Sandersons at Fox Valley Grand Opening…#Sheffield

As is always the case whenever I’m scheduled to go somewhere special something ridiculous happens.

On Monday it appears I washed my face with a flannel that had blinking turps on it! Yes chuffing paint remover – turps!

Long story short we have decorators in who had cleaned their brushes in the bathroom unbeknown to me.

How I didn’t smell it is beyond me!

Luckily because I couldn’t get my brows wet I didn’t go anywhere near my eyes but within 1/2 hour of using said flannel the rest of my poor face was red, blotchy, itchy and looked slightly swollen.

I woke up this morning and although my skin felt a lot better I still had very dry , tight skin that was shredding like a snake. Everytime I smiled , or just moved my face I could feel my skin cracking.


Luckily my newly micro-bladed eyebrows had also shredded in the night to reveal a fine pair of fresh rather lovely eyebrows underneath. Thankfully I no longer resembled Parker so at-least the Thunderbird jokes could stop!

I sighed (in an oh shit look at the state of me type of way) spayed my face with Evian water (again) and set off to pick mum up.

As a ‘guest; we had been asked to get to Sandersons Boutique Department store a little earlier than the official opening time of 11.00am

Its situated at Fox Valley, Stocksbridge only a 5 minute drive from mine . We arrived a lot earlier, I’m always punctual if a little scaley!

We collected our badges and made our way inside for  a ‘sneaky peak’  before the official opening at 11.00am



Deborah Holmes (Managing Director) cuts the ribbon.

Sandersons are officially up and running! Continue reading

Homemade by Thelmas #ladiesthatlunch40

It’s been a shitty week and that’s putting it mildly.

We are still mid throws renovating the living-room / kitchen. It doesn’t appear to be progressing very quickly . Slowly but surely … but entering into pulling my hair out territory.

We’ve also acquired some mood lighting in the living room. My current mood is bad after losing the controller . For the past 48 hours its been flashing on and off red / green / blue. Its driving me slowly insane . From the main street we must look like the local ‘knocking Shop’.

We found Lola (one of my beautiful cats) dead at the side of the road on Wednesday. I was beyond devastated and still quite can’t believe she’s gone. She had been knocked over and it was fairly evident that she had died straight away.  The only comfort I take from it all is that she didn’t suffer.

We’ve buried her in the front garden, bought a little memorial stone from our local garden centre and a pretty pink kissing plant to place on the top. I can see ‘her’ from my bedroom window so I get to say good night to her every evening.

Life more or less returned to normal on Friday and despite the snow Sue and I met up for our weekly #ladiesthatlunch met up.

This week Sue suggested we go to Homemade by Thelma at Nether Edge. I had never been, or even heard of it before. Always keen to try new venues, that’s were we headed.

Its located at 4 Nether Edge Road , Sheffield S7 1RU and I’m informed by Sue its run by 2 sisters.

They serve a variety of deli sandwiches, salads and hot and cold daily specials. Gluten free , vegan and vegetarian are all catered for.

There’s also a full range of hot and cold drinks and delicious cakes.


Chicken and smoked cheddar cheese bagel with homemade coleslaw, gherkins and side salad – £5.50

Beverage wise I decided on a Cappuccino – £2.30 and Sue had a Hot Chocolate made with real chocolate drops – £2.40. She said it was overly sweet…that’s the chocolate drops for you! Continue reading

Lunch at Brocco, Sheffield #ladiesthatlunch

The best thing about Friday definitely has to be meeting up with the girls for what has become our weekly  ‘Ladies that Lunch’ . Ok , ok so we are hardly girls but old biddies doesn’t quite cut the mustard.

Sue choose the venue today . She plumped on Brocco on the Park  which is situated at 92 Brocco Bank at the bottom of Ecclesall Road. (Eccy Road to us Sheffielders.)

Brocco is a Boutique Hotel with a restaurant. They refer to it as a neighbourhood kitchen. I like that, it sounds friendly, homely and welcoming.

I’ve dined here before with mum. It was to celebrate  her ‘6 month with no cancer’ results. My treat for her kissing cancer’s ass.

