Fishnet Fever!

It’s been done before and it will no doubt be done again … but excuse me while I have a fishnet with stilettos and jeans moment.

It’s such (in my humble opinion) a great look.


Above is some inspiration  taken from Pinterest and below here I am giving the large hole fishnets with leather and leopard / banana yellow shoes a twirl. Continue reading

Clearing the clutter… My wardrobe over haul

My friend Sue has put me to shame and has recently had a de-clutter getting rid of over half her wardrobe. When we met up last week she enthused about how good it felt to get rid of the old to make way for the new.

She has ‘cleansed’ her wardrobe and it was genuinely making her happy?

Alien to me…

I’m a hoarder.

I chuck nothing!

I always fear I’ll regret it and that said items will suddenly come back ‘in’ and have their day. My yellow shoes are testament to this!! Continue reading

Hello its been a while …

Its been a long time coming and slap my wrist I’ve been a slack blogger!

What can I say …Life got in the way. Well when I say life I mean a fella. I feel like I’m 16 again and in the throws of young love but I’m not going to gush because as soon as I do its bound to go pear-shaped. I’ve learnt that from past experience. Oh and if your thinking ‘ by god she’s a quick mover’ , I’ve actually known him 23 years! He was right under my nose all that time.

Let’s just say that right at this minute , Tracey is in a good place.

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Style Tips Part 1…The Jeans

‘I have often said that I wish I had invented blue jeans: the most spectacular, the most practical, the most relaxed and nonchalant. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity – all I hope for in my clothes’ – Yves Saint Laurent

I live in jeans.

My current favourites and the ones which are seemingly never off my back-side are my H&M ripped ones. I’ve had these for many, many years – more than I care to remember! Jeans are so very versatile and that’s why I love them.

We decided for this first style tips post we would take a pair of jeans each, Liz black skinnies, Tracey blue ripped, and show how with just a few different accessories you can totally transform your look.

We are both firm believers that you can look stylish at any age but that style is also very personal. Fashion is fashion and comes and goes as quickly as it arrived. What’s in fashion may not necessarily be something that suits you, or your body shape. Style however well that’s your very own…

You take a piece of that fashion and make it work but in your own very stylish way!

Last week La Redoute emailed us, inviting us take part in a their ‘Style Tips’ competition with a chance to win a trip to Paris (Oooh la la!!) and more importantly, be Brand Ambassadors for them for a whole 12 months.

We didn’t need to be asked twice.

So, armed with a boot load of accessories, we donned our loyal denims and met on a rather blustery Yorkshire day at Tankersley Manor, Sheffield for a spot of lunch and our first ‘style tips photo shoot’.

First stop food and a coffee…




I live in my skinny black jeans and have lost count of the number of pairs I have.  I just love their versatility.

For my first outfit, I decided to go casual. I poured myself into a pair of my favourites (good ol’ M & S ones), teamed with a plain black Primani vest, then threw on a H & M denim shirt, my Zara black leather jacket and a pair of Miss KG ankle boots and tucked into my lunch…






My basic outfit was the afore-mentioned ripped jeans and a simple black vest.

For the first outfit I teamed it with a leopard print jacket from Zara, red vintage handbag which belonged to my late gran, Top Shop Red ‘Boudoir’ shoes circa 2000, and chunky gold jewellery.

I’d say that a jacket and jeans were my style staple, mixed up with bright accessories.






To adapt the same outfit for a day at the office, I discarded the shirt, the leather jacket and the boots and smartened things up with a plain black blazer and black heels. To add a bit of colour and break up the black, I added a scarf and tote bag.






For my second outfit I replaced the leopard print jacket with a stripy navy and white mac and my sandals for a pair of black killer heels. Bright accessories came courtesy of a yellow handbag…

…and the weather was typically English!







As its supposed to be Spring (the Yorkshire weather didn’t think so), I brightened things up a bit. This is my favourite coat/jacket at the moment – a fifties style lemon number by J Taylor. I kicked off the heels and staying with the fifties vibe added a pair of pointy black slingback ballet shoes by Miss KG.



Armed with a pair of Prada Catseyes sunnies for the odd moment the sun appeared plus a pearl and gold cuff by Coast, et voila…a modern day fifties inspired outfit!



For style tips on how to dress as chic-ly as the French, pop over to La Redoute and take a peak!

In the meantime, wish us luck with the competition and watch out for the 2nd part of out style tips…dresses!!

For now…Au revoir

Liz and Tracey x