Beauty | My favourite make up discovery of 2017 is . . .

I’d like to think that amongst all the products I tested last year there were a few stand out favourites. Products I would repurchase again and again.

I am lucky that as a fairly established blogger I get sent a lot of ‘goodies’ from brands / PR companies keen for me to review their goods. However being the skincare / make-up junkie I am I also tend to purchase A LOT myself .

I like to mess what can I say? Nothing excites me more than getting my mitts on a  product by a brand I’ve not encountered before.

My favourite discovery of 2017 is one I bought myself and only chanced upon at the beginning of December. It was a recommendation by the skin care guru Nadine Baggot . Not personally of course, on one of her You Tube videos.

Stretch Concealer by Glossier- £15.00 plus postage

Stretch Concealer is a god send and the best under eye concealer I have ever used.

It’s worth noting at this point that I am 47 years old and have extremely dry dehydrated skin around my eyes.

I know this as I had a far-few facials last year with various spas and each therapist advised me the same – I needed to hydrate my eye area more.

I have been using a fab little eye cream for the past few months that I was sent by Skinsider – ‘Blossom Jeju’ Deep Repair Eye Cream which I shall be reviewing in a separate post.

Stretch Concealer can be used to cover any redness and blemishes but I use it souly under my eyes. As i stated above I am particularly dry in that area and therefore need something moisturising.

The last thing you want at any age is a concealer that is drying and sits in and highlights your wrinkles [or as I like to rather refer to them, laughter lines.]

Stretch concealer is fuss free and easy to apply using just your finger tip. A little goes along way and dark circles are covered with no problem. It blends effortlessly and the colour can be built up easily should you require more coverage.

It is non drying and moves with your skin. Like the name suggests it stretches with you. My under eye looks dewy and fresh, no creepiness in sight.

It comes in a range of 5 shades; I choose the lightest [ light / clair 01 ] as I don’t sleep well at the moment [ bloody menopause] and have a tendency to sport dark circles. I was concerned it maybe too light for my skin tone but it’s perfect.

Key Ingredients include :

Beeswax & Microcrystalline Wax

Gives the concealer a super elastic consistency which allows it to move with your expressions, not stiffen and cake.

Avocado & Jojoba Oil

Nourishes the skin, prevents water loss, and gives a natural dewy finish.

Cocoa Butter

A natural fat full of the good stuff that promotes skin elasticity and suppleness.

Adaptable Mineral Pigments

Merge seamlessly with the widest range of skin tones for natural-looking coverage.

It’s the first product by Glossier I’ve purchased. I’m very impressed and keen to try more.

I’m hoping they also do a fabulous neck cream because as anybody in the know knows … the first area to give your age away is your neck and chest.

My neck definitely needs some assistance. There are fewer oil glands there and dry skin tends to sag quicker. There is also less fatty tissue and collagen in that general area, exacerbating the problem.

I’ll investigate later and if all else fails I will treat myself to a new scarf!

So what would you crown your favourite product of 2017 ?

Oh and please send any recommendations for neck creams in this direction please … #savemyneck!

Until next time, Tracey x

7 thoughts on “Beauty | My favourite make up discovery of 2017 is . . .

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi Tracey,
    I bought the Glossier on your say so and have to admit it’s fabulous and really helps to blur my lines and looks very natural and lasts most of the day.

    • lizandtracey says:

      Oh I’m so happy you love it as much as I do. I’m always a bit dubious when I recommend stuff as different skins types suit different products etc. But generally everybody whose bought it following my ravings have been very pleased. I’m hoping to try some more of their stuff shortly [ when my purse replenishes itself ] x

  2. Jenny dwyer says:

    Have you tried Temple Spa products??
    Eye Truffle is fabulous for (as the name suggests) hydrating and looking after you’re eye are.
    But, Exalt is their amazing neck gel – brilliant at dealing with ‘crepe-y’ neck skin. Gel formula that turns into a cashmere texture…. fabulous!!

    • lizandtracey says:

      Hi Jenny,
      I have tried Temple Spa in the past and did like the Exalt. Perhaps I should revisit as I’ve noticed my neck is looking a bit shabby lately.
      Thankyou for commenting. I love comments x

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