Its all in the eyes…

Hello , it’s been a while but today I thought I’d do a post  about the one  thing I’m probably asked about the most…

No, no not how I manage to pull off bag lady chic on a daily basis … but my eye makeup / eye care routine.

From a young age I got complimented on my green eyes and my long lashes. I had crap skin … something had to go in my favour.

I liked the compliments (of course) but mostly I got embarrassed because that’s what 14 year olds do.

I would blush tomato red. I never knew what to say. So I just grinned at them like a simpleton.  I could never  accept a compliment something I still struggle with today.

I started using an eye cream at the same age, 14. It also happened to be the same year my bloody hair started to go grey, I had my first period and developed a major crush on Richard Bennett!

I figured people liked my eyes and  decided there and then that I should look after them.  I say eye-cream loosely  it was actually Vaseline that I slathered around my eye area and onto my lashes.

I was very shiny come bed-time.

I quickly moved on to bigger and better things . As my mum was a ‘ding ding’ Avon lady I found myself steering towards their creams. Mainly her free samples.

When I received my first pay cheque from my first full-time job I can remember splashing out on an eye cream from Guerlain. It was expensive (even back then) but was a wonderful product. It came in a beautiful blue jar with a gold lid, it moisturised, lifted and firmed I just can’t remember it’s blinking name!! * brain storming time* and it was so good I’m not sure why I’m still not using it ??

Today I still dabble with new products trying like we all do to delay the signs of aging.

I’m currently using No. 7 Youthful Eye Serum which is very lightweight and non greasy. It’s not overly expensive either at £19.50. It contains   Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and Soft focus Spheres which smooth, revitalise and brighten the skin around the eyes  to give it a youthful radiance.


No 7 Youthful Eye Serum – £19.50

I also adore Temple Spa ‘Windows of the Soul’  which is another light weight anti-aging eye cream – £28.00. I ran out of my bottle a few weeks ago.

If you go onto their website there’s a lovely little eye / face massage you can perform on yourself while applying your eye cream. It takes about 5 minutes and is very relaxing. Rightly or wrongly I do mine in the bath – cause that’s how I roll.

I’m also trailing Lancôme Hydra Zen Yeux, a free sample I recently got with a purchase. A cooling, non-greasy gel which sinks in quickly. So far so good.

Now a days I’ve swapped the Vaseline (on my lashes) for Talika Lipocils Expert , it’s an eyelash conditioning gel that you apply like you would do mascara. It’s clear and full of lovely ingredients that condition and keep your lashes in prime condition.


Lipocils by Talika – £27.95

I’ve talked about my love for my hero product Talika on numerous occasions and how it literally saved my lashes when they fell out through stress // read it here.

So onto my make-up.

I quickly learnt the power of makeup. Black eyeliner along my water line really made my eyes pop,  mascara opened my eyes, as did eye-lash curlers. That when my temperamental skin flared up , a bold eye would distract attention away from the pesky spots.

I studied pictures of the gorgeous Blondie and tried to recreate her fabulous eye makeup. I favoured grey or brown smokey eyes . The darker the better on a night out, with lashings of mascara.

So what products am I currently using?

My Urban Decay Palette Naked 2 is my go to eye make-up – £38.00. I love the collection.  As you can see I’m in desperate need of a new set – there’s only about 5 colours remaining! The range of shades are totally up my street – mat and iridescent bronzes, dark , mid and light browns & creams.

I only ever use Lancôme Le Crayon Khol 01 Noir – £17.00 on my water line. It’s the best eye-liner I’ve EVER used. It applies easily, it’s a bold black and most importantly it stays put. It achieves smoky eyes with little effort.

The same applies to my mascara. I have experimented with them all but always come back to my favourite  Max Factor False Lash Effect – £10.99. It gives great coverage and you can layer without the clogging. I hate to see cloggy lashes it’s not a good look.

I have however recently discovered (thankyou Birch Box) Benefit ‘they’re real’ tinted lash primer .I apply it before the above mascara. It thickens and separates , giving that extra ommph.

And we all like some added ommph don’t we!

Ohhhh I nearly went without mentioning my brows.

You may , or may not know that mine are tattooed on. Very naturally I might add as I still have some hair … it’s just very sparse! I looked like an egg when I had no makeup on. Seriously they make such a big difference. It’s all about the brows!

I blame over enthusiatic plucking and a Kylie Minogue stencil.

Any ways I was lucky enough to see the brow queen Nilam Patel (founder of HD Brows) who very politely told me the only thing she could recommend for such ratty little brows ( my words not hers) was tattooing in the sparse bits.

So I did. I booked an appointment  with the wonderful Wendy Mordue who gave me the brows I’ve always dreamed of. I kissed goodbye to the egg-head and I’ve never looked back.

I do however still fill and shape my brows to make them more defined. It only takes seconds opposed to the seemingly hours it used too. The best part these brows don’t melt off in the heat or run off in the water!

I swear by the Anastasia Brow Wiz -£15.50. I use granite but there are various shades to choose from. You can go in as heavy or light as your feeling, it’s very precise and hard-wearing.

So there you have it … my peepers in a nutshell.

Are there any eye products you think I should try ? If so tell me , tell me !


Until next time, Tracey x




2 thoughts on “Its all in the eyes…

  1. Joanne Mallon (@joannemallon) says:

    Some great pics here! Ok I will give you some recommendations to try:

    Eye of Horus eyeliner – I wear the brown one most days and it’s great, lasts all day

    Bourjois Liner Pinceau Eyeliner – When you want to do a thicker eyeliner on the top lid. Lasts amazingly well. Goes on wet, then dries and doesn’t budge

    Holika Holika Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliner – this is a Korean brand which is a dupe for Urban Decay but only costs about £3 (I get them from eBay or BeautynetKorea). The eyeliner has a little bit of sparkle in it and comes in a range of colours. Again, once you put it on, it lasts forever – can you tell I am a bit lazy and don’t want to re-apply make-up?

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