Dance in the rain …

This post is brought to you by false tan ( in anticipation that I might go bare-legged anytime soon?) and a shed load of Easter eggs. If I didn’t know better with the current size of my tummy I’d recon I was about 4 months pregnant.

Mum don’t get the banners out … I’m not. Honestly. I’m not.

I’m just a chocolate monster who appears to be retaining chocolate, in the same vein that ‘normal’ ladies retain water before their period .

Anyway it’s been a while…in the blogging world anyway .

How you doing ? (this must be read in a Joey from Friends voice)

Basically I’ve been out of sorts and quite frankly exhausted (I’m on prescription Vitamin D and Iron tablets and keep forgetting to take them) I’ve been sleeping a hell of a lot and I’m sick of the house looking and feeling like a building site.

Good news though  … we have what resembles a kitchen. We have a fridge  freezer people . We have a fridge freezer! It’s been a while  (November) and yes I can often be found just looking at it longingly . Yes, yes… I may have even stroked it a few times.

So today I thought I would update you on a few things, mainly my current skincare routine.

My skin has had somewhat of a break-down and for the past few weeks I have resembled bloody Perry of Kevin and Perry fame. It’s so unfair that at the ripe old age of 45 I’m still plagued by bloody spots. The constant dust and stress hasn’t helped but  I would do anything for blemish free, unmarked skin. Sadly it is not to be but I fully intend to make the most of what I have.

In desperation I paid a visit to the Estee Lauder counter in Debenhams were I was served by a blemish free young lady with porcelain skin and immaculately applied make-up.

Stood there with my ‘rug-rat’ hair and crappy skin …I wanted to hate her but she was far too lovely.

I expressed my concerns and she recommended  that I give the Clear Difference Advanced Blemish Serum  – 50ml £60.00 a whirl,  followed by the Clear Difference Oil Control / Mattifying Hydrating Gel – 50ml £42.00

Because I  ‘treated myself’ to 2 skincare products I received a fabulous free gift.


ESTEE LAUDER – Clear Difference Collection including free gift in the background

Products in this range –  target , treat,  and  reduce the look of blemishes. It helps stop new spots forming – stopping the cycle in its tracks so to speak!

I’ve been using both products religiously for the last 3 / 4 weeks and the difference in my skin is noticeable. I am currently spot-free and my skin looks a lot clearer.

The BF actually called me radiant last night. I think that was more to do with a heavy handed application of ‘Fake Bake’ earlier in the evening but hey I’ll take that compliment and run…

I especially love the Advanced Blemish Serum. It sinks in quickly and leaves my skin feeling hydrated but not greasy.

The products aren’t cheap but I’m advised that they should last between 6 to 8 months. So penny per use it doesn’t appear to be as bad as it sounds!

The second big difference I’ve made to my skin care routine is the purchase of a new Deep Pore Clarisonic brush head.

I never realised that they sold different heads for different skin types. DOHHHH.

I am currently using my Clarisonic both morning and evening as recommended with the clarifying cleanser and my brand spanking new head for oily / spot prone skin. (For first thoughts on clarisonic Aria // HERE)

The cleanser is applied directly onto a wet Clarisonic deep pore brush head and worked around the face concentrating on any areas of concern. I always feel squeaky clean afterwards.


Clarisonic Goodies

The unbelievably efficient assistance on the Clarisonic counter (in Boots Meadowhall) knew exactly what she was talking about (yes, yes I know she should do but believe me they don’t always) She was extremely helpful.

I came away with the Deep Pore Decongesting Replenishing Kit  for all skin types with enlarged pores – Full size Deep Pore cleanser, Deep Pore Decongesting Clay face mask and the replacement head for £55.00

The combination of the above products is having a positive effect and my skin is looking better than it has in a long while.

The clay mask is rather delicious. I applied a blob directly onto a spot and left it overnight. Come morning it was just a  shadow of its former self. Just a little red blip. Fabulous.

Unfortunately the NCN products I recently purchased and I had high hopes for didn’t suit my skin and brought me out in lots of pimples all along my jaw-line.

I persevered but it showed no sign of improvement and if anything was getting progressively  worse.


They’ll be winging their way onto EBay anytime soon. Good old EBay.

So that’s it in a nut shell – my skin is in a happy place…touch wood…which puts me in a happy place.

So as I finish typing this with my glass of prosecco in hand and the footy on TV  your probably wondering what the title of this post is all about…

My BF said something earlier which really resonated with me…we were just chatting about this and that and he said we should embrace life  as we never know what’s around the corner .

If we got the chance to go and dance in the rain then we should for all the people involved in the recent, awful terrorist attacks who couldn’t.

Sometimes he’s so poetic and makes so much sense I could kiss him.

In fact I’m going to go find him and do just that, then I might drag him into the garden for a dance.

It’s raining and I’m asking.

Tracey x

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