Rileys & Co…Oh Hello #ladieswholunch

I arrived at Sues earlier today, feeling a little sorry for myself  and out of sorts.

Just one of those day, you know,  we all have them. I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to rip some bodies head off, sit and cry, or do both!

I  plonked myself down on her settee and asked her to take me somewhere nice, feed me and cheer me up. Could I leave it up-to her were we ate as I didn’t have a decision in me. #dramaqueen

And so it was I was introduced to Rileys & Co, Farrar Road, Sheffield. (behind Okeh Café on Abbeydale Road) Continue reading

Rambles on Sunday…Ghost walks, dog walks, NCN Skincare and Valentine cupcakes

Sometimes I start a post and I’ve no idea where I’m going with it.

Yes this is one of those such posts.

I’m sure this is shunned upon in the blogging world.  I should be more prepared,  have direction. Pick a subject. Stick to it. Be clear and concise.

Mummmm… You’ve obviously never met me. By my own admission I am all over the place!

So let’s start with the subject everyone and their dog are talking about.

Valentines day.

Do you love it, hate it or your just plain in-different?

It might surprise you to learn that this big old romantic… Well she don’t like it that much. Tacky pressies and overly soppy cards just don’t do it for me.

I love my partner 24/7 – 365 days a year. Well let’s be honest here…sometimes I don’t. Occasionally he does my head in and I’m 100% sure the same applies to me and I do his head in (most probably all the time!)

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#Ladies that Lunch – Vintage Tea Rooms

A couple of weeks ago I stated that ‘Ladies that lunch’ would be a weekly feature…Every Friday or thereabouts.

The words me and my big mouth spring to mind… Fail!

A funeral put pay to last weeks venture and my partner in crime unfortunately wasn’t available.

The previous week I had to cancel and dash across town on a mercy mission to help my friend sort out some flights.

You know I mentioned that we are going to Marbella in June?

Well we almost weren’t…

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Charity shops, Topshop Goodies and puking cats …

OK, so I’ve not had the best last few days…

A flooded kitchen,  NO Balmain x H&M ( which according to recent reports could be a blessings in disguise )

Last night I woke up just as Lola (one of my pesky cats) was about to do an exorcist and puke all over my head! (minus the head rotating thing, thankfully) I kid you not. 

I must have sensed her retching above me and quickly grabbed her little body and flung it in a blind panic onto the bedroom (wooden) floor ; it’s easier to wipe up than my forehead.

She survived, the poor little thing. She seems ok today, just abit more needy than usual and perhaps still in shock.

That was at 4.00am.

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