TRAVEL | making plans…

I’d like to make it clear that it’s not until the very, very end of next year, almost 2 years away … but as my nearest and dearest [ or as Ive started referring to them ‘the chuffs] keep reminding me I am the big 5-0 next year.

Of course I intend to celebrate in style and after a chat with my friend Sue over the weekend it got me thinking of where I’d like to hold my celebrations . I envisage lots of partying with different groups of people but a weekend away with the girls is most definitely on the cards.

Just where to go …

and when …

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Plan . Dream . Discover

It’s cold , damp and dark outside . We’ve been told to expect Thundersnow. I’m not exactly sure what that is but it sounds fun and very dramatic!

I’m sat drinking copious amounts of coffee while dreaming of far off shores. Imaging the sun beating down on my back (of course I’d be wearing spf 50) of lounging around pools and exploring new playgrounds.

I’ve been really lucky that within my 46 years I have visited some beautiful places. Its well documented that at 17 years old I spent 6 glorious weeks island hopping around Greece with my best friend. If you don’t know… where have you been?!

Just Karen and I with a back pack each . Not a hair dryer in sight. We sailed, worked, partied, slept rough and even met Judith Chalmers who was filming ‘Wish you were here’ It was maybe the most fun 6 weeks of my life.

Greece aside I thought I’d share with you my 3 favourite places that  I have had the pleasure to visit to date followed by my  dream destinations. We should all have a dream, something to aspire too …and what better way to while away a moody grim January afternoon ?

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The Beauty Box from Sheer Luxe …

I love a good beauty box; a little treat to yourself for being good, bad , indifferent…

For walking the dog in all weathers !!

Whatever your reasoning sometimes we just need that little something to lift our spirits and what better way than a box full of goodies delivered right to your door-step. Pamper-tastic!

I saw this particular box on the Sheer Luxe news letter.

What originally drew my attention was this beautiful Mercer Gold watch from Rosefield.

It’s a beauty and something you would not usually expect to find in a beauty box.

It’s fairly plain, not too girly and it reminds me of the watch my late grandma used to wear. Apparently its paying tribute to an exciting street in one of NYC’s signature shopping destinations.

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