Sandersons at Fox Valley Grand Opening…#Sheffield

As is always the case whenever I’m scheduled to go somewhere special something ridiculous happens.

On Monday it appears I washed my face with a flannel that had blinking turps on it! Yes chuffing paint remover – turps!

Long story short we have decorators in who had cleaned their brushes in the bathroom unbeknown to me.

How I didn’t smell it is beyond me!

Luckily because I couldn’t get my brows wet I didn’t go anywhere near my eyes but within 1/2 hour of using said flannel the rest of my poor face was red, blotchy, itchy and looked slightly swollen.

I woke up this morning and although my skin felt a lot better I still had very dry , tight skin that was shredding like a snake. Everytime I smiled , or just moved my face I could feel my skin cracking.


Luckily my newly micro-bladed eyebrows had also shredded in the night to reveal a fine pair of fresh rather lovely eyebrows underneath. Thankfully I no longer resembled Parker so at-least the Thunderbird jokes could stop!

I sighed (in an oh shit look at the state of me type of way) spayed my face with Evian water (again) and set off to pick mum up.

As a ‘guest; we had been asked to get to Sandersons Boutique Department store a little earlier than the official opening time of 11.00am

Its situated at Fox Valley, Stocksbridge only a 5 minute drive from mine . We arrived a lot earlier, I’m always punctual if a little scaley!

We collected our badges and made our way inside for  a ‘sneaky peak’  before the official opening at 11.00am



Deborah Holmes (Managing Director) cuts the ribbon.

Sandersons are officially up and running!





Amongst other brands there is an Inglot make-up counter! Outside of London this is the only store to stock this brand. Such  fabulous make-up, I for one was very excited.

The lovely Carolina (below) talked mum and I through their eyeshadow collection.




Other beauty / skincare brands include Benefit, Green People, Merumaya, Atelier Paris, Marili Skincare, L’Oreal and L’Occitane.




One of the first things to hit you as you enter is how airy it is, the beautiful décor and attention to detail. It really is a stunning building.

High ceilings, with exposed structural steel work, wooden floors and large windows that throw in the light. Just beautiful.

A nice touch was the  Joanna Lumley wallpaper collage on the stairs. The pictures were all taken when Ms Lumley opened Fox Valley back in June.












Ladies fashion is situated on the second floor, along with Blakes Tea Rooms.

Several items popped out at me one being a gorgeous leopard print dress by Joseph Ribkoff. I’ve always loved my animal print and releasing my inner Bet Lynch.

Other brands available are (amongst many others) are  InWear, Joules, Phase Eight, Alessi, Ted Baker, Gant,  Fiorelli, Capri Clothing, Moda in Pelle and White Stuff.

Something for everybody even the men!








Enjoying a spot of lunch at Blakes Café on the second floor.

LOVED it in here.

It just looked so pretty and inviting.

The food was delicious, the coffee good and the staff were informative and attentive without being annoying.

Oh and did I mention the cakes … to die for.


Even the toilets are stylish!

Attention to little things like this is what makes great stores stand out. There is nothing worse that going into a beautiful store only to use the toilets and find they are grotty.


From where we were sat (we had blagged a prime spot) it was great to people watch on the guys on the floor below.

Yes that’s Armand Beasley (in the grey suit) international MUA , and presenter.  He is also the beauty brand ambassador for Sandersons Boutique Department store.

I understand that you can book a consultation with him by speaking to The Beauty Lounge team. How cools that?!




To summarise it’s a beautiful store that is definitely worth a visit.

It is something that I feel this side of Sheffield was lacking and I’m sure it’ll be a big hit.

I personally can’t wait to see how they decorate the store at Christmas and their tree. I just know its going to be A-mazing!

Sandersons can be found at Fox Valley, Stocksbridge, Sheffield S36 2AB.

Say Tracey sent you, shop to your hearts content then go find cake 🙂

Until next time, T x

9 thoughts on “Sandersons at Fox Valley Grand Opening…#Sheffield

  1. carterfamily4 says:

    This looks amazing Tracey I want to go like now lol x but I think I’ll wait to go once kids back at school ….my pair running round there might not be the look there wanting 😂😂😂😂

  2. Jill Clancy says:

    Went to the opening yesterday , absolutely amazing , The ladies and gents that were in hand to help were brilliant , without being pushy , There’s something for everyone , I’ll be back ….. 😀 Just love it ,

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