My Thursday 3 #thingsthatmakemehappy

The suns shining * punches air* and the worlds a much happier place don’t you think?

I’ve false tanned my legs . I’ve even bloody shaved them and the ankles are making their 2016 debut.

Hey even old grumpy guts across the road raised a smile earlier. Well , when I say smile … he didn’t look at me as though he wanted to kill me so much. Just maybe kick me in the shin a little .

Which got me thinking … apart from the sun what else is guaranteed to make me smile this week.

So today I give you ‘My Thursday 3′

Don’t worry this is not a post about cake because we all know cake makes me happy every day of the year.

I’m going to Marbella in 9 weeks. (How exciting) I keep saying it but I need to swap the cake for a carrot !

Would carrot cake be ok you think?

So first up I give you:

Antipodes Juliet Skin Brightening Gel Cleanser  

Antipodes believe they have found the answer to anti-ageing in New Zealand nature. They carefully select bioactive extracts from sustainably cultivated native plants to create skincare products that are scientifically and clinically shown to help promote youthful skin

Ok so as most of you know I am after ‘the’ cleanser of cleansers ( the holy grail of cleansers if you like) My skin is temperamental at the best of times. It can be ok one week and break out the following. It’s often dull looking,  discoloured in places and I have some minor scarring .

I realise a  cleanser cannot assist with a lot of those problems but clean & clear skin is a step in the right direction. The rest I’ll tackle separately.

I have been using the Priori Cleanser for the past 6 months  which although I liked  never left my skin feeling as clean as I’d like. I also still suffered with outbreaks of the angry spot type especially along my jaw and on my chin.

I was watching a vlog a few weeks ago by Em / my pale skin where she mentioned she had been using the Juliet Brightening Cleanser by Antipodes and it was working wonders on her spot prone skin.

She looks great (gorgeous lady who always does) but her skin was glowing ; the improvement in her skin was extremely noticeable.

I was sold and ordered a bottle there and then.

What can I say.

It’s early days and anything could happen ( probably a massive zit just minutes after publishing this) but this cleanser is amazing.


A Natural Product  – It’s certified organic and certified vegetarian.   

Not only does it leave my skin feeling squeaky clean, it smells delicious thanks to green apple and cardamon.

It’s a brown liquid , something I don’t actually mind. It changes to white as you work it into your skin.

It contains Kiwi fruit, Manuka Honey active 20+ and antioxidant Vinanza performance plus.

*touches wood* My skin has never looked so clear. I look fresh faced, which is something I’ve not looked since I was about 14. More importantly I don’t have a single spot!

*touches wood* again just for good measure.

Having been a spot prone person for what seems like an eternity … I can’t tell you how good it feels to wake up to good , clear skin. That alone is enough to make me smile.

I got my ( 200ml) bottle off eBay for just £7.50 but I was very lucky and the seller obviously quite desperate.

 I wasn’t being tight I just didn’t want to spend another £20 + on another cleanser I might not like.

I wish more companies would sell sample sizes.

Antipodes Juliet Cleanser is priced around the £24.00 mark dependant on where you shop.

The best thing to come out of New Zealand I recon … after Harry Potter of course.

For love and Lemons

When I’m  in need of some pure escapism this is the IG account I head for.

I’ve mentioned it a few times, but this LA based clothing line sell the most beautiful clothes and their underwear is to die for.

It puts me in that holiday mood.

I have my eye on a few items…as it’s not that cheap this is maybe as far as I may get…

Pure lust value.

Your allowed to swoon and dribble a little… your in good company, I do.

I adore beautiful lingerie but if I’m honest it’s something I don’t possess a lot of.

I have a lot of off white , ‘loosing there elastic’ knickers and scanky bra’s ( the kind that your boob sits in and if you wanted too a couple of satsumas could  too! )

It’s something I’m aiming to change this year.

Can you imagine how glorious you’ll feel knowing your wearing something like this under your clothes.

It’d be enough to make you not want to wear clothes at all . God forbid.

I cant actually find this exact lingerie set but similar

Below: Niccola Mini Dress – Designed on a georgette fabric, this mini features a beautiful placement embroidery, a front keyhole and tie detailing to make this match your missing piece. Just bloody gorgeous.


Above : Juliet Maxi dress  one of their best-selling dresses with a built in body suit and plunging neckline. Signature lattice detailing down the sleeves and around the bust.

Sigi and Black Jewellery 

Yesterday I was so very lucky to be gifted some beautiful pieces of jewellery which I couldn’t wait to show you.

I discovered this brand through Instagram and ordered a pair of earrings towards the end of last year.



I’ve worn them to death.

They are my most worn pair of earrings they’ve been to BAFTA and to see Gregory Porter in the past few weeks alone!

I love them.

Above – the Junie Pendant Earrings from the Immortals Collection which I received yesterday.

Aren’t they just beautiful?

I couldn’t wait to try them on (still in my work gear) but I’m looking forward to getting dressed up this weekend and giving them an outing.

They make a statement without being OTT. They are  lightweight which is always a god-send. I don’t know about you but there’s nothing worse than heavy earrings that pull on your ear lobe.

I can’t wait to wear the Narcissus Blue Crystal Quartz Bangle (below) from the Floralia SS16 collection.

I love me some arm candy and I’m planning to invest in yet more bangles to make a beautiful stack. I’m thinking this and this.

They have ‘Marbella weekend with the girls’ written all over them.

The earrings below are from the same collection. These are the Narcissus Emerald Crystal Quartz earrings.

They are so pretty  and intricate .I love the colour.

Black and Sigi  are 2 sisters Clio and Athena.

I think their jewellery is exquisite, of a very high quality  and a little bit different to what’s available elsewhere.

The website is a joy to have a ‘wander’ around, but please don’t blame me when you want to buy it all… because  you no doubt will.

So there you have it my first Thursday 3 !

What a boat load of loveliness if I say so myself.

I enjoyed that so much I might do it again next week . What do you think ?

Until then , Tracey x

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