Instantly Ageless …

Not many things in life leave me gob-smacked.

Well I tell a lie … 

… there was that time my friend Becky did a triple cart-wheel across a crowded bar flashing her knickers at all un-sundry and almost taking out half the customers … oh and that night we went to see Indian Elvis ( I’ve never laughed so much ) 

They both left me pretty gob smacked for totally different reasons .


I was approached by a lady  called Marceline who works for Jeunesse. She liked our blog ( yay!) and had emailed to enquire whether we would be interested in trailing some skin care – Instantly Ageless by Jeunesse.

Being obsessed with all things skin related I jumped at the chance.

Instantly Ageless sounded pretty awesome and the video links I were sent to watch were very impressive.

It shows a lady.  She is attractive but fairly ‘baggy’ under the eye area. She’s on a stage with an audience watching, there’s a clock ticking away behind her.

Instantly Ageless is applied to her under eye area. Within minutes the wrinkles , lines and bags start to fade.  Within 10 to 15 minutes the bags are totally eradicated.

The lady is left with beautifully smooth skin.


She looks like a new woman.

The audience go mental whoop whooping.

I watched… and although the results are amazing I was also very cynical.

Surely it was camera trickery.

That’s just not possible?!



A couple of weeks later the samples arrived.

Instantly Ageless is a powerful anti-wrinkle microcream that works quickly and effectively to diminish the visible signs of aging. It is specifically designed to target areas that have lost elasticity , revealing visibly toned and lifted skin.

My skin is many things but wrinkly isn’t one of them. My greasy skin has one benefit at least. Spotty maybe , but wrinkly … no!

I trailed it under my eye area but as I don’t have (hardly) any wrinkles, and I go dark and hollow  rather than get bags  the difference was hardly noticeable.


Mum and I were sat in Costa Coffee in Meadowhall a few weeks ago. I had fortunately slipped one of the Ageless capsules into my handbag.

Haha perfect Guinea pig I thought to myself. My mum is all sorts of beautiful but her treatment (cancer and kidneys) and her recent spate of sleepless nights made her the ideal candidate.

“Can I try something on you while we are sat here mum? ” I asked.

Mum feeling fairly rundown, abit weepy, looking tired with small bags under both eyes she said of course I could as it couldn’t make her look or feel much worse.

I had read the instructions previously. I decided to concentrate on mums crows feet and bags.

Each vile has a resealable  lid , so that you can use it more than once. You should be-able to get 2 or 3 applications from it.

The product can be used on other areas of the face that you feel may need some ‘assistance’ i.e. lines around the mouth, forehead wrinkles , eyebrows and hooded eyes.

As advised I tapped a thin layer of Instantly Ageless under just one of mum’s eyes without rubbing it in. You ideally should leave it about 20% damp as the product works as it is drying.

It can be used on clean skin or over make-up. Mum was wearing nothing on her skin just her daily moisturizer.

It also helps if you try to remain   expressionless while it sets to work. Why is it when you tell somebody this all you and they want to do is giggle?

I did just the one eye so we could compare

We sat and waited.

I swear if I’d not seen it with my own eyes I wouldn’t have believed it. Within minutes the lines started to plump out and the bags disappear.

I kept watching and gushing “oh my god mum it’s amazing” as various other coffee guzzlers sat on and watched bemused.

Gob smacked.

“I’ve got to take pics mum “ I enthralled “or you’ll never believe it!” 

Please bear in mind the following :

  • The lighting is not great.
  • I’m using my I phone 6 , not my ‘proper’ camera.
  • The photos are very close up ! (Sorry mum)
  • The photos below are totally untouched.
  • My mum is 71.

The first pic is after a few  minutes and the difference I think you’ll agree is already noticeable.

Right eye under area treated , left eye left untouched.

Below : after 15 minutes the crows feet / wrinkles are totally smoothed out.

I eventually did both under eye areas so mum didn’t look odd and her face ‘matched up’ while we continued shopping.

Mum commented that she could feel the product tightening as it started to work but it was nothing uncomfortable; she actually quite liked it!

I think you’ll agree the difference is bloody amazing. The wrinkles are smoothed, the bags are gone and she looks totally refreshed.

The pic below was taken in the ladies toilets (classy ladies) about 30 minutes after both eyes had been treated and where the lighting was slightly better.

Even mum who is more cynical than myself was over joyed with the results. ( as was dad)

She kept looking in the mirror and touching her face.

Unfortunately the results are not permanent, they only last between 6 to 9 hours.

It is a great ‘quick fix’ for those times when you need a little lift.

It would be ideal to use before a special night out / event. Hopefully after that time everybody will be so frazzled they would not notice the effects wearing off… Or you’ll be so frazzled you’ll not care!

I think the best thing about Instantly Ageless for me was seeing mums face light up when she saw herself.

She’s been through a lot lately and anything that makes her look and feel more confident is a god-send in my books.

So what do you think?

Is this something you would consider using?

For more information on Instantly Ageless please click // HERE

Until next time, Tracey x

* This is a sponsored post however all opinions and ‘gob-smack value’ are my own. Thankyou to Marceline for giving us the opportunity to trail the product

* If you liked this post please feel free to share. Sharing is good.

2 thoughts on “Instantly Ageless …

  1. Stephanie says:

    You’re mum looks amazing, even without help from any sort of product, although it’s fab that this little tube helped to lift her spirits. I’ve seen this and other similar ones all over Facebook but like you am very cynical. Sadly I have the whole shebang going on, lines, deep wrinkles, spots, oh the joys 🙁 like you say for a night out this would be great but I wonder if it makes your eye area feel tight and a bit weird then under makeup. Would it be wiped off when you apply foundation/concealer under the eye? May have to give if a go!

    • lizandtracey says:

      Thankyou for leaving a comment Stephanie. You aren’t any of the above you always look great on your snapchat / IG .
      It does make the skin In the area you apply it tight. But not uncomfortable tight and it can be worn over makeup or under.
      Mum loves it and is going to treat herself shortly… It made her look less tired. Fresh ( exciting!)
      Tracey xx

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