The end … Marbella Diaries 

So as with most good things they come and go far too quickly for my liking.

I had been looking forward to my weekend in Marbella with the ladies for what seemed like forever and it was over in a flash … just like that !

So how did we spend our last day?

Having not really left the villa during the day to explore , we decided today was the day we would venture out to Orange Square in Marbella’s Old Town.

I had heard reports it was amazing and very beautiful.

Having only had a few hours sleep, hung over but feeling surprisingly chirpy , 6 of the 10 booked taxis for 11.00am.

We had strict instructions from Leigh ( who decided to have a lazy day around the pool) that we had to be back at 5.00pm.

We had no idea why but promised we would be.

Old Town Marbella was approximately a 20 minute taxi drive from the villa and cost €24 (about £20.00) which between a few of you doesn’t break the bank.

By golly was it worth it  … when we eventually found her.

Head upwards towards the mountains , not towards the sea like we did initially !

Always looking for fashion moments, always people-watching. How cool does this lady (in orange below) look?

We mooched around the tiny cobbled streets , taking in the colours and admiring just how pretty it was.

Stopping in Orange Square  itself for refreshments.

Sue pondering the world below…

I love capturing people when they aren’t aware. I love taking people pictures. Something I’m aiming to do more of in the future.




Before walking some more…



Karen and Sue above …

and below Carol and Sue showing us just how narrow those streets are.

Narrow maybe but full of character.



We came across a lovely restaurant and popped inside.

I  wasn’t sure about the rest of them but my hangover was kicking in and I needed feeding. Quickly.




El Patio De Mariscal , Virgen de Los Dolores No. 3, Marbella is definitely worth a visit.

Situated off one of the back streets, we were led through the tiny restaurant to be seated in an open air court-yard. It was beautifully decorated,  very peaceful and the food …well that was just to die for.

I give you in no particular order …



Paella to share (above) and one of the various house salads (below) which I wish I had ordered. You cant beat a lovely fresh salad and this looked delicious.



Lisa confirmed that the fish was boneless  ,headless (courtesy of the head waiter) and tasted delicious.

And when she asked for a little beer here’s what she got !



As instructed by our host Leigh and after finishing our meal (which left myself and my fellow-dirty-stop-out feeling rather sleepy) we made our way back to the villa.

We had an hour to kill before 5.00pm which most of us spent sleeping or mooching around the pool , before freshening up and making our way to the patio area for our surprise.

I love surprises but quite honestly … the suspense was killing me.

Leigh and Nicola ( her partner in crime) were acting very suspicious, they got us all to sit around the table. Leigh asked us to pop on our flower headbands and bracelets.

They both then disappeared inside, locking us out of the villa.


We sat there and waited….


then this happened…


I give you Marcus our cheeky butler for the next hour, or so.

What started out as a rather quiet affair ( I don’t think any of us knew quite what to do) soon turned into the opposite with drinking games, singing , dancing, lots of laughter and a rather lethal punch concocted by Nicola.

We also found another man lurking in the cellar !

He smelt abit fusty but was up for a party…




It was a great evening , the drink was flowing, the party games although harmless got wilder and the music got louder.

As did we.



After Marcus had gone the party continued well into the night.

Just the 10 of us (plus a blow-up doll) enjoying each others company, special friends making special memories … on a patio in Marbella.

I’ve been preaching for years that it’s not always where you go  that makes for a good time … it is who you spend it with.

I rest my case…

Until next time, Tracey x


 * Thanks to Lynette for letting me use some of her pictures – taken at the party

 * You can catch up with the rest of The  Marbella Dairies Day 1 // HERE and Day 2 // HERE – I really hope you have enjoyed this little series. If you have please feel free to share or leave a comment. I love to received feed-back. Thank you x

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* Below is a little snippet that I posted to snapchat. Carol has given me permission to use!

4 thoughts on “The end … Marbella Diaries 

    • lizandtracey says:

      It was a great weekend , we laughed lots. We were only there for 3 days and I wish we had had longer too . Thanks for popping over and having a read xx

    • lizandtracey says:

      We had the best weekend , I just feel sorry for my liver 😬 orange square is most definitely worth a visit if you are in Marbella. Not commercialised in the least. Just Lovely. Thank you for popping across and commenting X

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