Checks and Bows …#OOTD


I spotted this shirt in M& S Limited Edition Collection on Saturday. I told myself I didn’t need it …

Turns out I did as it kept playing on my mind.

I went home, pondered around the house for an hour. Still thinking about it.

Had some lunch. Yep, still thinking about it.

Deciding I couldn’t live with-out it (I’m prone to be dramatic!)  I placed an order for it on line. It’s new stock so all sizes were available and it’s currently priced at £29.50 plus £3.99 delivery.

It arrived today … Yay!

I love it.

Its a lovely shirt in mustard, blues and white. Nice fit (I bought 12 – true to size) and I am ever-so, ever -so partial to a bow.




There was also an A-Line denim skirt (£35.00)  that I now wish I had bought from the same collection.


I think they would look great together. I’d wear it with with my H & M tan faux-suede mac, Dune knee-high boots and across the body bag. Definitely feeling that 70’s vibe.

This year it’s all about mixing and matching, building a capsule wardrobe.

I tried the shirt on today with my flared denim jeans from River Island. I liked it but could definitely feel the Christmas bulge!

Just call me Thunder thighs, I’m sure my bum enters the room a good few minutes after the rest of me!!

Weaning myself off mince pie’s and Baileys coffee is going to be a killer!

It’s smoothies all the way for the next few days, or as a desperate measure – Slim Fast. Give myself a quick boost…and in the process bore my taste buds senseless?


I accessorised todays outfit (above as featured on my IG) with my tan across the body bag and my tan boots. Both from Dune. As you can see my hair is back to ‘looking like a buggar’ – I had one good night (New Years Eve) so I shouldn’t complain!.

Marks and Spencers are forever surprising me and currently have some lovely stuff in. I spotted a couple of other items I wouldn’t mind giving a second look.

I love, love, love this classic trench coat. I think it would fit in nicely with my current wardrobe. I have however resisted popping it into my basket for now. I already have 2 very similar coats…do I need another?

No, but that’s never stopped me before.



I think (drum roll) I’m getting my clothing mojo back! It’s taken a while but HELLO it’s back.

It’s all good…or as they say around these parts.

It’s all gravy…

Until next time, Tracey x

8 thoughts on “Checks and Bows …#OOTD

  1. vanityandmeblog says:

    Now you know your going to have to get that skirt don’t you! I love how you have styled the shirt though. I also love this new hidden button idea, I have bought a white shirt from M&S with same thing and I think it’s genius.
    Laurie x

  2. RetroChicMama says:

    Surprise alright, I’m blown away actually! This shirt is gorgeous & I don’t even like plaid much so that’s saying something. You’d look wicked in it with super flared flares Tracey – says the 70’s obsessed chick 😉
    Well done on finding this little treasure I imagine you’ll get many years of pleasure from it knowing M&S quality.

    • lizandtracey says:

      Evening. I was surprised too, it’s a good little find. I love a bow (gotta love a bow) and the colours. It’s maybe my current favourite piece of clothing :)) I know these flares are pretty tame but I do love River Island jeans. Thanks for the Compliment and your comments. Love your new boots btw. Tracey xxx

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