Instantly Ageless …

Not many things in life leave me gob-smacked.

Well I tell a lie … 

… there was that time my friend Becky did a triple cart-wheel across a crowded bar flashing her knickers at all un-sundry and almost taking out half the customers … oh and that night we went to see Indian Elvis ( I’ve never laughed so much ) 

They both left me pretty gob smacked for totally different reasons .


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Love Conquers all …

I went to see mum earlier.

My brave, beautiful, strong mum. The lady who doesn’t deserve what the past 5 years have thrown at her.

We looked at each other, hugged, then both burst out crying. I hung on to her frail little body like my life depended on it.

Most days I’m strong.  Strong for mum.

I put ‘it’ (mums ill-health) to the back of my mind. I carry on regardless. People think I’m happy go-lucky. Basically I’m coping the only way I know how.

Today however I’m feeling vulnerable.

It’s hard putting a brave face on things all the time.

It’s tiring.

I’m tired.

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Tracey gets fit …an introduction to why?

Today I thought I’d update you on a few things… mainly my health and fitness.

Do you remember a few months ago ( Nov -flipping-ember to be precise!) I had some sleep tests undertaken for my cataplexy?

cataplexy // ˈkatəˌplɛksi/

a medical condition in which strong emotion or laughter causes a person to suffer sudden physical collapse though remaining conscious.

It’s been 10 years since I was initially diagnosed with the condition.

I currently manage it quite ok but I was wondering whether there had been any progress in medical science so to speak. Continue reading

My Thursday 3 #thingsthatmakemehappy

The suns shining * punches air* and the worlds a much happier place don’t you think?

I’ve false tanned my legs . I’ve even bloody shaved them and the ankles are making their 2016 debut.

Hey even old grumpy guts across the road raised a smile earlier. Well , when I say smile … he didn’t look at me as though he wanted to kill me so much. Just maybe kick me in the shin a little .

Which got me thinking … apart from the sun what else is guaranteed to make me smile this week.

So today I give you ‘My Thursday 3′ Continue reading

Dance in the rain …

This post is brought to you by false tan ( in anticipation that I might go bare-legged anytime soon?) and a shed load of Easter eggs. If I didn’t know better with the current size of my tummy I’d recon I was about 4 months pregnant.

Mum don’t get the banners out … I’m not. Honestly. I’m not.

I’m just a chocolate monster who appears to be retaining chocolate, in the same vein that ‘normal’ ladies retain water before their period .

Anyway it’s been a while…in the blogging world anyway .

How you doing ? (this must be read in a Joey from Friends voice)

Basically I’ve been out of sorts and quite frankly exhausted (I’m on prescription Vitamin D and Iron tablets and keep forgetting to take them) I’ve been sleeping a hell of a lot and I’m sick of the house looking and feeling like a building site.

Good news though  … we have what resembles a kitchen. We have a fridge  freezer people . We have a fridge freezer! It’s been a while  (November) and yes I can often be found just looking at it longingly . Yes, yes… I may have even stroked it a few times.

So today I thought I would update you on a few things, mainly my current skincare routine. Continue reading

Summer House in Spring …#ladiesthatlunch40

When the suns feeling flirty,  it’s (slightly) warm outside and the daffodils  are popping up left, right and centre it makes me want to grab some friends, find a nice bar and partake in some good conversation, serious eating and drinking

Alfresco of course . You really can’t beat it…

I’m often heard saying “England is rather beautiful when it’s sunshining out” (like a record , over the summer months)

Yesterday ticked several of those boxes and with my usual Friday lunch partner Sue being out of the country for a few weeks (the lucky buggars over in Spain ) I grabbed the Mr and off we popped.

Well truth be known, The Mr actually suggested we go out for lunch. I’m glad as I didn’t want him to think he was a second best option.

Having heard good reports about The Summerhouse we decided we should head there… Ok so he’s not a lady but what’s details between friends eh? Let’s pretend.

I put my glad rags on and he got suited and booted.


All the Pinks and Greys

I’m wearing pale pink jumper dress (kindly gifted from Mandy’s Heaven) with River Island skinny fit jeans, Avon leopard print scarf and my ‘Larry the Lamb’ coat from Primark.

I’m also giving my new bag from Debenhams an outing along  with my bargain snakeskin shoes from Primark … they were all of £8.00!

This is one of the bags I bought the other day and I love it. Its pretty but also big enough to get all my ‘bumf’ in  …camera, notepad , make-up etc etc …or as my mum refers to it – everything including the kitchen sink! Continue reading