Beauty | My favourite make up discovery of 2017 is . . .

I’d like to think that amongst all the products I tested last year there were a few stand out favourites. Products I would repurchase again and again.

I am lucky that as a fairly established blogger I get sent a lot of ‘goodies’ from brands / PR companies keen for me to review their goods. However being the skincare / make-up junkie I am I also tend to purchase A LOT myself .

I like to mess what can I say? Nothing excites me more than getting my mitts on a  product by a brand I’ve not encountered before.

My favourite discovery of 2017 is one I bought myself and only chanced upon at the beginning of December. It was a recommendation by the skin care guru Nadine Baggot . Not personally of course, on one of her You Tube videos.

Stretch Concealer by Glossier- £15.00 plus postage

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I’m waffling about skin again … Featuring No 7 and Pixi

As you’ve probably realised by now (I waffle on about it enough) I’m obsessed with flawless, spot free skin,  mainly because I don’t possess it…Dam those genes!!

Every couple of months I try and have regular facials. These come in the form of derma-roller which has shown great results. I like to also treat myself in-between appointments in an attempt to maintain the results.

I was mooching around in Boots a couple of months ago when I came across No 7 Youthful Glycolic Peel which was on offer at just £15.00 (usually £25.00) for 8 peel treatments. I thought what the hell it’s not going to break the bank and bought one. To be honest I wasn’t expecting great results and therefore was pleasantly surprised.


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Can I pass something by you… what is beauty to you?

What is beauty to you?

How do you feel about aging?

Are you planning to grow old gracefully or give it a run for its money?


Over the next few weeks I’m going to do a sequence of posts in regards to beauty. We often read about what celebrities use in.their beauty routine and their thoughts on aging . I’m going to talk to ‘real’ people who have a limited budget and get their thoughts on what beauty is to them.

By real I’m talking about the people you meet in everyday life. Your work colleagues, your neighbour, best friend… I’m not saying celebrity’s aren’t real, of course they are. They are also very unattainable; let’s be honest the likes of you and I aren’t very likely to ever meet any. Celebrities look great (mostly) and in my humble opinion so they should. Celebrities, TV personalities, soap stars, however you wish to class them… the people we read about in our magazines. They can most-likely afford to have the best procedures undertaken and buy/use the best products on the market if they wish.

It might not be so easy for the rest of us. I’m currently saving for a blinking moisturiser!

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Derma Roller Update – Session 2

6 weeks flew by and before I knew it there I was again relaxing on a treatment table , coffee in hand, magazines a plenty while my face was nicely numbing .The rather lovely Juliet at medispaS10 kept popping her head around the door to make sure I was o.k and to fill my cup up.

I rarely ever sit and do ‘nothing’ . The treatment room is tastefully decorated in calming creams and whites. I walk in and resume the ‘flop’ positon . There is no phone signal . No distractions . It’s always rather pleasant to just lay there doing just that. Nothing.

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