Slouch with me …and other things to hide a ‘mince pie’ belly

I’ve walked the dog a couple of times today. NO word of a lie it’s beyond freezing here today. I’m sick of getting muddy, my treasured biker boots are ruined and I can’t get warm.

Come wind, rain or snow our Millie still needs her exercise…

I feel shocking which doesn’t help in the slightest. My throat and ears  hurt. A lot. I’ve got a nose that won’t stop running and when I talk I sound like Phyllis Pearce from Coronation street… remember the old lady with purple hair and the blokes voice. When I laugh I sound like Muttley from Wacky Races.

You get the picture, basically I’m hampered.

phylis  +      mutt  =       OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Poor little old me.

The house is still in disarray, I have no kitchen. Well I do there’s just nothing in it apart from a sink and I have a half completed bathroom…

The cats have moved on from worms and now insist on bringing me birds…be that dead or alive!!


I came home earlier, grabbed myself a coffee and feeling ever so sorry for myself plumped myself down in the living room ( ignoring the massive hole in the wall, the cold draft, my mental pets  and all the crashing and banging) to look for paint and wallpaper inspiration which somehow ended up with me on Pinterest looking at all things oversized, mainly chunky knits?

How does that happen…??

mmmm quite easily with me.


ABOVE  : Oversize jumper / cardigan


Yana Sweater Arctic White //Plumo  was £89.00 now £75.00

It also comes in camel which is more practical for me. I think I attract muck.

camel yana



Above images taken from Pinterest

Oversized, slightly off shoulder, cheeky and maybe a little sexy or Granny chic (see top left above) big enough for you and another,  comfy yet still stylish. It looks like you may have pinched it from your boyfriend / dad / brother .

Also fabulous for hiding a post -Christmas , or as I fondly refer to mine – ‘mince pie belly’.

I’d wear mine with skinny jeans or pleather leggings , heels and detailed (beads / sequins / spangle)  bag for the pub / cinema / date night.

I’d layer it up with a contrasting scarf, biker boots, a beanie, ‘big enough to get your kitchen sink in’ bag and skinny jeans for a shopping trip .

With my slippers and pj bottoms to stay in the house…

I don’t claim to be a  fashion expert, I’m far from it . I  just like what I like .  I have tonnes of scabby but very warm jumpers, ones that cover me from neck to waist. Some neck to knee. Ones that are splattered in mud and holes from where Mollie has excitedly jumped up at me.

With these jumpers I’m thinking slightly more dressy. Think casual night outs at the local, girlie shopping trips or just to wear around the house ( to look respectable , beats scaring the postman) . Mainly most things apart from muddy dog walks.

If I wear anything off shoulder the Mr will assume I’m trying to seduce him. (aren’t men hilarious) We could be in for some fun here!

Here are a few that caught my eye…


Beatrix Black Cable -Stitch over-sized Jumper // Reiss £120.00 now £60.00

daisey street jumper

Daisy Street Chunky off the shoulder jumper //ASOS £22.99

Love the whole outfit. My legs however would look like two sausages in these!


Spiritual Hippie Long line Jumper with all over tassle detail // ASOS £40.00 reduced to £28.00

boyfriend jumper

Micha Boucle Over-sized Boyfriend Jumper // Micha lounge ASOS £29.00


Tara Cardigan //Plumo Ltd £169.00 now £135.00

I adore this cardigan . I’d probably buy it the size up again so it looked really big on me – like it belonged to  my dad…not that my dad wears ladies cardigans.

I’m probably really late to the table (again) but I’ve only recently discovered Plumo and I’m very impressed. The whole collection is very wearable, if slightly above my price-range… even in the sales.

So there you have it.

I am currently “umming and arrhing” but intend to choose and order one soon (it has green sequin dress palaver written all over it)….

…maybe when my head doesn’t feel quite so fuzzy and I can breathe normally (oh woe is me)

I think a Lemsip, some more cake and an afternoon spent on the sofa  are the only way forward .

Until next time, one very snotty Tracey x

2 thoughts on “Slouch with me …and other things to hide a ‘mince pie’ belly

  1. RetroChicMama says:

    Oooh over-sized cardi’s are the best, I’m wearing my favourite Maje one now! It’s pretty old & pilling but I still love it especially when I’m sick – like now… isn’t everyone?
    A good time to read your lovely blog Tracey xxx

    • lizandtracey says:

      Thankyou lovely, yes I love my oversized cardies and jumpers. I too have a poorly cardy, it belonged to my gran! Still suffering, but I think we have hit a milestone and I’m back on the road to recovery. Finally. Still contemplating which jumper to buy… It will be summer by the time I’ve made my mind up :)) enjoy the rest of your weekend xxx

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