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I was on twitter a few weeks ago and came across a tweet from a lady asking what there was to do in Sheffield? Her and her partner had a few hours to kill and were wandering around the city centre aimlessly, and bored!

Bored in Sheffield, surely not?

I am bias.

I was born and bred here amongst these seven hills and Sheffield really is a  such a great city with a lot to offer .

We all associate Sheffield with the steel industry but did you also know that it has a canal, some great parks and that it is surrounded by beautiful countryside.


The Beautiful Dam Flask


Sheffield Canal

Grenoside Woods on the outskirts of Sheffield

The Peace Gardens

Piccolinos Restaurant with the Winter Gardens in the background

The view from 1 of the 7 hills …

I never want anybody to be bored, so here’s my pick’s of some of whats on offer in and around the city centre.

Along with the obvious I’ve also tried to take you somewhere a little different.

I had a little help from a couple of friends – Thankyou Chris and Sean.

The Botanical Gardens – Free Entry

On the west side of Sheffield and only a stones throw from the Royal Hallamshire hospital. Accessible from both Ecclesall Road and Clarkehouse Road you’ll find the botanical gardens; 19 acres of glorious greenery with several glass pavilions. It’s a lovely place to have a wander for both kids and adults alike.

When the weathers lovely ( when ? its April and currently snowing outside) grab yourself an ice-cream or lolly from the ice-cream van parked outside the  main entrance. Plonk yourself  down on one of the numerous lawns and watch the world (and the squirrels) go by.

There’s a ‘no ball games’ policy so there’s no fear of your ice cream being knocked out of your hands or a getting a ball in your face!

I can’t guarantee you’ll not get a frizby in the back of your head mind. Yes I’m speaking from personal experience.

The Botanical Garden are also home to a ‘listed’ bear pit which until 1870 was the home for 2 real life bears. They were removed following the death of a little girl who fell into the pit.

Who would have thought… bears in Sheffield?

The (living, breathing) bears may have gone but in their place is now a rather  splendid statue of a bear.

Make it your mission to go and find him, have a selfie,  followed by a pretend fight! I always do. Gggggrrrrrr!

The Winter Gardens -Free entry

Situated next to the Peace Gardens, Millennium Galleries (both worth a visit in their own right) and accessible from both the street and the impressive 5 star St Paul’s Hotel  are the Winter Gardens.

It is one of the largest temperate glasshouses to be built-in the UK during the last hundred years, and the largest urban glasshouse anywhere in Europe. A city garden – it is home to more than 2,000 plants from all around the world.

It’s so peaceful, warm (obviously) and there are some amazing plants. Grab a coffee and have a wander.

It’s a photographers dream as the structure combined with the greenery is rather impressive. Its got Instagram written all over it.

Kelham Island Museum – Adults £4.50 Children Free

My boyfriend used to have an apartment at Kelham Island and I’m rather fond of the area. It’s only fault – it’s a buggar to get parked.

I spent many a morning driving up and down them there streets trying to find a spot to get parked. I never knew I could curse so much, or that I can’t bloody reverse park for the life of me.

Sat amongst the The Fat Cat pub – traditional pub grub with a vast selection of unusual beers. The Grind Café  – seriously delicious food, with very generous cake portions and the Urban 1/4beautiful burgers and THE best Expresso Martini’s. You will also find the Kelham Island museum.

Sitting alongside the River Don it’s a museum dedicated to documenting Sheffield’s industrial past.

Bessemer Converter anyone ? Kelham Island has one of the last remaining in the world in it’s outdoor collection?

If that sounds like your cup of tea,then it’s definitely worth a visit.

Steel City Ghost Tours -£5.00 adults , £4.00 students and £3.50 under 13’s 

Staying over in Sheffield for the evening ? Then why not join in one of the ghost walks. Tours run Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings leaving from the Town Hall steps at 7.30pm

You’ll be met by Mr P Dreadful who is your guide for the evening. You can’t miss him – beard,  top hat, cape and cane.

There are different tours, some are more scarier than others and which take in different parts of the city.

I’ve been on one with a few of my friends.

