Masquerade Ball …#Sheffield

On Saturday I got to have my hair ‘done’ ,dress up to the nines and party with some of my favourite ladies. (Miss O Malley over in Spain you were missed!)

The occasion a Charity 1950’s Masquerade Ball, raising money for Sheffield’s Children Hospital.

Myself and Sue decided to treat ourselves and had booked  into Purdys Hair salon on Abbeydale Road Saturday morning. As I didn’t have a mask I thought I’d better do something special with my hair. Just who goes to a masquerade ball without a mask??

It’s a fab little salon with a lot of character. I felt like I was sat on the set of Grease! (always longed to be a Pink Lady)

For £25.00 you get a set and up-do.

I took a selection of  images featuring  1950’s beauties hoping that something would be achievable on my scraggy mid-length hair. I half expected to walk out looking like Kevin Keegan, but I needn’t have worried!

Sue opted for victory rolls ; I just told Victoria to go for it, do what ever. Continue reading

Things to do in Sheffield … #cityguide

I was on twitter a few weeks ago and came across a tweet from a lady asking what there was to do in Sheffield? Her and her partner had a few hours to kill and were wandering around the city centre aimlessly, and bored!

Bored in Sheffield, surely not?

I am bias.

I was born and bred here amongst these seven hills and Sheffield really is a  such a great city with a lot to offer .

We all associate Sheffield with the steel industry but did you also know that it has a canal, some great parks and that it is surrounded by beautiful countryside.


The Beautiful Dam Flask

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Summer House in Spring …#ladiesthatlunch40

When the suns feeling flirty,  it’s (slightly) warm outside and the daffodils  are popping up left, right and centre it makes me want to grab some friends, find a nice bar and partake in some good conversation, serious eating and drinking

Alfresco of course . You really can’t beat it…

I’m often heard saying “England is rather beautiful when it’s sunshining out” (like a record , over the summer months)

Yesterday ticked several of those boxes and with my usual Friday lunch partner Sue being out of the country for a few weeks (the lucky buggars over in Spain ) I grabbed the Mr and off we popped.

Well truth be known, The Mr actually suggested we go out for lunch. I’m glad as I didn’t want him to think he was a second best option.

Having heard good reports about The Summerhouse we decided we should head there… Ok so he’s not a lady but what’s details between friends eh? Let’s pretend.

I put my glad rags on and he got suited and booted.


All the Pinks and Greys

I’m wearing pale pink jumper dress (kindly gifted from Mandy’s Heaven) with River Island skinny fit jeans, Avon leopard print scarf and my ‘Larry the Lamb’ coat from Primark.

I’m also giving my new bag from Debenhams an outing along  with my bargain snakeskin shoes from Primark … they were all of £8.00!

This is one of the bags I bought the other day and I love it. Its pretty but also big enough to get all my ‘bumf’ in  …camera, notepad , make-up etc etc …or as my mum refers to it – everything including the kitchen sink! Continue reading

Homemade by Thelmas #ladiesthatlunch40

It’s been a shitty week and that’s putting it mildly.

We are still mid throws renovating the living-room / kitchen. It doesn’t appear to be progressing very quickly . Slowly but surely … but entering into pulling my hair out territory.

We’ve also acquired some mood lighting in the living room. My current mood is bad after losing the controller . For the past 48 hours its been flashing on and off red / green / blue. Its driving me slowly insane . From the main street we must look like the local ‘knocking Shop’.

We found Lola (one of my beautiful cats) dead at the side of the road on Wednesday. I was beyond devastated and still quite can’t believe she’s gone. She had been knocked over and it was fairly evident that she had died straight away.  The only comfort I take from it all is that she didn’t suffer.

We’ve buried her in the front garden, bought a little memorial stone from our local garden centre and a pretty pink kissing plant to place on the top. I can see ‘her’ from my bedroom window so I get to say good night to her every evening.

Life more or less returned to normal on Friday and despite the snow Sue and I met up for our weekly #ladiesthatlunch met up.

This week Sue suggested we go to Homemade by Thelma at Nether Edge. I had never been, or even heard of it before. Always keen to try new venues, that’s were we headed.

Its located at 4 Nether Edge Road , Sheffield S7 1RU and I’m informed by Sue its run by 2 sisters.

They serve a variety of deli sandwiches, salads and hot and cold daily specials. Gluten free , vegan and vegetarian are all catered for.

There’s also a full range of hot and cold drinks and delicious cakes.


Chicken and smoked cheddar cheese bagel with homemade coleslaw, gherkins and side salad – £5.50

Beverage wise I decided on a Cappuccino – £2.30 and Sue had a Hot Chocolate made with real chocolate drops – £2.40. She said it was overly sweet…that’s the chocolate drops for you! Continue reading

Clearing the clutter… My wardrobe over haul

My friend Sue has put me to shame and has recently had a de-clutter getting rid of over half her wardrobe. When we met up last week she enthused about how good it felt to get rid of the old to make way for the new.

She has ‘cleansed’ her wardrobe and it was genuinely making her happy?

Alien to me…

I’m a hoarder.

I chuck nothing!

I always fear I’ll regret it and that said items will suddenly come back ‘in’ and have their day. My yellow shoes are testament to this!! Continue reading