STYLE | Teal Appeal

“Teal is a deep blue-green colour; a dark cyan 

Teal gets its name from the coloured area around the eyes of the common teal, a member of the duck family.” 

Hey up its me, sat typing and sweltering. I’m at work and I really want to whip my bra, pants and dress off. Not my best idea. But hey … anybody else feeling the same vibe…

Apart from the glorious weather – this week has kicked off to a grand start. I’ve only gone and bloody won a dress over on instagram! I know, I know … go me!

I don’t often do fashion posts ; I’m hardly the most fashionable person on the planet . I personally think people should wear what the bloody hell they want too. It’s clothing not rocket science. It should be fun and it should also be a reflection of you, whether it’s ‘ in fashion‘ or not. #youdoyou

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Tracey at BAFTA 

On Monday evening the Mr and I donned our finest and made our way to BAFTA in the heart of London for a charity ‘do’ to raise funds for The Variety Club.

An evening spent in the company of Sir Roger Moore KBE and Monty Norman who was celebrating his 88th birthday. Monty Norman singer, composer and writer,  who amongst many other things wrote the James Bond theme tune.

Your probably thinking (like me) how the bloody hell did she get an invite! I’d be thinking the same …. Common little strumpet from Sheffield mixing with the higher-archy.

Ha ha I jest , Mikes lovely friends Penny and Alan Invited us . They both do a hell of a lot of work for Variety raising money to buy Sunshine Buses… And Penny thought I’d love to meet a real life James Bond.

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An oldie but a goodie…#ootd

I’ve not done a fashion or beauty post for a while, one of the reasons being I thought I was losing my mojo. Let me explain. I read so many fashion / style blogs and I  like so many different looks, it all got …well a bit confusing.

After a little word with myself ( I do this often) I decided that I can take inspiration from others but should stick to what I like, what suits me – be it fashionable or not!

Yes I can most definitely experiment with different looks but I shouldn’t try to be anybody else. I’m unique, my wardrobe should be the same, or rather the way I wear it should be.

I hope I’m making some kinda sense here. It’s turning into another one of my rambles…

So here it is today’s offering.

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Ssssssnake skin shoes and boyfit denim

I’m getting my shopping mojo back…I think? I still can’t get very enthused about much, I blame the search for (the perfect) green sequin dress before Christmas. It sent me over the edge. The £100 Debenhams gift voucher remains firmly in tack, in my back pocket. Listen to this… I actually considered putting it towards a new hoover! Things are really that bad.

Today however I’ve picked up a fab little bargain in the form of a pair of flat snake skin lace-up shoes. They were all of £8.00 from Primark!

I love them

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Tuesday Rambles…

Before we start, this post is a little all over the place… abit like my head today it lacks direction. I’m not sure where it’s heading.Just go with it if you don’t mind.

As you may, or may not know I’m a 44 year old divorcee (I’m 45 in December – how the bloody hell did that happen?!!!) who has been dating an ‘old friend’. We are fast approaching our first year together.Yay!

I have no children. Yes you read that correctly – 44 with NO kids. My wombs fully intact and as my surgeon informed me (I had a cyst removed along with an ovary some time ago) ‘it’s rather lovely and perfectly formed’ That’s something I never thought I’d hear, (or share with the world, come to think of it!) Continue reading

NFD – Denim Love…

Today I’m sporting yet another denim dress, as my love affair with all things denim continues.

I picked my first dress up from Oasis a couple of months ago. While it’s not categorically denim, it’s 100% Lyocell, it looks like stonewashed denim. It is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made and I’ve certainly had my wear from it. It’ll be walking by itself shortly!


This dress is so very easy to wear. It’s not fitted so there is no tightness around the middle.

Slip it on, slip it off. It’s been my staple item of clothing for the last few weeks. I wore it to travel to Spain and received quite a few compliments. Comfty, practical and looks cool, whats not to love?

I also ordered a denim dress from Next a few weeks ago. They advised it wasn’t in stock at the time and I could have upto an 8-week wait. To be honest I had forgotten all about it. It got delivered earlier today (Yay!) and yes, I love this one every bit as much…




This is a darker denim and has more of a denim jacket feel to it with long sleeves and stud fastenings. I replaced the denim belt for a tan one and I’m wearing it with my tan loafers. If I wanted to dress it up slightly I’d pop on some heels.

I’m also loving the fact that I will beable to wear this outfit not just now but also during the Autumn / Winter months.

I would no doubt stick a polo neck underneath (because I’m nesh) , team with some thick tights, knee length boots ,throw one of my numerous macs on top, complete with a beret type woolly hat.

Yes, I’m already envisaging very cold British weather!

Here are a few more delicious denims that have caught my eye…
imageAbove available from ASOS and below from H&M, currently on sale at £15.00

Denim… how do you wear yours?

Until next time, Tracey x