I’m waffling about skin again … Featuring No 7 and Pixi

As you’ve probably realised by now (I waffle on about it enough) I’m obsessed with flawless, spot free skin,  mainly because I don’t possess it…Dam those genes!!

Every couple of months I try and have regular facials. These come in the form of derma-roller which has shown great results. I like to also treat myself in-between appointments in an attempt to maintain the results.

I was mooching around in Boots a couple of months ago when I came across No 7 Youthful Glycolic Peel which was on offer at just £15.00 (usually £25.00) for 8 peel treatments. I thought what the hell it’s not going to break the bank and bought one. To be honest I wasn’t expecting great results and therefore was pleasantly surprised.


The manufacturers say:

Step 1, the Glycolic Peel is an intense exfoliator, sweeping away the dull and uneven skin surface to reveal smooth and more youthful skin underneath. Step 2, the Post Peel Neutraliser works to halt the action of the peel and Step 3, the Calming Recovery Balm helps to soothe the skin after the treatment, leaving it feeling calm and more comfortable.

After the first use, 82% of women said their skin felt smoother and instantly looked revitalised and brighter. After just four uses pores are also refined, skin tone improved and the appearance of lines smoothed to reveal younger looking skin.”



It’s ever so easy to use, but make sure you read the instructions… If only for your peace of mind!

Basically you take one of the 8 – 4ml capsules, pour the liquid onto a cotton wool ball and wipe it all over your face, concentrating on areas of concern, but avoiding the eye area.

You leave it on for a maximum of 10 minutes before you pour a generous amount of Neutraliser onto a cotton wool pad and apply it liberally several times over the treated areas. Once you feel it’s all been neutralised you rinse with cool water and pat dry.

The last step is to smooth the Calming Recovery Balm all over. If your going out into the sunshine it is imperative that you apply a SPF, your skin will be a little delicate and prone to burn.

My Verdict :

It stung only briefly and it wasn’t uncomfortable at all. When the peel had been removed I was slightly redder than usual but nothing horrendous. My skin felt extremely clean and it looked very fresh and soft. Could I go as far as to say I was glowing. Yes.

I have a few areas of scarring from a bout of acne I experienced in my early twenties and while it’s not making any major difference it is softening them, if only slightly.

I doubt you will ever get a home treatment that’s as ‘strong’ or effective as one carried out by a professional but as a stop gap between I think it’s rather brilliant.

Definately a product I will continue to use.- unfortunately it looks as though its back on at £24.95 but its on a 3 for 2 offer, so all’s not lost HERE 

Have you ever tried a home peel yourself and what did you think?

On a seperate note I’ve just purchased my first ever Pixi Skintreat product . Marks and Spencers at Meadowhall have just started to stock it.


I was after the much raved about Glow Tonic. Unsurprisingly it was out of stock. I couldn’t leave empty handed and came away with the Glow Mud Cleanser which I can’t wait to try later.

I’m sure it’s not normal to get so giddy about cleansing at my age…or at any age come to think about it !

You just know I’m going to love it and have to buy the whole blinking shebang….Meadowhall is on the doorstep too. This could be dangerous!

Until next time, Tracey x

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