#Ladies that Lunch – Vintage Tea Rooms

A couple of weeks ago I stated that ‘Ladies that lunch’ would be a weekly feature…Every Friday or thereabouts.

The words me and my big mouth spring to mind… Fail!

A funeral put pay to last weeks venture and my partner in crime unfortunately wasn’t available.

The previous week I had to cancel and dash across town on a mercy mission to help my friend sort out some flights.

You know I mentioned that we are going to Marbella in June?

Well we almost weren’t…

My friend had booked the wrong dates … for the weekend before… when birthday girl wasn’t even there !

Easily done and nothing that couldn’t be sorted.

It was actually a nice excuse to catch up, drink coffee and munch on toast. We even got K to laugh about her error by the end of the morning.

Misson accomplished.

Anyway we are back on track and ladies that lunch did just that!

Today we visited ‘The Old Coachouse Vintage Tearooms‘ on Abbeydale Road. (I’m desperately trying to find a Facebook or Twitter account but they don’t appear to exist? Please advise me if I’m wrong. If I’d not sat there and eaten for myself…I swear they didn’t exist!)

Abbeydale Road, Sheffield is a hive of activity with eating establishments popping up all over the place.



It’s located at the back/side of Ruffles & Lace, a short walk through an archway which leads into a pretty little courtyard.

Daffodils feature highly in and around the building.

I Love daffs. It’s a sign Springs about to ‘spring ‘



Inside it’s small and quaint.

It’s tastefully decorated in a nothing matches but it kinda fits way. I adore the painted white brick wall and the pretty bunting.



There’s a varied menu – jacket potatoes with various filings, breakfast until 12 noon, eggs everyway – poached, scrabbled, sunny-side up. Salads and a selection of sandwiches.

I wasn’t feeling overly hungry so I opted for something fairly light in the form of Broccoli and Stilton Soup – £4.50

It was delicious. A generous bowl of creamy soup served with 4 slices of thick bread and butter.

Surprisingly filling too.

The dinner set didn’t match. Don’t you just love that?



Sue plumped for Liver and onions… in a sandwich…

I wasn’t sure about her choice…that is until it arrived in all it’s glory.



Apparently it tasted it too, glorious – £5.25

We washed it down with a couple of coffees. I had a large cappuccino, Sue had a large black coffee.

It’s worth noting… they do a cream tea for £5.00 per head (tea with scone, clotted cream and jam) or an afternoon tea for £9.00 -( as above with the addition of finger sandwiches and cakes) that’s really good value.

They also do a great selection of cakes and pastries. I think we were both poorly as we passed up on dessert !!





All in all it’s a lovely little tea-room, with a laid back, homely vibe.

I could have sat there all day, people watching… whilling the hours away.

It’s well worth a visit.

I’ll definately be back as I need to try one or two of their scones. They’ve been playing on my mind ever since I got home!

The scones that got away eh?!

Not on your nelly… In my 45 years on this planet a scones not escaped me yet!

In the words of Arnie “I’ll be back…”

Yesterday John Wayne, today Arnie… gawd knows who I’ll be tomorrow??


Until next time, Tracey x

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