On trail …Elizabeth Grant Supreme Face Collection

It’s Sunday afternoon.

It’s already dark outside thanks to the clocks going back an hour. I didn’t get an extra hour in bed by the way, somebody forgot to tell our dog ! When Mollie wants to wee , she wants to wee !

I’m currently sat watching NCIS … I’m 3 episodes in … my fascination with Tony is still going strong. 

My BF thinks I have a problem as all I seem to watch is programmes about serial killers and the like, with good-looking leading men. He’s disappeared upstairs to watch the footy.

I’m drinking Baileys.


I tell myself its ok to do that at any given time for the next couple of months , as its officially Baileys season. I realise at this point I sound like a lush!

The world is pretty ok.

I thought I’d talk to you today about Elizabeth Grant skincare and a set I was kindly sent by Ideal World TV to trail, which I  have been using for the past 4 weeks.

If you are unfamiliar with Elizabeth Grant they are a Canadian Skincare company who specialise in premium quality skincare. Their products are not tested on animals which is always music to my ears.

I was gifted the ‘Supreme Face Collection’ which retails at £184.96 and consists of the following 4 products :

  • Supreme Cell Vitality Revitalising Day Serum – 60ml
  • Supreme Cell Vitality Renewal Night Serum – 60ml
  • Active 35 Cream – 100ml
  • Supreme Essence of Torricelumn – 50ml
  • 1 spatula

It is described as following:

From the first moment skin will feel indulged and strengthened. It is designed to transform the appearance of the skin so it looks younger, more radiant, more luminous, and more beautiful. Developed with a rare and extraordinary blue-green algae, this precious ingredient has the ability to help improve the look of lined, rough, and spotted skin and temporarily reduce the visible signs of ageing. Ultra-light and fast absorbing, it will leave you with skin that feels silky smooth and more resilient.

I was also sent the Supreme Victory Eye Serum30ml (£9.99) which is not part of the set but I do love to try a new eye product, so thank you.


First things first, let’s get the negatives out of the way.

Unfortunately the Active 35 cream is far too rich for my already oily skin.

I wanted my skin to love this cream as it has a lovely  thick consistency, 35 skin conditioning ingredients (hence the name no doubt) and a pleasant scent . I envy people that can use such indulgent creams.

However I found my skin was overly shiny and felt greasy within an hour or so of application, something I try to avoid.

It would be ideal for somebody with very dry skin (i.e my mum) as its super hydrating. I’m going to pass it over to her and she how she gets on. I’m sure they’ll get on like a house on fire .

I will report back.


The eye serum is good size and very reasonably priced.

It is nice but nothing special and disappointingly it feels quite tacky on application. It appears to sit on the skin rather than sink in. I doubt it would be something I would re-purchase.

Now for  the Positives…

I absolutely love the Essence of Torricelumn which I have used daily both morning and evening since I received it.


To be honest when I first (excitedly) had a look through the products I wasn’t sure what it was or how it should be used within my skincare routine.

After a bit of ‘digging around’ I found out that it should be applied after serum but before moisturiser. It is suitable for all skin types.

It is described as follows

An original ground-breaking formula, advanced by innovative ingredients, the Supreme Essence of Torricelumn is a weapon to help defend and protect skin from the visible signs of ageing.

This sophisticated treatment is formulated with the superior moisturizing compound Torricelumn™, advanced stem cell technology, and amino acids. Suitable for all skin types.

Key Ingredients:

  • Torricelumn – in its purest, most concentrated form, this essence is an intensive skin care treatment with exceptional anti-aging qualities.
  • Marine stem cells from the Torricelumn plant pods
  • Narcissus plant bulb extract with Dormin Technology
  • Collagen
  • Vitamins A, C and E
  • Allantoin
  • Shea butter- a natural skin moisturizer, conditions the skin.
  • Marula oil
  • Natural soy
  • Japanese green tea







As stated my skin is fairly oily and I find that during the day the less products I put on it  the better behaved it generally is.

I like my skin to be hydrated but not look shiny. I feel ‘mucky’ when I’m shiny.

In the morning I have been cleansing and  applying Essence of Torricelumn only, followed by my makeup, which goes on a dream.

In an evening I have been applying the Supreme Cell Vitality Renewal Serum (which I am also liking) after cleansing followed by the Essence of Torricelumn. I don’t mind being a bit shiny in my sleep.

These 2 products seem to work well together and what I have noticed is you need very little product. A little goes a long way.

Non of the products I have been using have broken me out into any spots yet (yay!) which a lot of products I have tried in the past have; my skin actually looks very clear at the moment .

The main thing I have noticed is how soft my skin feels and that it looks more uniform.

As documented previously I have suffered from bad spots in the past and have various areas of redness especially around my jaw line (from previous blemishes) These appear to have faded slightly.


I would definitely purchase the Essence of Torricelumn again. It can currently be purchased as a stand alone product from Ideal World TV for £29.99

The Four Piece Supreme Face Collection would be ideal for anybody with dry skin who was concerned about the first signs of aging. For details of products featured above please click // HERE

Have you tried  any products from Elizabeth Grant and if so have you any recommendations of what I should maybe try next?

As always thanks for  popping over for a read, please leave a comment (I love reading them) and if you’ve enjoyed the post feel free to share.

Right my Baileys definitely needs topping up…it’s thirsty work this blogging.

Until next time, Tracey x

  • All products featured where gifted to me for review purpose’s from Ideal World TV but as always all opinions expressed are my own.

2 thoughts on “On trail …Elizabeth Grant Supreme Face Collection

  1. Henry Spriggs says:

    The Essence of Torrucelum is a fantastic serum but I’m using the highest form the 100% Torrucelum which packs a punch. Elizabeth Grant will be 100 years old on the 27th January 2023 and she developed the first serum in 1958. Elizabeth has transformed the skincare industry and her products have transformed my skin.

    Happy 100th Birthday to come Elizabeth Grant

  2. Louise Black says:

    I recently purchased the 10 product set from ideal world for £59.99 which I thought was a good deal. I already had a previous set and still have my Essence of torricleum left which I have also been using. The snow algae serum is my favourite product although I am liking all the ranges. My skin is smooth and hydrated beyond my wildest dreams! I understand these products might not be for everyone but for me they are great. My skin feels so soft and smooth, old scarring is less noticeable and fine lines around my eyes are softer. These products are a great make up base too!

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