Ssssssnake skin shoes and boyfit denim

I’m getting my shopping mojo back…I think? I still can’t get very enthused about much, I blame the search for (the perfect) green sequin dress before Christmas. It sent me over the edge. The £100 Debenhams gift voucher remains firmly in tack, in my back pocket. Listen to this… I actually considered putting it towards a new hoover! Things are really that bad.

Today however I’ve picked up a fab little bargain in the form of a pair of flat snake skin lace-up shoes. They were all of £8.00 from Primark!

I love them


I’m probably late to the table ( I usually am) but I do love myself some snake-skin and have been hankering after a pair of shoes for a while now.

As you are probably aware I love my leopard print, with Jackets, boots and dresses making up the majority of my wardrobe (along with denim dresses!) but what it lacked was some sssssss -snake (See what I did there!)

Until today that is!



I had seen these beauties from Aquazzura a while ago, probably last summer if I’m honest  (they appear to have sold out everywhere) but at £224.00 that’s all I did look… or rather lust after.

I actually have a similar looking pair in plain black from New Look. I love anything that ties around the ankle, I find them very flattering. The only negative with this particular pair – they make my feet look HUGE.

I’m only a size 6 but while wearing them my feet have been referred too as  two barges, clowns feet, flippers … by the Mr of course. Who else??!!

But yes… I  think I actually prefer my Primarni ones. At least my feet look a  normal size.

Below – Aquazzura Belgravia Snakeskin Lace up Flats

imageThese are also very similar and not a bad price from River Island.

Beige Snake Ghillie lace up ankle flats – £30.00

snake.jpgOr what about these …

ASOS Locket Lace up Shoes – £22.00

SNAKE 2.jpg

H & M have some great little loafers in that would look great with my skinnies . Yours for only £9.99. Great price.


Not shoes but worth a Mention are these beauties. River Island Pointed Boot in Snake – £65.00.

A bit too shiny and new looking for my liking . They will look so much better when they’ve been worn a few times. Lived in I think they call it. I hate anything that looks too done, I always have. When I was younger I would get new shoes, I’d screw them up, scuff them anything to take away the ‘nasty’ newness. Mum says I was and still am a heavy footed filthy beggar…

She just doesn’t understand.

leo bootsI only popped into Primark on my way to Next to collect the  jeans I had ordered on Saturday. My plan was just to have a quick look what was on offer, if anything?

These shoes literally popped off the shelf and said “hello lady – buy me”  For that price it was a no brainer. They’re not even in the sale, this is the full price?!

and so it was Tracey got her first pair of snake skin shoes and the world was a better place 🙂

I’m pleased to report that I’m really happy with the relaxed boyfit jeans from Next – £26.00. I saw them on their instagram feed a couple of days ago and decided I had to have them. You know like you do…it becomes your soul mission in life. Tell me that it’s not just me??? (Note to self shopping mojo is definately returning)

I find Next jeans, along with River Island, are a really good fit.


If anything these jeans are ever so slightly too big (around the waist)  but I think that’s more to do with them being boy fit than anything else as I’m still sporting my mince pie belly from Christmas. I plan to wear them with a belt so its not a problem.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Boyfriend fit jeans – Next . Snakeskin shoes – Primark


Suffice to say I love them and (I think) they look great with my new shoes.

I’m proposing to wear them both with my white Alice Temperley pussy bow blouse, grey belt and a grey or black jacket. I’d jazz it up with a pink or turquoise handbag and accessorises.

I also think these jeans will look fabulous with heels as pictured above. Luckily I have loads of heels!

I’ll have a play  later but I’m sure the choices will be endless…I’m already liking the idea of them teamed with my (newish) ASOS plum victoriana lace blouse.

It’s a shame its forecast bloody snow tomorrow!

Tracey x

7 thoughts on “Ssssssnake skin shoes and boyfit denim

  1. The Stylopedia says:

    Loving your new shooooz and also the boyfriend jeans. I have absolutely no business buying any more shoes, but I can totally justify those jeans. They weren’t on my radar screen, so thanks for pointing them out! xx

  2. Michelle says:

    Love the boyfriends and the new shoes Tracey…..two fab purchases that will indeed look great with your Victorian blouse! Have to say I am really tempted by the H&M loafers, they are gorgeous, it’s a shame the weather has decided to get so cold but they’ll be fab for Spring! xx

    • lizandtracey says:

      Thankyou Michelle. You have great taste so that’s good to know. I’m hoping to get away for a week in March, somewhere hot… I’m thinking these and the loafers would be ideal to travel in. That’s my excuse anyway 🙂 yes the snows coming…. Now what to wear? Xx

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