Kelham island delights…Urban 1/4

I’ve often quite fancied myself as a Carrie Bradshaw type figure … Only I’d be floating around Sheffield, double her size with not such an exciting wardrobe and nanny hair, rather than her beautiful mane. Yep I’m still growing and falling out with my hair on a daily basis.

I’ve grown particularly fond of Kelham Island, the place where my Mr resides. I could imagine Miss Bradshaw here. I like the ‘feel’ – urban, industrial, busy but with non of the hustle and bustle, if that makes any sense? You can’t get parked for love nor money, but I suppose that adds to the fun… Or ruins your day dependent on your mood. That woman driving up and down, hot, bothered and cursing… Yep that will be me.

We’ve been frequenting a lovely newish bar / diner – The Urban 1/4 which is a stones throw away from his apartment, on Alma Street.

Keeping with the overall feel of the area, it’s got an industrial feel to it. Open and airy, with exposed ceiling joists, brickwork and concrete floors. Big chunky Chesterfield settees added for comfort.


Its quite a simple concept.

They sell 3 types of burgers – beef, chicken or veggie with chips ( as they come or rosemary) various sides and a selection of warm doughnuts for dessert.

It works. You don’t always want too much choice, especially after a hard days work (or retail therapy) Simple is good.



I can confirm that the burgers are delicious. They come in a dish, served with chips. I like my chicken burger smothered in blue cheese sauce (extra) with Coleslaw on the side (extra).

The milkshakes are to die for…

They come served in a cute little milk bottle, adding a little touch of retro. In my humble opinion McDonald’s sell the best chocolate milkshakes around. Well that was until I tried one of these. They are as good… if not better!

Talking about drinks… they have a full drinks menu. The usual suspects; Mr Gin, Mr Vodka etc. plus a full selection of local beers, and the most moreish cocktails and mocktails.

You simply must try an Expresso Martini and let me know what you think. One sip and I’m convinced you’ll be hooked. I actually think I’m addicted! It is £6.00 well spent. Just remember to sip slowly and enjoy in-order to avoid the ‘wobble’ I got after my first few which i consumed like my life depended on it !

To summarize:

If you love your burgers and you don’t want to break the bank; burger with chips and a drink comes in around £10. They are currently running a lunchtime special burger and chips for £5.

You like to people watch in a laid back, chilled atmosphere then you should definitely head over here.

It’s also worth mentioning the staff. They are very welcoming and nothing is too much trouble. Always smiling and happy to talk it’s a pleasure to be served by them. It’s such a refreshing change to the grunt and nod brigade you are often faced with.



Let me know what you think to the Expresso Martini … Go on you know you want too!

I might be adventurous and try something different this weekend! I will of course report back.

Until next time, Tracey x

5 thoughts on “Kelham island delights…Urban 1/4

  1. caroline says:

    sounds good always on look out for somewhere nice to try out ..and this looks supercool …esp the cocktails and milkshakes!! would you get frowned at if you took kids in on a lunch time do you think ….

    • lizandtracey says:

      Hi Caroline, I’m sure it would be fine. I’ve seen children in there, and they have baby seats so they are well equipped. They will love the warm doughnuts and milkshakes! Us big children do x

      • caroline says:

        arhh thanks …my 2 are 7 and nearly 9 and always no problem when we take them out so I’m sure they’d love this place …they just love eating out with us they definitely want to try the milkshakes and mocktails lol ….

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