Ours  was the bog standard ghost walk which concentrates on the Lyceum Theatre and the Library area . You eventually end up in the Queens Head pub for more stories and a chance to have your photograph with the man himself.

It’s all good fun and Mr Dreadful is very informative and very, very passionate ( I love that). He also manages to keep his cool when he gets heckled by passers-by, which was a lot on our particular tour. Bless him you cruel lot!

We did our ghost walk one February evening and it was bloody freezing.

You stand around a lot while the stories are being told. Wrap up. I couldn’t feel my hands, feet or face!

I’d therefore recommend booking your ghost walk during the summer months. You’ll still be cold but maybe not so much!

Bank Street Arts & Cafe – Free entry

Now I have to confess I’ve not been here myself it’s one recommended by Chris.

A bit of a hidden gem which in his opinion is awesome.

It is contemporary art centre established initially as a studio complex for artists.

It has grown to include eight public galleries, thirty artist studios and a little cafe

It certainly sounds delightful and its on my to do list.

Open to the public Wednesday to Saturday 11.00am – 4.00pm

National Emergency Museum – £8.00 adults, £6.00 children, free for under 3 year olds

Located on west bar in the old police  / fire station and only 5 minutes walk from Kelham Island is the National Emergency Museum.

It is the worlds largest joint 999 museum.

Exhibiting Police bikes,  ambulances , fire engines and much more over 3 floors. Unlike most museums you can touch and can actually get into some of the vehicles. Great for active, inquisitive little children ( and big ones)

There’s even an old police cell you can go and ‘explore’ with authentic smells. I dread to think.

There’s also a coffee and gift shop .

Worth noting it’s not open to the public Monday or Tuesday’s.

Heeley City Farm – Free entry

Jump in the car, grab a taxi , or jump on a bus – it’s only a short drive out of the city centre to Heeley and it’s City Farm. There you will find a selection of animals – chipmunks, sheep, jersey cows and goats.

There’s also an under 8’s play area, café and a garden centre on site which are open daily 9.00am until 5.00pm. (Coffee shop 10.00 until 4.00pm)


So that’s just a tiny slice of what you could get up to while you’re in the steel city.

Of course I couldn’t leave without mentioning  shopping. Who doesn’t love to shop?

It’s long, its leafy and probably my favourite street in Sheffield…

Ecclesall Road just outside the city centre has some high-end ladies and gents clothing boutiques, beauty parlours / hairdressers, a Marks & Spencers  and a variety of coffee shops, bars and restaurants. There’s something for everyone.

I’m also a fan of Division Street in the city centre. It’s full of character and its where you’ll find the likes of Steamyard Coffee , Moonko, The Frog and Parrot Pub, Rare and Racy and Within Reason (to name a few ) which are all worth a visit.

I also insist you try fishcake, peas and mayo from the Devonshire Chippy.

I’m sure this must have tasted better after a skin full and was my ‘after drinks/ taxi home ‘ savour on many a night out over the years!

Street art on Division Street

Definitely worth a visit is the newly (ish) refurbished John Lewis Store on Barker’s Pool.

I’m Tracey and I’m  a beauty junkie. John Lewis’s beauty department doesn’t disappoint. It’s a total pleasure to mooch around… and mooch I do!

Sheffield Town Hall & Fargate area

I’ve done quite a few #ladiesthatlunch restaurant / cafe reviews.

Here’s just a few to wet your appetite HERE // HERE // HERE

Sheffield has some fabulous and varied places to eat and drink. You’ll never be short of places to go.

So there you have it.

I obviously can’t cover everything as I would be here for ever and day.

Even as I’m typing away now I keep thinking of other places I should tell you about. Perhaps a Part 2 is on the cards.

If there is something worth a mention / that you think people should know about please leave any details in the comments section below.

Don’t forget before you leave this fabulous city to grab your bottle ( or 2) of Hendersons Relish which is made in Sheffield.

It’s seriously delicious on anything and everything but especially cheese on toast and in your chilli !

You may thank me later.

Until next time, Tracey x

* all photos were taken by myself *

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