Marbella Diaries – Day 2

One by one we  started re-surfacing from our beds. We made our way down to the terrace in various states of ‘bed-head’ to enjoy our breakfast alfresco.

Isn’t that one of the best things you can do …eat and drink in the sunshine, without fear of sudden rain?

I love England but the weather … crikey it’s enough to make you want to pack your bags and never come back. Could do better!

Oh and I officially make THE best coffee ( if I say so myself)


coffee and THAT view

What started off as a fairly low-key, civilised sunbathe quickly descended into an afternoon of pool games and water -aerobics.

General frivolity.

I’m not really sure where we all mustered our energy up from having only had a few hours sleep the previous evening?


Ha ha … It was most probably the delicious lunch Nicola and Leigh prepared (along with the tumblers of Sangria ) that did the trick / hit the spot / refuelled us !

Karen and Leigh took it in turns to take the aerobics class.

I suppose you had to be there but it sure was hilarious. If you follow me on snapchat you may have caught a glimpse.


Leigh made us wear floral head bands for her session!

Her routine was hilarious… and the following photos make me smile sooo much! Great memories.




Who says pool games are just for kids?

A fabulous , fun way to spend an afternoon… releasing our inner 6 year old.


Saturday evening we  had reserved a table at La Sala by the Sea, Puerto Banus



I’ve pinched the pics (above) as ours didn’t come out at all well. I decided to leave my beloved Olympus Pen at home again…I’d only loose her!

How blinking fabulous is this place?

To be honest it’s the first time I’ve seen it in the day-light as we didn’t arrive until 10.00pm. We  were booked in fairly late for our meal, as it was the only time they could fit us in. If you plan to visit I would recommend you book in advance especially if you are a large party like ourselves.

The food , the setting and of course the company was spectacular.

Along with a couple of the other ladies I ordered crispy duck with pancakes.


Below : Wearing my #ootn a fun little culotte jumpsuit from New Look (£29.99) A recent purchase that my mum hated off ( she’s not a print fan) but insisted I buy it when she saw it on.

It won’t be everybodies cup of tea but I love it. I could also swing my legs about without fear of flashing my pants!

It happens…

Karen (above) looked stunning in her coral maxi dress (£24.99) . She informs me it was purchased from New Look in the May this year.

I can’t find the dress on line but this is fairly similar.

Sue (below) show-casing her custom made purple jumpsuit (£85.00) from a boutique in Sheffield. Anna Roberts Clothing on Abbeydale Road. The jumpsuit can be wore in a multitude of ways, it’s actually a very clever and versatile piece of clothing.

And I’m sure she’ll not mind me saying how fabulous she looks for 62. She’s our very own Peter Pan!

And the rest of the ladies …Looking great and raring to go!

After a couple of drinks at La Sala, Puerto Banus (‘sister’ to La Sala on the Beach and only 5 minutes up the road in a taxi ) the majority of the girls decided to go home.

The three amigos (as we shall now be known) didn’t want to go home . The night was young, there was more drinking to be consumed and we wanted to dance.  We jumped in a taxi and made our way to Oliva Valere’s, Marbella.

All I can say is WOW what a fabulous place!

Beautifully decorated ; open  air lounge / bar areas plus the main dance club area situated inside.

Sexy dancers on podiums. Live music and lots of people intent on having a good time never fails to make a flipping great night.

It was buzzing.

We didn’t arrive until after 2.00 am (or thereabouts) which at €20 a drink was maybe a blessing in disguise .

With those prices and at the rate we drink we’d have spent a small fortune !

I just wish the rest of the girls had joined us, they would have loved it.

At 6.00am we decided it was time to go home! Boo!

I swear if one of us hadn’t been sensible and rang a taxi we would still be swigging champagne and dancing now!

Until next time – our last day in Marbella, featuring the Old Town and bare bottom butlers!

Yes really…I’ve saved the best for last.

Tracey x

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    • lizandtracey says:

      There was so much we didn’t do too. It is a great place. Thanks for reading & commenting. I wish I’d took my ‘big camera’ out at night … But I would have lost it. Not happy with the lack of night piccys but hey . Day 3 should be up sometime this weekend 😀 xxx

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