Memories of Lanzarote. Part One

I made it. Hungover and tired but I’m here in the not so sunny Lanzarote. 

I’ve so far had to buy a jumper! Yes a woolly blinking poncho style jumper. It’s never been off my back , the wind is soooo chilly. Mr Sun is being awfully shy and has only popped out for a few hours; teased us and then disappeared again. 

I’m currently sporting shorts, the jumper and goosebumps on my lily white legs . Do you think it might catch on?? 

The days leading upto said holiday (Sunday) were hectic to say the least. Friday night Mike took me out. Yep I’m spending an awful lot of time with him and I’m loving it. We are as bad as each other and let’s just say that deciding to order champagne at 4 am Saturday morning wasn’t the wisest choice we’ve ever made and led to some bizarre packing choices on my part and a head like a badgers bum for the majority of the day. 

Saturday evening I was out with the ‘IG girls’ to also celebrate Megan’s 40th. Thanks to a boat-load of Berrocca, makeup and lashings of Touché eclat I managed to look half decent ! It was a Great night. 

Sensibly ( which is something I rarely get called) I left at midnight… and was in bed for 1 dreaming of sunshine the following day ! 14040_10205477726250039_2521862408690862367_n IMG_9742 Here I am leaving the snow in Sheffield… 

Sue and I have spent the first day exploring Costa Tequise ; it is a lovely resort . Very dramatic coastline. The Blue Bay Hotel where we are staying is also nice but I think we’ve blagged the dodgey room ! It constantly smells of drains, the TV is fuzzy, the safe won’t lock and neither will the door. More worryingly ( but also hilarious) every time I pull a plug out … the socket comes too ! 

The foods amazing. I envisage coming home a stone heavier. 

The  views not bad either… IMG_9756 IMG_9751 The sun may not be shining … But I’m honestly so happy to be away, I could bust. 

Sue’s currently singing while painting her nails in a rather lovely nightie / dressing gown combination . I’m supping coffee and nursing a little hangover in my knickers and a blanket. I’m so glam. 

I’m sat looking out on a not so windy Lanzarote. As mum would say … ‘there’s not much you can do about the weather, so cherish every moment because you’ll be back before you know it’ Too right mum! IMG_9783 IMG_9828 IMG_9774 How gorgeous is the ‘Beach of Hearts’ above (not it’s official name, we are not sure what that is). Leaving your mark of love in stones on the beach …. makes my heart melt. 

I’ll pay you another visit again soon as the week got rather eventful to say the least! 

I was hoping to post this ‘live’ from Lanzarote but somebody threw their mobile down the toilet ! 

More of that shortly…

Tracey x 10406514_10204449190484459_6251465879543410119_n 10246669_10204451521782740_5368241619040064907_n IMG_9783-0

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