‘The Place’ to be seen…ladies that lunch

Today is date day, or rather ladies that lunch day.

I try to meet up with Sue every couple of weeks for a girlie catch up and to grab some nice grub!

Today’s choice of eatery – That Place  – was Sue’s suggestion. It’s somewhere I’ve not visited before.

It was most needed. I’ve had what can only be described as the ‘week from hell‘ and not the best start to 2016 …

My car broke down on Monday and was out of action for 3 whole days. Our heating consequently blew up at the same time, resulting in no heating or hot water for a couple of days. We have ripped the kitchen out to the bare bones and just have a very lonely looking Belfast sink.

We are currently living off the remnants of Christmas – crackers and cheese, pate, mince pies and Chinese take-away. I have mince pie belly.

I’m still finding bloody big slimy worms all over the house and one of the pesky cats was sick all over the new settee.

The icing on the cake – I pulled my chuffing back out, and I’m coming down with cold. My throat is scratchy and sore.

Yes… a girlie lunch was just what I needed – that or numerous bottles of alcohol. As my boyfriend kept telling me “your not nice if your not warm, have access to a hot bath and food”.

That Place is situated  at 845 Chesterfield Road,  Woodseats, Sheffield opposite the KFC. From the outside if I’m honest ,it doesn’t look up to much.

When you walk in however it’s a totally different story. Although fairly small it’s beautifully decorated with an amazing ‘book’ feature wall and union jack settee.

It’s a little hidden gem.

We grabbed the last table, ordered coffees and settled down to choose our meals.

The menu has something for everybody, the food is all home-made and is ever so reasonable  priced.


Sue plumped for what she had on her previous visit – Sweet Chilli Prawn salad – which came in at £4.90. (£4.00 to take out)

The prawns were large and extremely tasty.

I had BBQ beef brisket on a brioche bun, with cheese and coleslaw…£5.90.

It was so delicious. I found myself scoffing it down like there was no tomorrow; at the same time willing it to never end.


Both meals came with Curly crisps.

Sue decided against dessert as she was out again for another meal later tonight. Social butterfly with will power.  I however have no will power and a reputation to up-hold , so I ordered  a slice of Lemon Cheescake.

Yes it was just as yummy as it looks. Lovely crisp biscuit base and lighter than light topping.


I was really impressed with the food and will definitely be returning. Maybe with mum who I think will like it just as much as I did. Maybe with the boyfriend … maybe with Sue. Basically anybody that would like to accompany me. You fancy it?

That Place is not open on an evening. It is worth noting however that once a month (the last Saturday of each) they have a bistro night. January and February are already both fully booked, but there are still places remaining for March.

They also mentioned opening on Valentines night ; the menu has yet to be released but when it is I would be quick if you want to book a place! The early bird and all that …

Walking back towards the car we were drawn like mag-pies to Envy (an independent ladies boutique)  and popped in.


I walked out with a couple of new bracelets. I have a thing for anything blingy and turquoise, and a new coatigan, which is a bit different . That’s why I like it.

I saw a couple of handbags, and a beautiful olive jumper … but resisted temptation. Yes I know miracles happen.

Sue came away with a lovely black and white dress, which had a touch of the 60’s vibe.

She looked fab. Watch out Sheffield Misters!

Everything was half price or less, it would have been rude not too!


Envy can be found at 725 Chesterfield Road, Woodseats , Sheffield and is definitely worth a visit if your ever in Sheffield and are after something a little bit unusual.

The staff are  helpful and the owner is a lovely lady , who is extremely friendly and as my mum says ‘ could talk the hind legs off a donkey!’

So like the boyfriend said… I was warm and I had been fed .I’d not had a bath but I had shopped! = Happy Tracey

Good day was had by all,

Until next time x

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