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One item of my skincare I never miss out on is my SPF. I wear it daily come rain ,wind or shine . There is no point spending time and money on other areas of your routine if you are going to skip on your protection.

FACT | Short term sun damage presents as sunburn. Long term unprotected sun exposure causes gradual damage to skin known as sun damage or photoageing , and accounts for around 90% of the signs of skin-ageing.

I have recently ‘discovered’ a new SPF . Well I say discovered… I actually knew a lot about and hunted the brand down as I had heard very good reports. It first came onto my radar when I watched a You Tube video where Victoria [ in the frow ] spoke about a couple of the products.

So if you’ve not guessed, the brand I am talking about is Alumier MD which is only available via registered clinics. A couple of their products were recommended to me during my skin consultation that I had a few weeks ago with Rebecca . I was also given a couple of samples to try.

SHEER HYDRATION BROAD SPECTRUM SUNSCREEN SPF 40 | a sheer moisturising broad-spectrum facial sunscreen for all skin types.

The most important thing to look for when buying sunscreen in future is the term ‘broad spectrum‘ on the labelling. This signifies you are covered against both UVA and UVB rays.

Available | ‘untinted’ and ‘versatile tint’

Price | £37.50

I have been applying the untinted Sheer Hydration [ from my 15ml sample] every morning after cleansing for the last couple of weeks. Depending on how my skin feels I don’t always apply a separate moisturiser.

Today I thought I would share my initial thoughts.

Sheer Hydration protects and moisturises without feeling greasy . It doesn’t leave a white film on my skin like some sunscreens have a tendency to do. My pores do not feel as though they are being clogged up and as a result of this I have not had any outbreaks to date. [Fingers crossed.]

It may seem a little pricey at £37.50 especially compared to other sunscreens but I do feel it is something worth investing in. I don’t own a single item of designer – no clothes, bags or shoes . I would rather, or I personally chose to spend any ‘treat money‘ on my skincare .

I am not claiming it is necessarily better than other SPF’s just because it is more expensive it just suits my skin and therefore for me it is worth paying that little extra.

Sheer Hydration Broad Spectrum SPF40 is a silky and sheer physical sunscreen that provides broad spectrum protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays. It contains a combination of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Moisture comes courtesy of Vitamin E.

It is packed with free-radical antioxidants including a stable vitamin C, vitamin E , resveratrol, grape seed extract and glutathione, to protect skin from UV damage.

You are probably wondering what a few of those ingredients are . I know I was !

For starters . . .

Resveratrol is derived either from grape seeds or the Japanese knotweed plant, an antioxidant that neutralises free radical damage , protecting skin from sun damage.

Glutathione – an antioxidant peptide produced naturally in our bodies, glutathione helps recycle antioxidants, including vitamin C, vitamin E and alpha lipoic acid. Glutathione levels decrease with age.

So to sum up , it may be a little more expensive than I would normally pay for an SPF [ saying that I am a big fan of Heliocare too which is around the £30 mark] but in my humble opinion it is worth the extra cost for the reassurance that my skin is protected … and without the worry of breaking out.

She’s a keeper.

Let me know in the comments below what SPF , if any ,you are using.

Until next time,

Tracey x

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