doubt! Then we ‘whizz’ up, like bloody Starsky and Hutch! We would have asked him for directions but … he had his hands full! The Carding Shed is an amazing place, with high ceilings and lots of natural light and much needed heating. An airy, open space consisting of several boutiques, a selection of vintage cars which you can happily walk around and peruse, and the Oil Can Cafe. We decided to eat straight away in the cafe. One of us was hungover and suffering slightly. Both of us were hungry. cardddd IMG_5132 IMG_5134 Continue reading

Doncaster Races…What I Wore

It’s not often I get chance to get ‘dolled up’ but a day at the races is a rather fab excuse to glam it up. I’d had a few weeks notice and spent most of it looking for a new outfit. I don’t really do posh frocks and hate the idea of buying an expensive dress that I’m never going to wear again so when I saw this one in the sale at Asos, I immediately clicked on ‘Add to basket’.


I usually stick to very plain, boring (but slimming) black but as they didn’t do this one in black, I braved it and ordered the white. It’s an Arrogant Cat dress which happens to be one of my favourite labels and was reduced from £75.00 to £52.00.

Unfortunately, being a good few years older and at least couple of sizes larger, I don’t look anything like the model in it but was quite pleased with my choice.

P9120361 P9120359

The shoes are by Jaspar Conran and were also in the sale, this time at Debenhams…


With an old beaded handbag that I already had and a pair of Wildfox sunnies (wishful thinking), my outfit was complete…





Luckily, my daughter Naomi was on hand to style my hair, which I’d decided I wanted in Victory Rolls to give the whole thing a vintage vibe (although I got told I looked like a Geisha girl – definitely not the look I was aiming for!!!)

I had intended taking photos before I set off but in my usual ‘Lizzy Late’ style, I was heading out the door at the last minute. These photos were taken at the end of the day after a few hours gambling and too many Jack Daniels! Thankfully, Naomi had used lots of grips and hairspray.




And one taken during the day…


I know I don’t often do outfit posts but I am considering doing a few ‘What I wore for work’ style posts. Watch this space…

Liz x