The Burgundy Jumper …and general ramblings

Christmas and Birthday treats (I’m 46 next week ekkkk)  came early for me this year as the lovely ladies at Mandy’s Heaven gifted me a beautiful burgundy oversize jumper.


Here she is in all her glory … You may notice I call things either Mr or Mrs. It’s something I’ve always done.

Call me crackers but this is definitely a she …look at her – so pretty. A keeper.

It’s a beautiful colour – deep rich burgundy.

The neck is high, snug and most importantly it stays up. In the past I have had to pull the necks tighter on previous jumpers and secure with a safety-pin. I hate a saggy-baggy neck.

I love that the sleeves are extra long and tighter towards the bottom, with a hint of a bat-wing (lets call It a baby batwing)

Its  slightly longer at the back with a small side split.

Above I styled it with pleather leggings and some sparkly stiletto’s to add a bit of Christmas glitter. It’s very simple  but I’d happily totter out for casual drinks wearing this. Just add a jacket and some bling… and remember to brush your hair!

Today I’ve worn it with my baker boy cap ( it eliminates the frizz) my grans vintage faux fur jacket, pleather leggings and boots to walk Mollie (our dog)

She’s a versatile (and warm) little number.

I also attempted a smokey heavy eye that involved a lot of black winged liner and copious amounts of black mascara . Very Cleopatra esq. It was maybe not the best idea however as I’d been up most of the night ( thanks to BF snoring)  I just looked chuffing knackered!

Mandys Heaven sell a lovely range of basic knitwear and accessories.

The MH ladies have decided to treat you too and have given me a discount code if you fancied having a ganzy and placing an order. 

Just enter NAUGHTY1901 at checkout to get 20% off your order. Fabulous.

Here are some ideas of what you could team with an oversize jumper …


Chi Chi Pleather jeans

I love a baker boy cap; in my books you can never have enough. Mine was from TK Max and cost a mere £7.00 about a month ago.Things tend to come and go very quickly  and you have to grab things when you see them.

Here are a couple of options….


Baker Boy Cap


Baker Boy Cap


Sisley Phyto-Lip in Burgundy

I’ve never tried any make-up from Sisley before but this colour is seriously delicious so I may have to seek it out tomorrow and purchase. Anybody had the pleasure? Yay or nay…


Carvela Glitter Shoe Boots

Just how fabulous are both of  these?! You can’t beat a pair of statement boots… or high tops!


Converse Chuck Taylor Glittery High Tops

Of course you could wear your oversize beauty a multitude of ways.

As I always state I’m not a stylist , far from it,  this is just how I’d wear mine.

How would you style yours?


As I mentioned earlier it’s my birthday next week and its our girlie meal out / Birthday celebration / Christmas do tomorrow. Nine of us are booked  ‘early bar’ for a meal at The Botanist the fabulous bar / restaurant that Liz and I were lucky enough to get invited to a few months ago. You can read our review // HERE

I bought myself a dress which as I expected hasn’t arrived in time!!

Tomorrow  will be a mad dash to find a substitute which I would normally saviour but its Christmas and the shops are mental. It’s just not so much fun.

This is the dress I ordered and I could cry because I love it . Hopefully it will arrive in time for Christmas.

Fingers (and toes) crossed.

It’s from Ezpopsy who I’ve not bought from before but who I am keen to explore more. I’m just waiting to see what the quality of the dress is like before I gush about it and order more.

I’ll keep you updated.


At this time of year I tend to sign off with a ‘I’m off to make a Baileys Coffee’ but low and behold look what I discovered in our local Asda yesterday …Only bloody Baileys with a hint of Coffee.

Suffice to say it’s my new favourite tipple and having almost demolished a full bottle last night I’m looking to purchase another.

If you get chance try it… I’m sure you’ll not be disappointed

Just add a mince pie.

Until next time, Tracey x

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2 thoughts on “The Burgundy Jumper …and general ramblings

  1. Bean says:

    LOVE that sweater, and it *really* suits you. My tipple at this year is a simple Kahula and milk, though sometimes go for a dash of vodka & dash of cream shaken up in for a very smooooooth White Russian 👍🏻

    • lizandtracey says:

      Thankyou Bean, I love the colour and it’s baggy which is great this time of year ( if like me you eat 750g boxes of chocolate!) Your tipple sounds great … never had a White Russian but had a few black ones. On my to try list . Thankyou for commenting x

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