Sandersons at Fox Valley Grand Opening…#Sheffield

As is always the case whenever I’m scheduled to go somewhere special something ridiculous happens.

On Monday it appears I washed my face with a flannel that had blinking turps on it! Yes chuffing paint remover – turps!

Long story short we have decorators in who had cleaned their brushes in the bathroom unbeknown to me.

How I didn’t smell it is beyond me!

Luckily because I couldn’t get my brows wet I didn’t go anywhere near my eyes but within 1/2 hour of using said flannel the rest of my poor face was red, blotchy, itchy and looked slightly swollen.

I woke up this morning and although my skin felt a lot better I still had very dry , tight skin that was shredding like a snake. Everytime I smiled , or just moved my face I could feel my skin cracking.


Luckily my newly micro-bladed eyebrows had also shredded in the night to reveal a fine pair of fresh rather lovely eyebrows underneath. Thankfully I no longer resembled Parker so at-least the Thunderbird jokes could stop!

I sighed (in an oh shit look at the state of me type of way) spayed my face with Evian water (again) and set off to pick mum up.

As a ‘guest; we had been asked to get to Sandersons Boutique Department store a little earlier than the official opening time of 11.00am

Its situated at Fox Valley, Stocksbridge only a 5 minute drive from mine . We arrived a lot earlier, I’m always punctual if a little scaley!

We collected our badges and made our way inside for  a ‘sneaky peak’  before the official opening at 11.00am



Deborah Holmes (Managing Director) cuts the ribbon.

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Veggicol and H3O Hydration by Rejuvenated…



Veggiecol from Rejuvenated

I’m a big believer in supplements.

I think it is equally as important for our skin  what we put into our bodies  as well as what we put on it.

I’m a big fan of collagen shots which I have been using on and off for the past couple of years.

I’m also a massive fan of Alex Steinherr the beauty editor of Glamour Magazine. She has amazing skin, access to the best of beauty and I stalk follow her on snapchat (asteinherr)

Despite what people think Snapchat isn’t just for the kids. Ok some of the filters are hilarious and I’m guilty of messing around.  I do however  follow a bevvy of  beauty and lifestyle bloggers. I find their snaps are addictive and very informative.

Ms Steinherr’s makeup routines snaps are truly fabulous. If your a makeup junkie like me you will love them.  I swear she creates a glow (on her skin) like no other.

One snap intrigued me … a photo of Veggiecol , which she is a big fan of and takes daily. Continue reading

Instantly Ageless …

Not many things in life leave me gob-smacked.

Well I tell a lie … 

… there was that time my friend Becky did a triple cart-wheel across a crowded bar flashing her knickers at all un-sundry and almost taking out half the customers … oh and that night we went to see Indian Elvis ( I’ve never laughed so much ) 

They both left me pretty gob smacked for totally different reasons .


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Dear Santa …

I’ve  not compiled a  Christmas List since the early seventies , when I would quite literally sit and flick through Kay’s catalogue…for hours and hours on end. Fighting with my brother over whose turn it was to have a look. I’d scribble down item references, make lists (most wanted, stocking fillers etc.)  and eagerly pass them onto Mum and Dad Santa.

This year I’ve been asked for a list from both my mum and my boyfriend which got my little brain ticking. While I’d honestly be grateful to receive anything… here goes …

Firstly and just because I don’t trust Santa I ordered a couple of the items from my wish-list earlier today.

I’ve been keen to try some of Charlotte Tilbury’s makeup range for ages. It just looks so good and has amazing, amazing reviews.

So I’ve  ordered (it should be here before the end of the week!) and I’m very excited for the arrival of:


Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Lip Kit – £49.00

Could this be the perfect lip colour I’ve been looking for all my life?

I’ll report back but dare I say it … I have high hopes.

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Sunday Riley to the rescue…

As you all know (I bore you enough). I’m passionate about my skin-care; or rather I’m obsessed with my less than perfect skin and I am always on the look out for ways, be it treatments or products, to improve its condition. It will never be perfect but it will be the best it can be… (apply to all aspects of your life and you’ll not go far wrong.)

And low and behold I think I may have found the holy grail of skin care…


I’ve heard alot of bloggers ‘talk’ about Sunday Riley and praise how good their products are. It was not a brand I was overly familiar with but after studying their own website, which is very slick and informative. Checking out the fabulous Cult Beauty website and making sure it was on Caroline Hirons list of ok products ( this lady knows her stuff) I placed my first order (via Cult Beauty)… And waited patiently for it to arrive.

I plumped for the Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser, which came with a free decent size sample of Good Genes and the Juno facial oil.

The cleanser is priced at £35 and the Juno at £70. As I mentioned previously Good Genes came free and was the ideal way to try before you buy. Retails at £85. It was actually the product I was most keen to try and it doesn’t disappoint.

I don’t claim to be a skin care expert. I go souly on how my skin behaves and it’s general appearance. In the same way as I dont weigh myself, I go by how tight my clothes are and how many chins I have!

I love Sunday Rileys philosphy that they want to achieve results and achieve them quickly. I was doing a little jig and high fiving the cats after reading this. So do I, so do I!

I can honestly say that within the first week of using the products morning and evening my skin was showing signs of improvement. Dare I say I was even glowing.

The Juno Hydroactive Cellular face oil is a joy to use. I love using it. It smells divine, sinks in wonderfully ( my skin literally drinks it) and it leaves you with a beautiful glow. Ingredients include blackberry, cranberry and chardonnay grape seed oil to name a few. 3 weeks on and my skin is more uniform, my pores don’t look as big. I feel cleaner and I’m less congested and spotty. As I type I don’t have a single spot… But you can guarantee that now I’ve tempted fate I’ll wake up tomorrow with the skin of a premenstrual teenager!

One of the most important factors to me, aside from looking better, is the effect on my confidence. Until you experience bad skin this may sound alien and even a little vain but believe me spots and scarring sucks. Especially at 44 ! I’ve been known to avoid going out on my bad days and to take the attention away from my complexion over compensate with far too much eye-makeup… Alice Copper you have nothing on me on spotty days!

Talking about eyes… I am very keen to try their eye cream ‘Start Over’ next which again has rave reviews. The products are not cheap, this is priced at £65. However the products speak for themselves, they work (for me) and what price beauty eh? I suppose my face and my continually improving skin are a living testimony to that.

I even posted an unfiltered photo!! (below) onto IG at the weekend…and when your dad gives you a compliment about how well your looking, then obviously something’s working. My dad didn’t even blink when I went from a brunette to a blonde. I don’t think he noticed!…

Have you used Sunday Riley before and if so what other products would you recommend?

Until next time, Tracey x

Hello its been a while …

Its been a long time coming and slap my wrist I’ve been a slack blogger!

What can I say …Life got in the way. Well when I say life I mean a fella. I feel like I’m 16 again and in the throws of young love but I’m not going to gush because as soon as I do its bound to go pear-shaped. I’ve learnt that from past experience. Oh and if your thinking ‘ by god she’s a quick mover’ , I’ve actually known him 23 years! He was right under my nose all that time.

Let’s just say that right at this minute , Tracey is in a good place.

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