Tracey gets fit …an introduction to why?

Today I thought I’d update you on a few things… mainly my health and fitness.

Do you remember a few months ago ( Nov -flipping-ember to be precise!) I had some sleep tests undertaken for my cataplexy?

cataplexy // ˈkatəˌplɛksi/

a medical condition in which strong emotion or laughter causes a person to suffer sudden physical collapse though remaining conscious.

It’s been 10 years since I was initially diagnosed with the condition.

I currently manage it quite ok but I was wondering whether there had been any progress in medical science so to speak.

The tests I had consisted mainly of some probes being stuck to my head, forehead, neck and chest for 48 hours. They monitored my brain waves and brain activity.

I also had to video myself sleeping.

Que BF dancing in front of camera half naked for 5 minutes. Unbeknown to him it was on … and filming!

Oh I hope those nurses had a good giggle when they replayed it.

My hair is still recovering from the Consultant Nurse efforts as she tried to remove the probes from my head. She applied a foul smelling concoction and proceeded to yank at the probes  ‘cack handily’.

I kept yelping but it fell on deaf ears!

She kept reassuring me I still had hair as glumps fell at my feet.

I have thick hair and lots of it. Thank goodness.

Well I’m happy to confirm *does a little happy dance* I eventually saw my specialist earlier this week. Yes some 6 months after the initial tests.

On arrival at hospital they weighed and measured me.

The first thing to annoy me ;  I had put on weight which is hardly surprising with all the cake and chocolate I’ve recently been eating.

Thankfully I’ve not started shrinking just YET !  I’m still 5 ft 10. Phew.

However I weigh just over 11 stone. This time last year I was just over 10! *horror induced face* 

I decided there and then after ruling out it was ‘period week weight gain’ ( haha the excuses we make for ourselves ) That action had to be taken … I wasn’t going to let my inner fat lady take over. Huh huh no chunky monkey jokes from the BF at my expense. No sir!

We also have Marbella in just 6 weeks !! I think I’ve mentioned it a few times. Hee hee.

Myself and 10 of my fabulous girl friends are spending a long weekend in a plush villa to celebrate Leighs 50th!

So Let me introduce you.

I love these ladies … we always have so much fun and it’s so effortless. We know each other inside out.

Leigh is the one in yellow, with myself, Rach & Karen. Valencia 2014

My Girl Gang ❤️ Valencia 2014

Leigh, me, Rach, Karen, Carol & just seen Sue. Puerto Banus – around 2004

We’re in Marbella Thursday until Monday.

Whoop bloody whoop.

We’ve booked La Sala on the Friday evening for eating and drinking. We hear it is the place to go. Has anybody had the pleasure and if so what are we to expect ?

Ekkkkk I am beyond excited. I love girlie weekends away.

I have some super outfits lined up and a swimming costume I really would like to get into… Not one which cuts me in half!

So anyway I’m totally digressing …

The second thing to annoy me.

My blood tests which I had taken back in February showed that my iron and vitamin D were dangerously low. I had been prescribed iron tablets , however I should have been having weekly injections for Vitamin D!

I haven’t.

Nobody knew / seemingly knows anything about it ? I’m still in the process of trying to get something sorted. What happened to communication ?

Thankfully the sun has been shining for the last couple of days. I’m hoping my body has sucked up some of those killer vitamin D Ray’s.

Thirdly … I have to have an MRI scan in the next few weeks.

I’ve had one before and I hated every minute of it.

I was under the blinking machine for over an hour.

I don’t do enclosed spaces.

I had a panic attack.

It was quite frankly awful.

Also being an avid horror movie fan I kept imaging all sorts . The ‘mad ‘ doctor and his assistants getting me strapped in and leaving me there. Slowly Cutting me up as I lie there, slowly going insane!

Yes I concur , I really need to start watching more Disney ; a box set of Bambi or the like.

So anyway after the hospital visit and in light of what he had advised me … I had a little word with myself.

I realise I need to start looking after myself a little better.

Wave bye bye to the bingo wings.

Loose a few pounds.

Exercise more.

Eat healthier.

I’m 45 and it’s time to take charge. Make sure I’m getting the right amount of vitamins and goodness I need from my food .

Hey get me … I’ve started making my own smoothies for breakfast.

These mainly consist of bananas, almond milk, honey, ( a small dollop of) peanut butter,  a cod liver oil tablet and a collagen shot.

An alternative breakfast – grapefruit, peanut butter & slice of toast

I love it. It’s so tastey . It sets me up for the day and I don’t fell hungry.

My BF insists that Elvis lived and died from eating too many bananas and peanut butter. He thinks that I should switch it up abit.

I never know when he’s pulling my plonker , but I have lots of other smoothie recipes in mind just in case?

Please do forward any that you have.

Exercise wise I walk Mollie twice a day at the moment and that’s about it . I’m intending to take her out for longer and walk further. Maybe even break into a jog every now and then… though running is not really my bag.

The beautiful Mollie ‘Moonpig’

Having said that I ran the ‘Pretty Muddy’ Race For Life at Rother valley this weekend without any training. 

More fool me!

This was to raise funds and awareness for Cancer Research. Seriously that’s the only thing I’d crawl around in mud for!

Lisa, me, Jo, Rach & Carol – Team Old Boots

Ok so it almost killed me.

5 K (about 3 miles) is longer and harder than you think (without training especially) . In the heat on Saturday I thought at one time I was going to collapse. BUT we ( Team Old Boots) got there.

I must have enjoyed it as I’ve agreed to do another run in September!

Which gives me plenty of time to get some training in .

I’m starting on Saturday with Boot Camp in the local park! 😳

This sounds like my idea of hell …but I’m on a mission.

Especially as one of my friends has just emailed me a photo taken last week. I look as though I’ve bloody eaten somebody and saved them in my cheeks like a hamster for later.

I’ll keep updating you on my progress via here , Twitter and Snapchat.

If I feel people are watching  my progress it’ll make the journey to a fit and healthy Tracey maybe a little easier …it will add the pressure onto me to make the little changes.

Right I’ve rambled on enough … I’m off to snack… on a carrot.

I so wish it was of the cake version, but alas its not. It’s carrot of the vegetable variety !

Rock n roll…


Until next time, Tracey x

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