Hidden Gems of Sheffield …

Lots of things make me happy – chocolate, cake and coffee. Friendship , travel and lush landscapes.

On Friday I met up with my friend Sue. I needed the dress (I’m intending to wear to the charity masked ball this weekend) altering. I adore it however it’s slightly too big on the shoulders and stretched to its limit around my bum!

Visible panty line …it’s so tight its more like visible intestines!

So to cut a long story short Sue’s friend has a ladies clothes shop on Abbeydale Road that also offers an alteration service. We popped in, dropped said dress off and then headed a few doors down for a coffee.

Abbeydale Road is a haven for coffee shops and restaurants. Its fast becoming one of my favourite places in Sheffield for its diversity.

Today’s coffee shop offering came in the shape of ‘Tea with Percie’ 557 Abbeydale Road, Sheffield a place I had never visited before but was keen to try.




Small, with a laid-back atmosphere . Its tastefully decorated with a mix-match of furniture , grey hues and funky art-work/ decorations.

We decided to grab a bite to eat as well as a beverage.

Tea with Percie stocks a wide range of loose leaf teas and 3 blends of coffee served in cafetieres.

We ordered a large cafetiere to share which gave us about 3 cups of coffee each served in beautiful china cups.



Above : My lunch consisted of an Avocado , bacon and golden syrup sandwich on granary bread with crisps, coleslaw and salad – £3.25

The food was extremely tasteful and prepared to order in the open kitchen by the lovely owner. Friendly and very helpful she advised us that Percie was actually her niece. The painting next to the serving counter was a self-portrait painted by Percie herself , who now lives over in America.

I love the little personal touches…


There was a selection of cakes and pastries that looked absolutely delicious but considering I’m having my dress altered due to the size of my arse I opted out , as did Sue. She’s not having her dress altered.  She  was just being good.

Next time maybe… not many cakes escape my nashers.

If you find yourself on Abbeydale and are after a coffee and cake / light lunch I would definitely recommend you have  ‘Tea with Percie’


Yesterday the boy friend and I decided to take Mollie for a long walk. We both love walking and it was the perfect afternoon as the weather had taken a turn for the better.

We also had a full English and Sunday lunch to walk off!

We headed for More Hall reservoir near Bolsterstone,  only a 5 minute drive from our house.

The Mr had never been before. I had and its allsorts of beautiful if a little eerie in places. ( I really have watched far too many horror films)  I knew he’d appreciate it so off we popped…









More Hall Reservoir is located to the west of Don Valley near Stocksbridge on the outskirts of the city.

It took us about an hour to take a leisurely stroll the whole way around. We were accompanied by a variety of runners, fishermen and families also enjoying the views and the sunshine.


So there you have it 2 hidden gems Sheffield has to offer. I’m always harping on about how beautiful Sheffield is but she really is. Don’t you agree?

There’s something for everybody, well if you like food (WHO doesn’t like food?) and walking that is!

I’m kind like that.


Until next time, Tracey x

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