Clearing the clutter… My wardrobe over haul

My friend Sue has put me to shame and has recently had a de-clutter getting rid of over half her wardrobe. When we met up last week she enthused about how good it felt to get rid of the old to make way for the new.

She has ‘cleansed’ her wardrobe and it was genuinely making her happy?

Alien to me…

I’m a hoarder.

I chuck nothing!

I always fear I’ll regret it and that said items will suddenly come back ‘in’ and have their day. My yellow shoes are testament to this!! Continue reading

Spot light on Mandy’s Heaven…

So what would you consider the absolute best way to start a Monday would be?

Chocolate I hear you cry.

Well yes always… but apart from that.

Ok a lie-in would be rather nice also…

With Bradley Cooper… Now where being just plain silly (and a tad unrealistic) Nope non of the above, I’m talking parcels.

Parcels that have my name on.

Parcels full of goodies.

Goodies  from Mandy’s Heaven that are all for little old me.

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Ssssssnake skin shoes and boyfit denim

I’m getting my shopping mojo back…I think? I still can’t get very enthused about much, I blame the search for (the perfect) green sequin dress before Christmas. It sent me over the edge. The £100 Debenhams gift voucher remains firmly in tack, in my back pocket. Listen to this… I actually considered putting it towards a new hoover! Things are really that bad.

Today however I’ve picked up a fab little bargain in the form of a pair of flat snake skin lace-up shoes. They were all of £8.00 from Primark!

I love them

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