Okeh Cafe, Sheffield … we are the MODS!

Sandy: My parents want to invite you over for tea on Sunday.

Danny: I don’t like tea.

Sandy: [laughing] You don’t have to drink tea.

Danny: I don’t like parents.

I’ve just been for breakfast at the Okeh Café. An unassuming , little retro café on Abbeydale Road, Sheffield . 

It was just Darren and I albeit slightly drenched and both starving. The weather in Sheffield is awful today. I kid you not its not stopped raining for the past couple of hours.

I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect but Darren has been talking about this place for ages. It’s where all the scooter boys congregate before they go off on their travels apparently. I think the weather put a stop to that today because their wasn’t a scooter (or a boy) in sight. 

Darren excitedly informed me that the lovely Miles Kane paid a visit here when he played Sheffield a few months ago. I was dressed and sat in the car within a matter of minutes! (Love Mr Kane)

Unfortunately no Miles today, just a mixture of colourful characters. 

A couple tucking into a full English each, a guy on his way to watch United play, 2 guys mudded up from playing footie chatting tactics over drinks and an old guy cuddling his coffee, lost in the music. This is hardly surprising the soundtrack to our breakfast was pretty amazing.

We plonked ourselves down in one of the 3 booths available and that’s when it happened …

I was momentarily transported back; not exactly MOD material but I was Sandy and Darren was Danny.

I love the film Grease. I was in my element and I suppose I kinda lost myself for a while.I like it when this happens, real life who needs that?!

We ordered a full breakfast each, sat back with our coffees (in proper mugs) and took in the surroundings.

mod 19

mod 18

mod 11

Breakfast was pretty amazing and great value. All this including our drink for £5 each

Believe me there was loads!

mod 12

mod 16

mod 6

mod 9

mod 15

mod 4

mod 10

mod 7

To sum up The Okeh Cafe is a proper café  but with a diner feel and alot of character. 

It is compact with no airs and graces. The food was delicious and you got to drink your drink in a proper mug. Yah to that.

I could have stayed there all day , looking at all the memorabilia on the walls, drinking coffee, listening to the music and people watching. 

The place made me happy. In a world full of Costa Coffee’s and Starbucks (which I have nothing against) it makes a pleasant and welcome change, one I’m no doubt Sandy and Danny will be re-visiting again soon. I must remember to wear my Pink Ladies jacket next time!

The Okeh Café can be found at 116 Abbeydale Road, Sheffield S7 1FF, its open daily and there is free parking.

Until next time , Sandy Tracey x


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