Rambles on Sunday…Ghost walks, dog walks, NCN Skincare and Valentine cupcakes

Sometimes I start a post and I’ve no idea where I’m going with it.

Yes this is one of those such posts.

I’m sure this is shunned upon in the blogging world.  I should be more prepared,  have direction. Pick a subject. Stick to it. Be clear and concise.

Mummmm… You’ve obviously never met me. By my own admission I am all over the place!

So let’s start with the subject everyone and their dog are talking about.

Valentines day.

Do you love it, hate it or your just plain in-different?

It might surprise you to learn that this big old romantic… Well she don’t like it that much. Tacky pressies and overly soppy cards just don’t do it for me.

I love my partner 24/7 – 365 days a year. Well let’s be honest here…sometimes I don’t. Occasionally he does my head in and I’m 100% sure the same applies to me and I do his head in (most probably all the time!)

I personally feel that I don’t need an ‘enforced’ day to tell him what I think about him.

In my opinion Valentines Day like most things, has just become too commercialised, a good way for retailers to make money. For want of a better word its all a bit ‘naff’

Yes I’m the equivalent of a Christmas ‘bah humbug’…only I suppose I grew out of Valentines but I’m still wildly in love with Christmas.

I’m a lady of contradiction alright.

Yes I did get a lovely card this morning. Along with a massive bear, a cuddly monkey (Mollie the dog is intent on ripping it’s head off) , 12 real roses and 7 edible roses (cupcakes) made to look like a bouquet.

Guess which were my favourite?!…I think the icing around my mouth kinda gave that one away.

I in turn bought a card and chocolate for him. I’m not a total spoil sport!!

I personally think it would be more meaningful (and spontaneous) if you choose the day, any day and took your loved one by surprise.

Everyone loves a surprise, don’t they?

I never liked being told when and what to do…and I’ve always loved a surprise.



I did buy my mum some valentines cupcakes…

In my defence this was only because she’s a little bit down. Her kidney condition, a result of the cancer treatment , is taking it’s toll on her.

Despite my dad being amazing and still head over heels in love with her after 49 years of marriage (they hold hands and everything!) he really doesn’t buy into this valentines malarky. (I am most definately my dad’s daughter)

My mum however does.

I thought these cupcakes (below) would help cheer her up. The smile I received was enough. She was made up.

They were baked by a local lady (in Oughtibridge) ‘Kellys cakes’

Please comment / mail me if your interested and I’ll get her details whizzed across to you.


So in other news…

It’s been a week of nothing and everything really.

The house is still like a blinking building site. Our workmen have a serious problem with creating mess and then not clearing /sweeping it up!!.

We’ve been swallowing one hell of alot of dust. My skin looks grey and spotty and we are seemingly sweeping up at every given opportunity.

On a positive we are progressing; if at a snail-pace!

I’ve decided to trail some new skincare to combat the dull, dust impaired skin. More on a later post BUT he’s a sneaky peak.

Why hello NCN skincare.


A few of the girls and I went to a medium/ clairvoyant night on Thursday.

I wasn’t going to go as these things tend to freak me out a little and they tend to play on my mind…

It’s enough that –

I’m sure my house is haunted (numerous people have mentioned they feel like they are being watched) and I myself have sensed things.

My nana used to read tea leaves and I’ve been told I have the gift?

I have an overly active imagination.

Not that long ago I was convinced somebody was living in my loft. Seriously, I did. The film ‘Black Christmas’ messed with my head! My dad however was convinced I had lost the plot. Looking back it was very irrational, but I still made him come around, go up there and make sure they weren’t !

I’m sure he only came around just to shut me up and put my (fragile) mind at rest.

My dad (God love him) has never been the same since I declared I had ‘cleansed’ the house of evil spirits. This involved some crystals (from a white witch I used to work with) and salt being placed in the corner of every room. I then had to open all the windows and ask them (with authority) to leave.

I think dad was one phone call away from the local mental institution! Your probably thinking ‘ oh oh fruitcake! ‘

I’ve also been to these type of events before and they can be quite upsetting…

All that aside I didn’t take much persuading, my friend merely mentioned that there was a bar (bonus – my favourite type of spirit) and a buffet (food – bigger bonus)

It turned out to be a good and very interesting night.

A couple of my friends got messages from the other side and whether you believe it or not some of the details were spot on. Details you couldn’t have guessed in a month of Sundays … names, special songs …

We got abit teary. Like I said it all got very emotional.

Yes I still have ALOT of questions and I am very sceptical. If I think about it long enough though my head starts to hurt.

I intend to look into the wonderful world of ‘the super natural’ further and attend yet more events.

I’ve enquired about  Past Life Regression and hopefully my friend and I will be having a session soon (safety in numbers) This totally fascinates me.

I was talking to mum about it (its better dad doesn’t know just yet, he’ll only start worrying about the state of my mind again!) and she jokingly said it wouldn’t surprise her if I had been a porn star or a murderer.

I’m not really sure what to make of that comment??

Knowing my luck I would probably have been a cow or the like? Though I’m reassured that humans usually come back as humans and animals as animals. We don’t usually cross forms.

There’s always a first! Mooo Mooo.

On Thursday I’m doing a Ghost Walk around the most haunted areas of Sheffield. It’s run by ‘Steel City Ghost Toursand is described as below.

Our last regular weekly offering has a mixture of ghoulish and traditional tales of the Campo Lane area of the city centre of Sheffield. We touch upon the history and creatures that haunt the darker hours of the city. Please be advised that this tour has some elements of a darker nature and may not be suitable for children under 16″

Oh er!!


I can’t blinking wait…Hopefully if I don’t get pinched by the boogie man I will report back.

Today has been a day of yet more dust, lots of coffee, cake and long dog walks.

It’s been glorious …



I actually enjoy my dog walks especially when it’s weather like it has been today. I felt the sun on my face and it felt bloody good.

The doctor will be happy with me too.

I had some blood tests a few weeks ago. (the on-going cataplexy /sleep disorder saga)

They highlighted that I was very low on Iron and vitamin D. I’m on tablets for both but you really can’t beat the real thing.I keep telling the boyfriend the same thing and that a week away somewhere hot and balmy would be the ideal tonic.

You can’t knock a trier!

So yes my dog walks are the ideal time to take stock and ponder the universe. Just me, Mollie, and the fairies in the woods…

You do believe in fairies right?

Until next time, Tracey x

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