Its all in the eyes…

Hello , it’s been a while but today I thought I’d do a post  about the one  thing I’m probably asked about the most…

No, no not how I manage to pull off bag lady chic on a daily basis … but my eye makeup / eye care routine.

From a young age I got complimented on my green eyes and my long lashes. I had crap skin … something had to go in my favour.

I liked the compliments (of course) but mostly I got embarrassed because that’s what 14 year olds do.

I would blush tomato red. I never knew what to say. So I just grinned at them like a simpleton.  I could never  accept a compliment something I still struggle with today. Continue reading

Sex in the City.. Not quite !

In another life I’m a Carrie from Sex in The City running around London in my designer dresses complete with my killer heels preferably louboutins. I’d spend my days wining and dining at the fanciest restaurants, cocktail in one hand , fabulous hand bag in another, flirting with totally unsuitable guys. I would always have amazing hair AND never get spots. It would be nice wouldn’t it?

In reality I’m a spotty day-dreaming divorcee who lives in Sheffield and often has Stig of the Dump hair. Some days it doesn’t even see a brush! I’m more likely to be seen with a cup of coffee in one hand and a duster in the other, sorting out blocked drains or clearing up kitten poop. I live with D in a modest semi, with 2 part time kids and 2 full time kittens. We have just returned from a 2 day break in London – Not so much Carrie more ‘Terry Tourist’ with 2 kids in toe.

I love London. I first visited as a wide eyed 8 year old. It was a day trip with my mum , Grandma and her Spanish friend. I remember standing in Trafalgar Square feeding the pigeons and thinking WOW. As I got older it was weekend trips with the girls. Days spent shopping and wandering taking in the sights, followed by nights on the cocktails and clubbing. Inevitably the hangover from hell the next morning . London never ever looses its appeal. The history, the grandeur … I think you get the picture.

So here’s a sneak peak into our little break… all aboard – Whoop whoop here we come! 9.35 train to London. Tick.


Moshi Monsters are all the rage apparently! I really don’t get it but they are taking over the house?


First stop. Ben and he’s big!


Strolling down the South Embankment in the sun…


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On Jubilee Bridge

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Having a beer along the Thames.


Royal Horse Guards



Trafalgar Square. If I wasn’t such a clumsy so so I would have tried to climb one of the Lions. Baring in mind I am , I thought better of it !

BUSphoto (23A)


The weather wasn’t kind to us and on more than one occasion we got absolutely drenched. Bloody English weather! Walking down the Mall towards Buckingham Palace, I looked like I had had a shower fully dressed! Yes I cursed a few times to say the least!!

We had no choice but to go back to the hotel, get changed into some dry clothes, have a few drinks in the Hotel Bar (its not all bad) and wait.  Luckily the rain only lasted a few hours and we were able to go back into central London.

In the tube station above, with our little crowns.

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The following morning started like this…


We spent our final few hours mooching around Covent Garden. I Love it. D got overly excited because Sally Gunnell walked past us… that was about an hour later when he could actually remember who she was!


And then it was time to say good-bye. Although we weren’t there for that long I think Georgy and Eddie enjoyed their first taste of London. They are already talking about when they go back so it can’t have been that bad! They both really wanted to go to the National History Museum , especially Eddie to see the full size T-Rex, but we couldn’t quite squeeze it in.

I as always loved it.

We collected our bags and made our way to the station. St Pancras is one beauty of a building both externally and internally.

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Oh and one last word. Santa if your reading…


Can I Please, please, please have him!!

Tracey x