May Birch Box -For the Dreamers…

I don’t usually post about BirchBox.

To be honest I’ve been trying to cancel the bloody thing for the past 6 months. Either I’m thick or its verging on the impossible to do so?!

My monthly subscription is very hit and miss…a lot of samey stuff (nail file anyone?)

When it comes to cosmetics (despite filling in a questionnaire about my preferences ) I still tend to end up with bright red lipsticks and pale sparkly nail polish. Both go straight onto eBay or passed onto friends ( who’ll keep hoping I don’t cancel)

Anyway this month I was pleasantly surprised.

May’s box is named ‘For the Dreamers’ ( very apt for me)

Firstly this box is different to the norm.

It has a scratch coating on the lid . Two very lucky subscribers have an extra special message  on the top of their box ‘YOU’VE WON A DREAM HOLIDAY’ courtesy of

How fabulous, either 5 nights in the Maldives or 5 nights in Crete.

Unfortunately I sat and scratched like a woman possessed … nothing !

It’s a great little idea but awfully messy! I was covered in silver coating bits.

So back to the box.

It contains brands I don’t think we’ve received before ( Olehenriksen / Sarah Chapman) Quality skincare brands.

The full shebang includes:

Spectrum Collection Unicorn Tears Wonder Sponge – what a wonderful name! Full size RRP £4.99 

I don’t actually wear foundation but on occasion I wear a BB cream so I’ll give it a whirl then.

It’s called Unicorn Tears and it’s lilac … so seriously what’s not to love?

Philip Kingsley PK Polishing Balm RRP £18.50

I love Philip Kingsley products.

This balm-to-serum formula leaves all hair types feeling smoothed and conditioned.

It claims to give you sleek and glossy hair. These words are like music to my ears.

I want to be sleek.

I want to be glossy !

It can be applied on either damp or dry hair.

Oh dry hair * hello …warms between palms and applies * it’s a clear gel like substance that smells wonderful.

Olehenriksen the clean truth cleansing cloth RRP £12.00 for 30 wipes

Is a Cleansing cloth just a fancy name for a facial wipe? Skin guru Caroline Hirons would be quaking in her boots.

Although facial wipes have a bad press these will be absolutely ideal to take to Marbella. Compact and easy to pack. Ideal when I can’t be arsed to Phaff around.

More than just remove make-up , they are packed full of vitamin C, CoQ10 and Black Currant Oil. They claim to cleanse, brighten and firm skin.

We have 10 of these quilted babies to sample.

Sounds good to me – I will report back.

The stand out products for me though are featured below:

Eyeko Mascara, Puriskin Resurfacing Cream & Sarah Chapman Skinesis Spot SOS stickers

Eyeko Black Magic Mascara RRP £18.00

I’m always keen to try new mascara’s.

Eyeko Black Magic mascara has a great curved brush which makes it easy to apply.

You wiggle ( the brush) at the roots of your lashes and sweep upwards. I applied a couple of coats.

It’s a nice deep black mascara. The consistency feels ‘thinner’ than my usual mascara and would require more coats to build up.

I won’t be switching from my Max Factor False Effect mascara just yet, that will take a lot of beating. The Eyeko however will be nice to have on hand when I’m running low. A good back-up so to speak. It’s not the best but its a long way from the worst I’ve tried.

Puriskin Resurfacing Cream RRP £13.99

This cream excites me.

It’s described as a ‘does-it-all-product’ for super dry skin, blemishes , or scarring ( oh yes we have those) that can be used on the face and the body.

It’s a calming cream that claims to soothe and improve your complexion. Chamomile works hard to strengthen and renew damaged cells and deliver hydration.

I can’t wait to try this.

Sarah Chapman Skinesis Spot SOS Stickers RRP £22.00

Another product that excites me.

Being prone to the odd ‘Mount Vesuvius’ or two I’m hoping they live up to their claims.

Invisible stickers and the ultimate in skincare SOS. These patches are packed with salicylic acid and vitamin C that unclog pores, diminish breakouts , minimise redness , and help speed up recovery.

You apply directly to the blemish. You can leave it on over-night or as they’re completely transparent wear them discreetly all through the day.

I’m not sure I’d feel comfortable walking around during the day but I’d definitely wear one of these bad boys over-night. It’s got to beat my usual splodge of Suda Creme.

We’ve been given 3 patches to try. I’m sure one of my ‘friends’ will pay a visit soon and I’ll get to sample one. Again I’ll report back.

So there you have it.

Not a bad box at all.

Let’s hope the box’s continue to be as good and hey if you’re reading and you’ve won one of the holidays I hate you congratulations !

What do you think ? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Until next time, Tracey x

7 thoughts on “May Birch Box -For the Dreamers…

  1. Joanne Mallon (@joannemallon) says:

    That does look like a really good box. On the whole though, Birchbox doesn’t seem reliably good and if you buy one of these you want a box of joy, not disappointment. If only they could get it right every month, but perhaps that’s wishful thinking.

  2. Laurie says:

    Not a lover of these boxes either. I know what I like and don’t see the point in paying for something that I won’t use. However there’s always the chance of receiving something you might really love. The mascara I know has great reviews & the face cream and wipes sound interesting.
    Laurie x

    • lizandtracey says:

      I do like to try new products so when I subscribed it seemed like a good idea. It is very hit and miss though and seems to be aimed at the younger end ? Im crossing my fingers for next month . Thanks for commenting . I love comments, we just don’t get many . Tracey X

    • lizandtracey says:

      Hello , I didn’t realise their were different variations on boxes. Just had a read of your review and you’ve received totally different products? How strange. Thanks for the feed-back, Tracey X

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