Hello its been a while …

Its been a long time coming and slap my wrist I’ve been a slack blogger!

What can I say …Life got in the way. Well when I say life I mean a fella. I feel like I’m 16 again and in the throws of young love but I’m not going to gush because as soon as I do its bound to go pear-shaped. I’ve learnt that from past experience. Oh and if your thinking ‘ by god she’s a quick mover’ , I’ve actually known him 23 years! He was right under my nose all that time.

Let’s just say that right at this minute , Tracey is in a good place.

Aswell as being wined and dined I’ve been going abit crazy updating my wardrobe. Any excuse for new clothes… AND I’ve got to look good for my new man 😉

There’s some fab stuff out there at the moment and I’m loving the 70’s vibe. I always fancied myself as a Charlie’s Angel. My childhood fantasy, I loved their kick ass attitude almost as much as the hair and the clothes. I figure a few pairs of flares and the fringing is about as near as I’ll get….saying that I do a mean Charlie’s Angel pose.

On and before I go on I must also apologise for the quality of my photos, having had a couple of ‘senior moment’s’ recently. Firstly throwing my I-phone down the toilet on holiday, to then go on and throw the replacement in the bath a week later. I’m having to make do with a Sony Xperia. The camera is rubbish in comparison (to the I-phone) and I’m even rubbisher!



I called into River Island a few weekends ago and picked up a great pair of ‘Brooke’ flared jeans. They are tight around the bum and hips, slightly flaring at the knee. Size 12 in extra long fitted like a dream. I don’t think I’ve ever purchased a pair of jeans so quickly. Worm with my highest heeled boots, my legs look longer than they already are!. image image image Not a bad price either at £42.00. I bought the shirt too! River Island never disappoints I could have spent a fortune. I also purchased this little jacket a steal at £17 from Primark which l could team up with them too. I like the scalloped edge detail and I’m a sucker for a stripe. image image Next we moved onto Zara. Im not the greatest fan as I find the clothes abit hit and miss and the sizing all over-the- place.

Mum however spotted this skirt in amongst the unruly rails. Zara always looks like it needs a good tidy don’t you think? It’s like organised mess.

Anyways urged on by mum I tried it on and loved it. Another satisfied customer…  I also picked up this gorgeous jacket in there for the bargain price of £19.00 (reduced from £89.00) and the yellow scarf. I love yellow. I decided to add a splash to my wardrobe! image Here’s a few outfits I’ve worn recently. Above – leopard print ballet pumps from Dune. Black jeggings from Matalan and pussy bow black shirt from F+F, Tesco. The jeggings are seriously like a second skin and for £12.00 You all need a pair!

I’m currently growing my hair. It looks ok above but generally It’s doing my head in. It’s in-between styles and every morning we have a fight to make it look half decent. It usually wins. Currently a mix of nana meets stig of the dump! The sooner it grows the better.

A present from the Mr is my new LK Bennett grey mac. I love it and I seemingly wear it alot. image I love a mac and think every wardrobe should have one… On your silly days you can pretend like your Inspector Gadget.

I’m not going to lie, this particular mac was fairly expensive (£235.00) but try the likes of La Redoute who do great basics at very reasonable prices.

Another LK Bennett goodie and currently my favourite outfit is this beauty. image I adore the full patterned skirt which is actually very flattering and adds shape to my boy like figure.

The simple blouse has nice details and is versatile enough to put with other outfits. I’d wear this 24/7 if I could.

It also shows my tattoo off nicely. I’m not as conscious anymore after the hate it got from my friends and family. Those disapproving looks hurt you know ! It received alot of compliments on my recent holiday to Lanzarote, which restored my Love, not that I ever lost it. I’m just still not 100% sure about her ugly fat feet.

My friend Rach keeps threatening to come around and biro some stilettos onto her! image So there you have it… my rambled little return post. All I need to do know is ‘train’ the Mr to take some killer photos and we can wave good-bye to the crappy little selfie style pics.

I hope your all OK and you know what… It’s been lovely to talk.

Let me know what you think to my recent purchases… oh and keep your eyes peeled for a fab little competition we are going to run in the next few weeks.

Until next time which won’t be as long,

Tracey x

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