I’ve only ever been here for drinks with Sue and Rebecca. Prosecco and nibbles, very civilised loveies . Continue reading

#Ladies that Lunch – Vintage Tea Rooms

A couple of weeks ago I stated that ‘Ladies that lunch’ would be a weekly feature…Every Friday or thereabouts.

The words me and my big mouth spring to mind… Fail!

A funeral put pay to last weeks venture and my partner in crime unfortunately wasn’t available.

The previous week I had to cancel and dash across town on a mercy mission to help my friend sort out some flights.

You know I mentioned that we are going to Marbella in June?

Well we almost weren’t…

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‘The Place’ to be seen…ladies that lunch

Today is date day, or rather ladies that lunch day.

I try to meet up with Sue every couple of weeks for a girlie catch up and to grab some nice grub!

Today’s choice of eatery – That Place  – was Sue’s suggestion. It’s somewhere I’ve not visited before.

It was most needed. I’ve had what can only be described as the ‘week from hell‘ and not the best start to 2016 …

My car broke down on Monday and was out of action for 3 whole days. Our heating consequently blew up at the same time, resulting in no heating or hot water for a couple of days. We have ripped the kitchen out to the bare bones and just have a very lonely looking Belfast sink.

We are currently living off the remnants of Christmas – crackers and cheese, pate, mince pies and Chinese take-away. I have mince pie belly.

I’m still finding bloody big slimy worms all over the house and one of the pesky cats was sick all over the new settee.

The icing on the cake – I pulled my chuffing back out, and I’m coming down with cold. My throat is scratchy and sore.

Yes… a girlie lunch was just what I needed – that or numerous bottles of alcohol. As my boyfriend kept telling me “your not nice if your not warm, have access to a hot bath and food”.

That Place is situated  at 845 Chesterfield Road,  Woodseats, Sheffield opposite the KFC. From the outside if I’m honest ,it doesn’t look up to much.

When you walk in however it’s a totally different story. Although fairly small it’s beautifully decorated with an amazing ‘book’ feature wall and union jack settee.

It’s a little hidden gem. Continue reading

Fizz at Cavendish Restaurant, Chatsworth

Laurent- Perrier Afternoon  Tea at The Cavendish Restaurant, Chatsworth House – a Birthday treat from the Mr … he’s a  star and I’m very lucky.

He says he never known anybody my age get so giddy about Birthdays…I’m not sure what he’s getting at. I mean doesn’t everybody wake up at 5.30am on their birthday excited about the day ahead?

mmmmmm  yes usually the under 5 year olds!

I love my Afternoon Tea.

I love champagne.

I  love my mum … so it was the perfect way to spend the afternoon.

The Mr unfortunately had to work, so couldn’t make it, much to my disappointment. O.k so I was a-bit mardy…and I should know better. In my 45th year I really must think more about what my face does and what my mouth says!

On a positive note I could never lie to you…it would be written all over my face. Expressive my mum calls it. Rubbish I say.

So back to the afternoon tea – Cucumber and cream cheese finger sandwiches , scones with clotted cream and jam, Bakewell Cheesecake…plus 3 champagnes to taste… WHATS NOT TO LOVE?

Here’s a list of the full shebang.

(I’ve told you before I’m a little pig… this proves it. We devoured the lot!)

Laurent-Perrier Champagne afternoon tea

  • A trio of Laurent-Perrier Champagnes: Brut non vintage Champagne, Cuvée Rosé Champagne and Demi-sec non vintage Champagne
  • Salmon Gravlax and potato terrine, horseradish cream
  • Homemade dainty sandwiches: roasted ham and tomato chutney, smoked salmon and dill mayonnaise, cucumber and cream cheese and free range egg mayonnaise and cress
  • Freshly baked basil scented scone with strawberry preserve and Devonshire clotted cream.
  • Dessert: Lemon and thyme short bread biscuit, Chocolate and almond Battenberg, Bakewell cheese cake, Classic chocolate and marshmallow tea cake, Passion fruit and vanilla gateaux
  • Biscuit rose de Reims (You dunk this in your a Hob Nob ,only posher!)

£40 per person

P1010411 (3).JPG

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