Celebrating real people – Meet Sue #keepingitreal series

I was introduced to Sue by Karen, a mutual friend.

The first time I met her she was laughing and gyrating around a pole, her audience a gang of fire-men from London, who were up here for a few days.

We were in Josephines nightclub.

It was a Monday night. Monday nights in Josephine’s were legendary. Sheffield people will testify to this. Monday was our Saturday despite it being a school night.

Albeit alittle intimidated I liked her fun personality and I knew instantly that Sue and I would be friends and 15 years on we still are.

We’ve been on lots of girlie holidays and had many a drunken night out. She’s been there through the ups and downs. My marriage and my subsequent divorce. We’ve seen lots of new arrivals – friends babies not ours!

I’d say our relationship is stronger than ever.

I forget sometimes that Sue is 62; nearer my mums age than mine. Mother, grandmother and great friend. Sue is a prime example of somebody that lives life to the full. She looks fabulous and has the energy of somebody half her age.

As I said in my previous post she’s our very own Peter Pan!

I’d love you to meet her and find out how she manages it all ! There’s no air brushing or a filter in sight…

Let’s go!

* * * * * * * * * * *

SUE5 (2)

Morning Sue, hope your well today…

  • Can you tell me what beauty is to you?
  • To me beauty is not just about how somebody looks.  Beauty is about how you look and feel both inside and out and how you treat people . A beautiful face can hide a shallow personality. I admire people like Debbie Harry, Honor Blackman and Helen Mirren.


  • You look great and your skin is fabulous. Can you share your secret?
  • I swear by Clarins skincare. I never use wet-wipes as they dry the skin out and I ensure I get plenty of sleep – always listen to what your body needs. I also ensure I have regular massages and pedicures .  I love having pedicures and ”pretty summer’ feet all year long . I like holidays and try to get away as often as I can.
  • My Skin Care Routine : I use an All in One Cleanser and toner, followed by moisturiser and an eye cream both day and night. I also use a  neck and decollete cream  – which keeps the crepe away . All from Clarins Super Restorative Collection which is for 50+ skin.
  • (I can also confirm that Sue never ever goes to bed / sleep in her make-up. She put me to shame on holiday earlier this year. I’d lazily just climb into bed after a night out , while Sue cleansed , toned and moisturized.)

SUE3 (2)

  •  You rock a red lip, what brand and colour do you wear?
  • My current favourites  are Mac08, which is a red and Christian Dior 08 Deep Pink
  • What’s the one product you couldn’t live without?
  • My lipstick, I never ever leave the house without it !

SUE4 (2)

sue 8

sue 9 (2)

  • What is your guilty pleasure !
  • My monthly massages , as mentioned above , at Clarins.
  • Can you describe your style, favourite outfit and where you tend to shop?
  • I don’t have a favourite outfit. I dress to suit my body shape. I like and tend to shop at House of Frazer, More Posh (Sheffield) , Jaeger and Monsoon


Above: Last week at The Yorkshire Sculpture Park and below one of our memorable girlie holidays in Barcelona, a few years ago..


  • Where does your energy come from…any tips?!
  • I practice yoga and swim regularly , I try to look after my health.  I’m willing to give new experiences a try and don’t often say no if there’s something happening that I really want to do, or visit a place I’ve always wanted to see. I also have 2 young grandchildren who keep me on my toes. I take Vitamin  D which was prescribed for osteoporosis, glucosamine and  Vitamin c.

And lastly….

  • If you could give your ’20 year old self’ a piece of advice what would it be?
  • To say ‘No’  more often to things I thought I should do and not feel obliged to have to do everything and please everybody all the time.

and with that the ‘interview’ was over.

Off she flew, red lippy intact with blonde bob blowing in the wind, into the chilly Sheffield night.. Off to find Tinkerbell and get up to some mischief no doubt. Most definitely the youngest 62 year old I’ve ever met. AND I’m so glad I did meet her life would be pretty dull without our Sue.

Next week we have a date with Peggy… my 70 year old fabulous mum.

Until then, Tracey x

3 thoughts on “Celebrating real people – Meet Sue #keepingitreal series

  1. Kate says:

    Thanks for this blog Tracey. I think it’s a great idea. It’s always good to see what other people are up to – I’m nosey! Sue seems like a lovely lady and a great friend to have, as I’m sure you are too! X

    • lizandtracey says:

      Thankyou Kate, I think it’s time we started celebrating each other and embracing our age….Sue is a prime example of somebody who is young at heart. Rather than concentrate on ‘celebrities ‘ I wanted to feature ‘real’ (for want of a better word) ladies. I’m.glad you enjoyed it xx

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