Marbella Diary Day 1 – the villa and first night out.


Somebody once said that “the best therapy is time spent laughing with great friends” I’ve just had 4 days ‘therapy’ and it’s done me the world of good.

By golly have we laughed…

and then some.

We’ve partied (a lot) and for want of a better word I’m back home and I’m bloody knackered. Rolling in at 6 in the morning was bad enough in my twenties,  at 45 it’s a killer but worth the tired, fuzzy head.

As my mum often says …”your a long time dead. Why sleep when you can dance?”

Why not indeed mum….

So what was the occasion?

We flew out to Spain  to join Leigh in celebrating her 50th . This was actually back in May (little details – long story)

We booked a plush villa in the hills above Marbella for the weekend so we could all be together.

Let me introduce you to our home for 4 luxurious days … Continue reading

To be or not Bhaji …


Today’s choice of eatery for #ladiesthatlunch was The Bhaji Shop Thali Cafe on Chesterfield Road.

I had never heard of it before but trust Sue’s judgement. It was her first visit too; she was keen to give it a whirl after a couple of her friends had recommended it.

I just love the exterior – unassuming, colourful and a bit shabby looking .

The inside is equally as impressive , turquoise feature wall, funky patterned stools, pretty lighting with the whiff of incense floating in the air. It’s my kind of place. One I happen to have driven past 100’s of times and never noticed! Dah.

We arrived just before noon and got parked bang outside. We had a choice of seats as we were the first there . It quickly filled up. .

We sat at the window table where we were greeted by our lovely and very helpful waitress. (Who had a couple of fabulous tattoos I sat admiring – I’m desperate for another)

She ran through the menu with us , advising us of the specials and how the menu worked.

We ordered coffees and went about deciding what we fancied to eat. Continue reading

‘The Place’ to be seen…ladies that lunch

Today is date day, or rather ladies that lunch day.

I try to meet up with Sue every couple of weeks for a girlie catch up and to grab some nice grub!

Today’s choice of eatery – That Place  – was Sue’s suggestion. It’s somewhere I’ve not visited before.

It was most needed. I’ve had what can only be described as the ‘week from hell‘ and not the best start to 2016 …

My car broke down on Monday and was out of action for 3 whole days. Our heating consequently blew up at the same time, resulting in no heating or hot water for a couple of days. We have ripped the kitchen out to the bare bones and just have a very lonely looking Belfast sink.

We are currently living off the remnants of Christmas – crackers and cheese, pate, mince pies and Chinese take-away. I have mince pie belly.

I’m still finding bloody big slimy worms all over the house and one of the pesky cats was sick all over the new settee.

The icing on the cake – I pulled my chuffing back out, and I’m coming down with cold. My throat is scratchy and sore.

Yes… a girlie lunch was just what I needed – that or numerous bottles of alcohol. As my boyfriend kept telling me “your not nice if your not warm, have access to a hot bath and food”.

That Place is situated  at 845 Chesterfield Road,  Woodseats, Sheffield opposite the KFC. From the outside if I’m honest ,it doesn’t look up to much.

When you walk in however it’s a totally different story. Although fairly small it’s beautifully decorated with an amazing ‘book’ feature wall and union jack settee.

It’s a little hidden gem. Continue reading

Seeing the new year in Italian Style…

As with most posts, this one wasn’t planned.

Let’s just say some thing’s are just too good not to share; like my love of the films Spatacus and Jason and the Argonauts…I could recite them both to you, but I won’t. Not today anyway.

Plus I’m nice like that.

You may have  guessed by now that the Mr and I are pretty crap when it comes to planning anything. Remember ‘Tap-gate’ from a couple of weeks ago?

He calls me gonna…‘gonna do this, gonna do that’. We were planning to go away on New Years Eve for a few days but life happened. Basically we lost all sense of time , what day it was, what time it was even and it never got booked.


Like I said  crap! Continue reading

Fizz at Cavendish Restaurant, Chatsworth

Laurent- Perrier Afternoon  Tea at The Cavendish Restaurant, Chatsworth House – a Birthday treat from the Mr … he’s a  star and I’m very lucky.

He says he never known anybody my age get so giddy about Birthdays…I’m not sure what he’s getting at. I mean doesn’t everybody wake up at 5.30am on their birthday excited about the day ahead?

mmmmmm  yes usually the under 5 year olds!

I love my Afternoon Tea.

I love champagne.

I  love my mum … so it was the perfect way to spend the afternoon.

The Mr unfortunately had to work, so couldn’t make it, much to my disappointment. O.k so I was a-bit mardy…and I should know better. In my 45th year I really must think more about what my face does and what my mouth says!

On a positive note I could never lie to you…it would be written all over my face. Expressive my mum calls it. Rubbish I say.

So back to the afternoon tea – Cucumber and cream cheese finger sandwiches , scones with clotted cream and jam, Bakewell Cheesecake…plus 3 champagnes to taste… WHATS NOT TO LOVE?

Here’s a list of the full shebang.

(I’ve told you before I’m a little pig… this proves it. We devoured the lot!)

Laurent-Perrier Champagne afternoon tea

  • A trio of Laurent-Perrier Champagnes: Brut non vintage Champagne, Cuvée Rosé Champagne and Demi-sec non vintage Champagne
  • Salmon Gravlax and potato terrine, horseradish cream
  • Homemade dainty sandwiches: roasted ham and tomato chutney, smoked salmon and dill mayonnaise, cucumber and cream cheese and free range egg mayonnaise and cress
  • Freshly baked basil scented scone with strawberry preserve and Devonshire clotted cream.
  • Dessert: Lemon and thyme short bread biscuit, Chocolate and almond Battenberg, Bakewell cheese cake, Classic chocolate and marshmallow tea cake, Passion fruit and vanilla gateaux
  • Biscuit rose de Reims (You dunk this in your a Hob Nob ,only posher!)

£40 per person

P1010411 (3).JPG

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